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Dudley Cafe

South Boston


Dudley Cafe

South Boston


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Lucinda A.

9 September 2019

This was my first time here and it will not be the last. I went during rush hour but they moved fairly quickly. It's a fun vibe with beautiful art displayed. The customer service was great and the workers were very friendly. The food was phenomenal I highly recommend you trying it if you're in that area. I had the haddock with salsa, rice and peas. Only downfall was that their was not much seating.Customer service: 5Food: 5 More...


Anna Borrelli

7 September 2019

Welcoming, cozy, clean, free wifi, and lots of cool events. I wish there was a place like this closer to me, but it's definitely worth the bus trip from Dorchester! One-of-its-kind in Boston.


Myrna Greenfield

6 August 2019

Great breakfast sandwiches and coffee, friendly service.


Dianne C. Byron Walters

5 August 2019

A wonderful local coffee shop. Someone should host a play-reading there, comfy! You could enjoy good theatre from a leather sofa. Yes, let’s do it again!


Katie S.

27 May 2019

I needed to kill some time before a meeting in Roxbury and thought this would be the perfect spot to do so. It's a cute neighborhood spot in an area where there aren't many options. My reason for giving it 4 stars is because the hours on here are wrong. They close at 4, which left me with an hour to kill. More...


Domingos DaRosa

26 May 2019

Great space for all to come.


Ian Thomas Meli

24 May 2019

Carefully detailed, nicely run, great staff, great music (for a change!). Very mellow...good start to the day.


Malakhaí Carter

6 May 2019

I've Been a Customer Since The Opening Day, I Love the Atmosphere,Food And Variety of Music. I Am always Pleased with the Amazing Customer Service. I Recommend Dudley Cafe.


Raymond Josue Rodriguez

17 April 2019

Great place. Great Service and Atmosphere. Loved the Jaz in the background. The Cafe is aesthetically pleasing.


Eunice I.

23 March 2019

Very cute little cafe in the Roxbury Dudley neighborhood. On Saturday mornings, there is usually live music playing. WiFi is good and they even offer to print materials for you (although I've never used this service before). Also, good bakery selection. Just tried the lemon poppyseed muffin today and surprised myself by really enjoying it. Lastly, I'm not sure if this is true but the few times I've went, I have been able to find a table to do work unlike other places I've gone to trying to get work done during high traffic times More...


Tobe Ezekwenna

31 January 2019

Nice place to meet up in groups, with lounge space


Kweenz Lyfe

29 October 2018

Friendly staff, great space to relax or have a group event, clean,easily accessible and a menu with a little something for every palate :)


Mayra Cordova

13 October 2018

Beautiful place and delicious food! I can’t wait to go again!


Cheries Movingfwd Hodges

1 September 2018

Always a good atmosphere


Tea H.

31 August 2018

The atmosphere is great, there is a strong sense of community and they have VEGAN OPTIONS! They have delicious, healthy bowls and sandwiches. Also, their prices are super reasonable. Their mint soy matcha latte and the Malcom sandwich is my go to lunch when I'm in the area for work. Their bread, from Fornax in Rozzie I think, is so good! More...


Robyn Gibson

20 August 2018

love it here! food community and life


Francis Burnett

4 June 2018

Good times


James G.

17 May 2018

A pleasant artistic code house cafe with good food.I ordered the Arya's Bowl with was excellent. I love curry and it was well done with a generous portion.All my food appeared fresh, and the bowl was prepared within view of the register.There were a few pre-made items in a case for quick take out.The cafe is modern, clean, with soft music.  The bathrooms were very clean,  and the staff was helpful, polite, knowledgable, and understanding of a new customer.I would definitely return if in the area. More...


Herline H.

5 May 2018

I went there for brunch and it was really cute! There is an area where you can eat outside and enjoy the sun. The inside was nice, open, and inviting. They even had a live music inside. The atmosphere is super chill and their egg sandwiches are. I would definitely recommend those. After you order, you can grab a seat and they will call your name. The owner called my name wrong and my friends laughed and he was super embarrassed and insisted on knowing the correct prononciation. I thought that was super nice!Definitely check it out! More...


Andy Tarsy

15 April 2018

Simple perfection. What a place for food/drink, meetings, bumping into friends - just a real treasure.


Lakeisha Muhammad

12 April 2018

Very nice atmosphere for events, glad to be able to host my book event this weekend Shout out to Neeru! &her team.


Zack D.

