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Caroline Hernandez

9 August 2019

A week after the wedding and I am still blown away by the work Sonya and her team did. I would trust them with raising my first born. They were efficient, knowledgeable, decisive, and always two steps ahead of what I needed before and throughout the wedding.
I had never given a wedding much thought before I got engaged and had a lot of parts of the wedding I had no idea what to do on; Sonya always gave firm, well thought out advice, and picked up on my style and preferences early so she was never suggesting something I didn't like. She was also very cognizant of my budget which I really appreciated.


Pooja Garg

2 August 2019

I am so glad we hired Sonya as a day-of coordinator for our wedding! We had a large Indian wedding with many moving parts and small details that were important to us, and Sonya took the time to execute and make sure all items were taken care of! She is very organized and helpful, and knows how to get things done. She always answered random questions of mine over text and even did the beautiful floral bouquets for me and my sister-in-law. Sonya is very talented and a wonderful wedding coordinator. Would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone planning a wedding! She will make your life soo much easier, trust me! I was hesitant to hire a coordinator since I thought our families could handle it but I AM SO GLAD I DID! More...


Amannda C

19 July 2019

Hiring Sonya for my wedding (7/13/19) was the single best decision I made during our wedding planning process. I took a chance and found her based on the reviews on Yelp, and I’m so glad I did. From start to finish, she listened and delivered on everything that we wanted to happen in our downtown Chicago wedding. She is super experienced with large weddings (ours was More...



10 July 2019

Sonya was absolutely amazing from the beginning to the end and I cannot be more thankful to her and the team. She makes wedding planning seem effortless and has a great deal of patience. My house, the church and the reception all looked FANTASTIC! Thank you for everything! More...


Marcel Bellanfonte

18 June 2019

When my then fiancé and I interviewed Sonya to be our wedding planner, we had already completed some of the groundwork. My pretty bride, however, was not the type that glossed over wedding magazines dreaming of the perfect wedding since she was 10 years old. Moreover, we were trying to finish in 2 months what most couples plan in a year. We knew that we would need help.
We had just posted online and Sonya was the first to respond and, fortunately, her office was close to the venue we had just finished visiting. From the very first meeting, we were impressed with how she proactively took us through the steps she would take to bring the wedding planning to a successful finish. We interviewed several others afterwards. Sonya, however, would be the high bar that all other planners had to clear.
As we interviewed one candidate after another, we came to the same conclusion after each meeting – they just didn’t measure up to Sonya. The others just did not give us the same level of confidence that no detail would be overlooked. She also projected the grit and assertiveness to handle any vendor that might step out of line – like a pit bull with a pretty face.
We could not have made a better choice. Sonya stood by us every step of the way. Dress fitting, meal tasting, cake tasting, meeting with pastor, vendor interviews, rehearsal – she was there for it all! One Sunday, she was with us from morning to evening as we dashed from one meeting to the next. We introduced her to everybody as our 4-star general - but she more than earned that 5th star in the end. Like a well-seasoned military general commanding their forces, she managed our vendors, our venue, and our wedding party. She even helped us keep in budget by arranging our boutonnieres for less than what a florist would charge.
Now, with a heavy-weight like Sonya in our corner everything must have been smooth sailing and gone off without a hitch, right If only! 2PM the day before the wedding, just as I’m leaving the barber with a fresh cut and feeling pretty good about everything, I get the most dreaded text from our pastor. He prefaced the text with “I don’t want to add any more stress on you” and proceeded to let me know he would be unable to officiate the wedding. Needless to say, I was very very stressed. I conveyed the news to my fiancé who was certain I was joking at first. There were a lot of quick calls with Sonya and our family as we scrambled to pull together a Plan B. God’s favor was certainly shining on us that day, however, as we didn’t have far to look. Sonya had just recently received her license to officiate weddings. How many planners have that in their emergency kit!?! We tried a last-ditch effort to re-arrange the ceremony to use our original officiant but at 6am on the morning of our wedding, I had to make the call.
Me: “Good morning, General. Do you think we can still fall back on Plan B?”
Sonya: “Not a problem. Whatever you want.”
After another call to my cousin, an elder in his church, it was set. He and Sonya would tag team: he would perform the ceremonial parts and Sonya would perform the official parts. My wife and I could never forget Sonya even if we wanted to – she was the one that married us! No one outside our wedding party had any clue to the crises that was narrowly averted. To say that Sonya went above and beyond the expectations of a wedding planner would be the understatement of a lifetime. We are forever grateful and could not recommend her highly enough.


