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We can provide photos and videos of your products, place of business, and personnel.

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Steven Seril

23 July 2018

Thank you for covering our powerlifting event (USPA Utah State Open)!


Looking for the beauty of the moment, it's in a smile, in the look of eye, an appreciation of what is happening right now. That and knowing how your camera and light work by taking lots and lots and lots of pictures. :)

I will ask a lot of questions about what your goals are, what you will be using the photos for, how you would like to be photographed, etc. I will then restate what I've heard to make sure that I have listened well to your answers.

Connecting with my clients. I love learning about their lives, their passions and how I can assist them.

I love telling stories. Stories are a way we can communicate ideas, strengths, weaknesses, vision, passion, lessons, everything. Owning my own business allows me the freedom to tell stories.