6 April 2018

So great to have this place right at Dudley Station! I was curious about the impact of having a place like this open right down the block from Haley House Bakery + Cafe, but both seem to be packed most of the time. A comfortable spot to sit down with a small group or read a book over some coffee or a sandwich. They often have live music, which is great. More...


Luis Edgardo Cotto

27 March 2018

Great people, great environment, wonderful food!


Emilia D.

9 February 2018

Great locally owned cafe. Food is delicious, esp the rice bowls. Good coffee and lovely staff. Popular lunch spot!


Joanie L.

6 January 2018

Great place to come on an 8 degree day with all the bright sunshine and warm service. Good food and comfy spot. Worth riding the bus to.


Andy C.

7 November 2017

You ever watch Insecure? Issa Rae would be all here tryna find the man of her dreams while eating their fire Yogurt bowl with fresh fruits and grains.It's got a comfortable vibe where you can get great conversation and comfort food that may or may not contradict your diet goals. But they have healthy options too. This isn't a ya problem, it's more of a you problemEither way the vibe is great. More...


Ginnette Powell

23 September 2017

Kombucha!!!! I love thei offerings, atmosphere and location


Ashley Wonder

26 August 2017

One of my favorite cafe's to spit poetry in, hang out when I'm in Boston for a long weekend! Love this space! There's always beautiful community art work!


Colleen F.

8 August 2017

I love this spot! I've been here a handful of times and usually get some type of bowl. The tilapia bowl (I'm forgetting the actual name) is pretty tasty. I like the seating, it's comfortable and there is a lot of natural light. The employees are always warm and always nice to me when I come in. I really love Dudley Cafe's commitment to social justice and being a central location for organizers to host events.  Overall a thumbs up and a staple whenever I'm in the area. More...


David N.

2 August 2017

In the middle of a busy Dudley square, you pass by a public piano on your way in the door. On their outside patio, people are eating in formal business attire while others are covered in paint wearing hardhats; always a good sign. Their staff was courteous and their menu was very appropriately sized, large enough to accommodate everyone but small enough to do everything well. Offering both whole and half sized sandwiches I got Dudley's Favorite. That with an incredible iced coffee was just what I was looking for on this summer afternoon. The atmosphere is welcoming, the food is great as well as the coffee. If you're in the neighborhood, it would be a mistake to skip. More...


Jean M.

19 July 2017

Live music on sundays. Wasy going atmosphere! A for sure go to spot! fruit cup is amazing and smoothies.


KafiyaAbeer Pitt Bull Riley

5 June 2017

Dudley Cafe wow, where do I start? The atmosphere was warm and inviting. The vocalist were both very good and entertaining. The staff if I must say so, were friendly and courteous. Overall I had a great experience compared to my first encounter when I inadvertently left my cookies at the counter. Great place to mix and mingle. See you guys again soon!! More...


Chantel J.

17 May 2017

Good place. They have a brunch special that is 10 bucks and you add a mimosa for I think 2-3 bucks more! It comes with french toast, quiche, fruit and bacon. Very filling, came in a cute little bento box.It was actually really good, and so filling. The quiche was actually really good not dry at all, it was vegetarian. The bacon was crispy and delicious as bacon should be.Also, they offer a vegetarian bento brunch too! They only serve beer and wine but for the food options it's great! Make sure to get there early, once they run out of food that's it.i'm definitely coming back to try lunch! More...


Lala Renee

29 April 2017

Love the food , ambiance, and customer service !!


Thato Rantao Mwosa

24 April 2017

Good vibes, great food, excellent service. A nice place to hang with friends. One of Boston's best cafes


David H.

13 April 2017

This was my first time here and it was an overall great experience. Got a sandwich called "The Dudley Favorite". Usually I'm a very basic sandwich kind of person (turkey, bacon, extra cheese, mayo) and at first was nervous about getting a sandwich with things I would never personally add (red peppers, Guacamole, topping other than mayo, etc) but I was pleasantly surprised how flavorful the sandwich was. The chicken was very seasoned well and full of flavor. I added bacon that was thick cut and tasted like it was recently cooked . Great sandwich paired with chips and drink. My only concern was that the person making my sandwich didn't change their gloves between making other orders. At one point I saw them wash their hands with the gloves on . I felt myself about to say something but then just said, "don't be that guy today". Not that I felt they weren't being clean, just saying...Also be sure to look up above the line because they have a burrito and taco menu in addition to their main menu. I only realized this after placing my order. Not a big deal, but I may have ordered a burrito if I had saw it. Don't let my small observations stop you from trying this place. It was well worth it! More...


Danielle A.