Seema Shah

5 March 2019

Let me tell you I didn't even get a chance to work with Sonya cause someone contacted for the same date before but she literally talked to me for an almost an hour or more just the initial phone conversation. she's super responsive and reliable, I was going to have an Indian wedding and first was contemplating signing with her but after talking to countless planners she stood out the most! Why you need to book her is cause she literally went out of her way to find a good referral for me because she couldn't be my planner and I was looking like crazy and just stressed out, she literally went out of her way to find me good referrals, without us working together, like come on, THIS IS A NO BRAINER FOR ANYONE who is even having a Indian wedding and still contemplating if you should book her, do yourself a favor and DO IT! She knows so many vendors the amount referrals she gave me was insane all India btw, which I was super impressed by! I heard from other vendors that she is nice to work with. Super empathetic. The amount of help she was without me even working with her I can only imagine how easy my life would have been working with her if I had her as my planner! She super good and get signed so book her fast!! More...


Megan McMahon

8 December 2018

Sonya provided the decor for our wedding at the Carleton of Oak Park. She did an amazing job making the place look beautiful and working within our budget. We had an issue with my husband's boutonniere breaking during our pictures and she came back with not only a replacement flower but extras in case anything else happens. She was a pleasure to work with! More...



9 October 2018

I cannot say enough positive things about Sonya. From the start of our conversations, she was fantastic to work with. She was the day of planner for my wedding, but we felt like she was so much more. If I was worried about anything at all the month before the wedding, she would take it off my plate like getting all the vendors organized, creating timeline cards for our guests, designing and printing place cards, bringing baskets for us to borrow for various events, or creating my bridal bouquet to list a few. During the wedding weekend, if there were things that went wrong, I didn't have a clue because she handled it so well. Everyone from my family to friends asked me where and how did you find her? She's amazing! She always told me if I would ask how is this going or how is that going, "Can you just be a bride?" Lol. I would hire her without a blink for any future events and would recommend her to anyone who needs an organized, enthusiastic, dedicated, fun, and trustworthy wedding planner. Thank you so much Sonya for making my dream wedding come true and running the show so seamlessly! More...



23 September 2018

I don't know WHAT my husband and I would have done without Sonya! She made every step of the process run smoothly. Sonya took my vision and ran with it for my August wedding at the Armour House. She was so helpful when it came to literally everything- she was always one text away to answer questions or help me pick out invitations/flowers/rearrange guest lists/etc. She also accompanied me on every appt we had with vendors. She not only went above and beyond for me, but was always willing to help my mom with her questions, too! It is almost hard for me to articulate how wonderful Sonya was because I'm honestly 100% sure that our day would never have been as perfect as it was without her. She is passionate and truly cares about her brides and grooms. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you for everything, Sonya! More...



11 September 2018

I love Soya! From start to finish she was AMAZING! From the first time I met her I was treated like a friend of hers. We started off with a consultation, so that we would both be on the same page when it came to colors, sizes , types of flowers, decor etc.. From there she knew exactly what I was going for and nailed it. My bridal bouquet was stunning, I was absolutely in love with my bridesmaids bouquets! and flower girls headpieces. Sonya was a pleasure to work with and I definitely will be recommending her to everyone! I seriously can not thank her enough! More...



10 September 2018

I don’t know if we would’ve gotten through this wedding without Sonya.
Before we chose our venue, she was very helpful in suggesting places, researching alternatives and even drove my mother from the suburbs to help accommodate our busy schedules. She was always prompt and responsive.
We ended up booking Harold Washington Library. While it’s a beautiful venue, they have some restrictions for vendors and limitations on space and timing (the venue closes to public at 5pm and the wedding had to start at 6pm to get to dinner and dancing at a reasonable time) With a 1 hour time span you have to be very organized and efficient to get things done, which she did without a hitch.
She also helped us pick out our photographer and DJ, both of which we loved and have a separate reviews for as well (Thanks DJ Beatguru/Aumir and Christina G Photography)
When we were having issues with floral, Sonya stepped in big time, took charge and we couldn’t be happier with the end product.
We highly recommend her and she was instrumental in making the wedding day run flawlessly.