7 April 2017

Delicious lattes and food. Stopped in for lunch and service was quick and friendly considering. The pulled pork sandwich was rich with flavor and perfect in seasoning


Loud M.

28 March 2017

Breakfast sandwich is litty with the house sauce ----I don't like Gouda so I sub mine with Cheddar.Always see some powerful folks in the building and community members in the same line!


Daryl Alston

26 March 2017

The food was good live Jazz on a Saturday afternoon and they have The famous Bean Pie !


Plur F.

5 March 2017

Everything about Dudley Street Cafe is correct. The beautiful artwork, the diverse menu, the amazing Jazz band for Brunch and the great service and atmosphere in general. The "Roxbury" was the best thing I've encountered on an English muffin, like ever! Literally could not stop saying how delicious this meal was...I will be back and I come from NyC so that's saying a lot. This was much needed in the neighborhood! More...


Vaughn Allen Goodwin

16 February 2017

The Dudley Cafe is an awesome place to meet people wanting to make an impact in the Roxbury area. I meet there often.


Jourdan Christopher

4 February 2017

Dudley cafe is home. Every time I go there is a familiar face or a friendly stranger. The place has an energy about it.


Melinda C.

30 January 2017

Their sweet potato sandwich is on point. And their savory scones are amazing-I wish they made those every day. The vibe here is great, and the coworkers are fairly friendly.


Israela B.

28 January 2017

Much love for Dudley Cafe! Lots of breakfast and lunch options including an amazing gluten free blueberry oat loaf full of fresh blueberries, egg and bagel sandwiches and rice bowls. Beverage options a plenty too. Cool vibe, sofas and tables and lots of sunshine. I'm going to dream of that blueberry loaf! More...


Karen C.

20 January 2017

This is primarily for their pastries-great muffins and LOVE their cookies! They are huge! Crispy chocolatey---YUMMEEE!


Christina Kornegay

23 December 2016

It's a chill place to do work, have great food, brunch with friends and one thing that makes it special is it is artist friendly☺️. I'm proud to have them apart of my community More...


Evey Nycole Williams

12 December 2016

Love this place.. Great people. Welcoming owner. All around jewel!


Jeannette Giannangelo

26 October 2016

Stopped in for the first time today for breakfast. They had Cuban music playing which was lovely & all the staff seemed happy to be there & operating like a well-oiled machine. The Cafe itself was spacious and I loved the decor/vibe, especially the Roxbury mural on the wall. I will definitely be back! More...


Arne K.

19 October 2016

Great coffee, the muffin display looks delicious and wonderful taste in music (Ray Charles. Yai!). Having my quick coffee in the morning here but definitely plan on hanging out here on weekends as well. The barrister was not only super friendly but extra cute More...


Michael D.

18 October 2016

Wandering around Dudley square,stopped in and had a fabulous gluten free blueberry square and really great coffee.  Looking at the menu, would return for lunch and be well fed :-).


Sylvia McKinney

18 October 2016

AWESOME! I will recommend this place to all of my friends!


Cynthia M. Moore

8 October 2016

This was my first time being at Dudley Cafe. I was there for a special event "coffee with a cop". I was impressed & will definitely go again. These are exactly the types of viable businesses we need in the community. More...


Julie Sullivan

29 September 2016

Wonderful selections of teas, delicious fresh foods and really great vibe!


Lorenzo C Murray

26 September 2016

Great location, great food, great service from an awesome staff! I am so glad to see what has become of Dudley Station. Keep up the great work!


Jenn A.

22 September 2016

Delicious food, friendly staff, awesome ambiance. What more could you want? The tacos are the best, though I wish the portion was bigger!


Sarah L.

1 September 2016

Inviting atmosphere, good location, friendly staff -- this place has it all!! There aren't many places in Boston that have good sweet iced tea, but Dudley Cafe does offer it and it's very tasty as well. I wish I had more time during my visit to order more. More...


Lindsay Gabriela

8 August 2016

Dudley Café is great!!! Yummy rice bowls, sandwiches and the French toast is soooo good!!! Jazz brunch Sunday's and they offer trivia nights as well! Awesome place that also helps building the community! They even feature local artists regularly! More...


Mildred Gonzalez

5 August 2016

I just had the New Edition sandwich and can go for another one!!!


Carol Pyne

18 July 2016

I love this place. The ambiance, lay-out, menu and service are wonderful. My chai latte with soy milk and honey was perfection! What a gem.


Emily Schilling

12 July 2016

Such friendly staff! Such delicious food! And I love that there are plenty of vegetarian options.


Victor Oliver

13 May 2016



Jennifer S.

20 April 2016

Dudley cafe is the perfect, non-pretentious neighborhood coffee spot.  The owner and the staff are always super friendly, the food is consistently good, and the atmosphere is always relaxed.  One thing I really appreciate - the clientele is as diverse as the neighborhood around it.  Haley House is amazing as well, but the people of Dudley deserve some options!  Wish they would stay open a bit later, since it would further encourage a bit of night life in the slowly revitalizing Dudley Square. More...


Sonia Fontes

17 April 2016

Highly recommend Dudley's Favorite; awesome atmosphere - will return soon!


Stephen M.

16 April 2016

Wow. Dudley Sq has really come a long way. I was in the area for jury duty recently and stopped by Dudley Café for a snack. Knowing the area, where did all of these people come from? So many young professionals and "coffee shop" types. I felt like I could have been in Harvard Sq or JP. I bought a coffee and "The New Edition" sandwich. There was nothing wrong with the coffee, though I'm pretty easy to satisfy on that front. The sandwich was great, though a little small (I got the half). I don't really like these a la carte places where you have to buy a drink, chips, etc separately. It really adds up quickly. During my visit there was also a pop up bagel shop in the corner. I don't recall their name, but was told they were very popular. The line proved that. There was also this crazy woman yelling at someone (who?) trying to pick out a kombucha. She was screaming "what is this shit?!?". Everyone just stared and she left, announcing that she'd never been to a fancy place like this before. I shouldn't have laughed. Overall, Dudley Café serves its purpose. It's a local coffee shop and hangout. More...


Bob Ellis

6 April 2016

First time here the menu very interesting most I can eat overall my rating 10


Liz O.

23 March 2016

In between meetings I needed lunch, wi-fi and a tabletop.  Dudley Cafe was the perfect solution.  Michelle's Bowl (chicken curry dish) was delicious and the staff couldn't be nicer, faster, friendlier.  Easy free wi-fi and generous workspace with no guilt even at the height of the lunch hour (not a very busy day here, no fight for space). There was even easy, free street parking. Love the artwork and the floor to ceiling windows for people watching in Dudley Square. Thanks, Dudley Cafe! More...


Natalie M.

20 March 2016

Great little spot to eat! Needed something close to our hotel for breakfast. Had a Delicious breakfast sandwich. The atmosphere is super cool and they even had live music! Free wifi too!


Peter A.

18 March 2016

Very urban and chill environment, with friendly staff and delicious food! Baked goods made daily, and a wide selection of menu choices.


Lynn N.

7 March 2016

I love this place!! I always order Ms.Davis's rice bowl which is delicious. The sweet tea and chocolate croissants are really good too. The prices are bit too much but for the quality and the fact that everything is homemade makes the price worth it. More...


K. M.

27 February 2016

First time I had a chai latte here, it was maybe luke warm. But they redeemed themselves the next time. And the iced one was great as well. Had their ham and swiss croissant sandwich and asked them to warm it up for me and it was delicious! Love the atmosphere of the place and the music they play. Kind of incredible that they can leave their doors open during winter and it's still warm in there... maybe turn down the heating a bit? More...


Lauren Boissonnault

27 February 2016

The food and staff are both amazing! The breakfast menu is really delicious & the lunch/dinner one is as well. Plus, they have a lot of beverage choices (I love their latte!). There are so many unique options to choose from. Also, everyone there is very friendly. ☺️ The environment is laid back, cheerful, and welcoming. I highly recommend it! More...


Nomadic R.

21 February 2016

The latte was fantastic. Cool vibe. There's jazz on Sunday's. It's got a laid back, modern feel to it.


Christopher Muhammad

1 February 2016

I like seeing this type of cafe in our community that isn't a franchise. Support small businesses!!!


Ashley B.

29 December 2015

I wish I still lived in Boston because this place is great! The food was delicious (I got the Ms. Davis bowl) and the space is awesome, with big windows and cool artwork. Will make this a regular stop on future Boston visits :)Edit: just got a bomb cappuccino! Ruined the artwork because I started drinking before I took the pic More...


Joy C.

28 December 2015

Dudley cafe is truly a gem of a place. It's airy setting, vibrant with beautiful plants and dynamic artwork, was the perfect place to unwind to a cup of Moroccan mint tea after a long week. I ordered the Malala rice bowl- an absolute delight! It's owner, staff, and their top quality service brought me warmth, nourishment, and joy. My highest recommendations! More...


Tara M.