23 August 2018

My husband I got married at the Drake Hotel on 8/4/18 and are so thankful we hired Sonya for our day-of planner! She is truly living out her passion - you can tell she loves what she does, because she dedicates so much time to making her events absolutely perfect! She was always very responsive to my constant questions, and gave me so much valuable advice. One thing I will always remember is my mehndi party. She brought a ton of decor (which was not part of her contract at all), and helped my mom and her friends decorate and plan the mehndi. It was perfect!! Do not hesitate hiring Sonya for any event you may have! Even though we only hired her for planning, from what I’ve seen of her decor skills, she excels at that too! Thanks Sonya, we already miss our daily communication! More...


Jasmyne Younan

9 August 2018

I’ve never met someone with a greater vision or more creativity than this event planner! She’s hard working and completely dedicated to her clients and will always find a way to make her clients as satisfied and happy as possible, as long as it is in her power.


Marrian Macksud Daniel

9 August 2018

Sonya is amazing! She did my centerpieces, decorations and head table for my engagement party. Everyone asked me who my decorator was. Everything came out so beautiful and better than I had imagined! I really can not thank Sonya enough. I am also working with her for my wedding. She is very professional, very responsive (which is really difficult to find in the wedding industry), and very reliable. I would recommend her to anyone! More...


Natalie LaDuke

9 August 2018

Hiring Sonya to be our day of coordinator and florist was truly one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! She is extremely organized, personable, well-connected, knowledgable of the wedding industry, and an all around great person to work with! As our day of coordinator, she was on the clock for an entire month leading up to our wedding - and it relieved so much stress! She communicated with all of our vendors, created an extremely detailed timeline, finalized all the final details, created the seating chart, helped with favors, and so much more. On the day of our wedding, everything ran so smoothly! She let nothing slip the cracks!!! She was incredible. I thought I was super organized - but as someone who has never planned a wedding there are always little things you just don't think of! That's where Sonya came in and she did a perfect job. Sonya also did the flowers and decor for our wedding. I truly can't tell you what a perfect job she did. It was like she looked at my Pinterest board and made it a reality. She worked within our budget and gave us everything we wanted. I would recommend her highly and without hesitation to anyone in need of an event planner. More...


Amanda Lynn

9 August 2018

Sonya is so dedicated to her work and clients. She keeps your budget in mind while adding her own creative touch to your event’s design. She goes above and beyond and she’s wonderful to work with. More...



8 August 2018

My daughter hired Sonya for her wedding and it was one of the best decisions she made! Sonya is smart, professional, efficient, and a genuinely lovely person. Her knowledge, creativity, and tireless energy helped us through all problems that arose along the way. To have Sonya handle these "before" issues eliminated our wedding stress. And to have her handle the day of details made everything go smoothly. As mother of the bride, I had no worries - she was there from early morning until end of wedding, kept us on schedule (her very detailed schedule) and handled anything that arose. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SONYA for any event - she is absolutely amazing and because of her efforts, the wedding was fabulous for us! More...



30 July 2018

If you are deciding whether to hire Sonya or not, you NEED to hire her as your planner. She was our month of planner for our wedding and I cannot express in enough words how great she is. She was there for me and helped with anything that I needed. She came to my dress fitting and took care of our florist when there was a slight issue. I am so grateful to have had her, she helped de-stress me leading up to the wedding and helped make it absolutely perfect! My whole family and all my friends just kept saying "We need Sonya at our wedding!" I can't express enough how wonderful she was! You will not be disappointed, she really is the best! More...