2 December 2015

No lie, I ate here every single morning for four days straight during my trip to Boston. I loved everything about this place! A pot of tea with my french toast, lovely. The cinnamon rolls, epic. The breakfast sandwich was delish. The art work BEAUTIFUL! I just wanted to pack this place up and transport it to Atlanta, but those Spirit Airlines baggage fees tho... More...


Moomin T.

21 November 2015

Hands down the coolest coffee shop in all of Boston. This is going to be the place the 'cool kids' hang out - so come on down Dudley & be among the ones who can say, "I knew it before everyone else." Cinnamon rolls are fantastic. More...


Derick Bryant

11 November 2015

I love the atmosphere and the mural on the wall. Thank you for allowing me to post my gofundme flyer at your cafe today.


Giselly Soto

11 November 2015

The almond croissant was so good ,and the sandwich *dudley favorite was very good service was a little slow ( could be because of the time of day i went) but overall i love the space and quality of the food


Monique F.

4 November 2015

I made the trek to Dudley this morning with high hopes of what this cafe had to offer, and I was amazed that they exceeded my expectations! Super friendly staff who were very helpful and asked how I liked my breakfast. The fruit/granola/yogurt was delicious and fresh. Awesome selection of pastries, meals, etc. The cafe itself was clean and had a great atmosphere and played fun music. Very enjoyable experience. I'll be back soon :) More...


Jessica V.

30 October 2015

This place is great. The food is very good--approachable but with interesting ingredients and flavors. The atmosphere has a modern and welcoming vibe (awesome music) and so far the service has been warm and friendly. I live in the neighborhood so I know I will eat here often. My only critique is that the portions are just a little small (specifically the rice bowl) and I wish the sandwiches and breakfast items came with a side of some kind. By no means a deal-breaker but I would gladly pay a little more to get something extra on my plate. More...


Raymond Heath

30 October 2015

The rice bowls are delicious. I ve been there twice in last week. The toffee cookie was good too.


Irvienne Goldson

18 October 2015

Great vibe, friendly staff, great coffee...can we say espresso, management willing to colaborate on events, and in the community


Kate B.

17 October 2015

Stopped by early this morning for some breakfast. The place was not crowded, but I'm guessing that will change quickly as word gets out. Ever since my husband and I moved into Fort Hill I've loved the neighborhood but wished there were more walkable places to get a bite to eat in a comfortable setting. Dudley cafe is a little far but worth the walk.Their breakfast sandwich with ham and cheddar came with a yummy sauce, sautéed spinach and a perfectly cooked egg. Big enough to fill you up, but not too big- and it was delicious. The latte loses points for weak foam but the flavor was excellent- didn't need sugar, which is the measure of a good latte in my opinion. Dudley cafe is a tiny bit pricey, but no more so than any of the Jp coffee shops I've frequented in my years living on the orange line. I also appreciated the friendliness of the staff and the lovely, sunny seating area. Will definitely be back here! More...


Corlis Sharon Melchoir

10 October 2015

I had the quiche and scone today, delicious!! I wish that I bought more. The staff was friendly and I like that it's a local establishment.


t h.

4 October 2015

I so want this place to succeed, so maybe gave a couple extra stars.   There is a huge captive audience that has been waiting for a place like this.  The staff is friendly, The Coffee,  pastries and Iced tea are all good, but the sandwiches need some serious work and rethinking.  They sound pretty good on the menu,  but not that exciting.  Someone might need to field trip down to Flour bakery/cafe, see how it's done. More...


Janet Ferone

1 October 2015

First time there, loved the space, the vibe & my papaya salad was delicious. This place actually has me looking forward to meetings at school dept headquarters


Matt R.

19 September 2015

I'm pretty high on this place early on. As a Fort Hill resident I'm happy to have another option I can walk to. I've stopped by three times for coffee but haven't tried any food. The staff is great. The vibe is more Brooklyn than Boston but it's a really comfortable room and they had good music playing. I wish this place was open when I was in school as its where I would have gone to get work done. I judge an iced coffee by whether I can drink it black or if I need to add milk. I can drink this coffee black. I'm very excited to have them here. More...


K. H.

14 September 2015

What a great cafe  they have rice bowls, salad, sandwiches,coffee and a bakery  I ordered the no.34 sandwich Roast beef, pickled carrots, pickled cucumbers, radish, cilantro with housemade mayonnaise on baguette really good flavor  my wife got the pacman Pulled pork, mango chutney, sriracha mayo, cilantro and tomatoes on brioche roll. also very good. Super friendly Service can't wait to try the whole menu  Definitely a place I recommend More...