13 April 2018

Words cannot express our gratitude for Sonya. Over the past few months, Sonya became another member of our family. She truly made our wedding into a fairytale come to life. We gave her our ideas and she executed them to an extent that we could not have even dreamt. It was absolutely the perfect wedding because of her. While we only hired Sonya for day of coordination, she helped us throughout the entire process. She was involved in every detail — from tastings to table seating. She is thorough, detail-oriented and best of all has the biggest heart. She works within your budget and tries to help you save wherever she can, often using her own materials. She decorated our mehndi event, made our garlands, met with all of our vendors, the list goes on and on…All of our vendors raved about her as well! There is just so much more to say about this amazing woman but I hope that every bride has a planner like Sonya because she will literally make your dreams come true. I wish Sonya could coordinate the rest of my life for me because she truly is that good!!! More...



23 October 2017

We hired Sonya as our wedding day planner for our recent wedding at Salvage One and it was one of the best moves we made for our wedding. Initially, my wife and I were hesistant to hire a day of planner, but we are so grateful we did. Sonya was there from the moment we hired her to answer any questions we had, step in where needed, and helped us develop a gameplan for our wedding day. Looking back, this is something both my wife and I would have never been able to do as well as her. She also stepped in and did things you wouldn't expect from a day of planner. She helped my wife with scheduling and attending a dress fitting with a difficult tailor. She helped us collect leftover liquor from our wedding that she took with her at the end of the night, that we were later able to return in order to save money. She was there to answer any questions, and was extremely valuable the final weeks prior to the wedding, and even more so on the wedding day. Overall, our wedding day went off without a hitch, in large part due to Sonya's work! More...



2 October 2017

Sonya is truly a gem. After having worked with her, one can easily say she loves what she does as a wedding planner and truly enjoys her role which is demonstrated through her enthusiasm and her attention to detail. She worked with my husband and I in achieving our vision for our bridal shower, mendhi (henna night) and South Asian wedding and surpassed our expectations in bringing our vision to life. When we first met with Sonya, she asked us questions about our ideas of what we would like our wedding to be like, including the number of guests, type of venue and budget. She does a wonderful job meeting all of the goals we had set for our special day. She understands that life can get busy with wedding planning and focusing on our careers so she does the best she can in being flexible to meet with us around our busy schedules. In addition, she provides very helpful guidance and insightful perspectives as we were making decisions along the way. She is very creative and has a great eye for detail, especially around flowers, color, table settings (napkins, table cloths chairs, etc.), and decor and she works very hard to make sure she achieves the color theme envisioned for the wedding. The flowers were especially gorgeous on our big day and overall everything went smoothly and looked fabulous! Sonya also worked with my bridesmaids and I in finding professionals to do our hair and makeup. On the day of the wedding, Sonya and her assistant took care of setting up the tables, coordinating hair/makeup, communicating with families, and also communicating with employees at the wedding venue so that we could focus on enjoying the moment. Sonya is truly passionate about her work and makes sure that you are fully satisfied with all of the decisions made. Although weddings are fun, the planning can be very stressful, but with Sonya we felt very supported which allowed us to relax and take the edge off so that we could simply enjoy the process! Thank you Sonya!!!! More...



28 June 2017

Sonya was both our florist and day-of-coordinator and I simply can't say enough good things about her. She was so responsive, organized, friendly, well-connected, and easy to work with. She is everything you could want from a day-of-coordinator!! One month before our wedding, Sonya was on the clock as our coordinator - and it relieved so much stress. She made sure all of our vendors were on the same page when it came to the timeline, helped finalize all of the little details (that start to become really overwhelming), pointed out any areas where I was missing something, and answered all of my questions. She helped me with the seating chart, favors, and so much more. At the end of our wedding, friends of mine who were already married said they wished they'd had Sonya at their wedding!! I was able to enjoy the week leading up to my wedding, because I knew from meeting with Sonya and all of our conversations, that she had me 100% covered. Absolutely nothing slipped through the cracks!! And it's because of Sonya.

Again, the flowers and decor Sonya provided were also amazing. She worked within our budget and delivered the EXACT look we wanted. I almost started crying when I saw my bouquet because it was like she had taken the picture I'd given her and made it real. Everything was absolutely stunning. I wanted big full flowers that were ivory with pops of eucalyptus - and tons of candles and mercury vases throughout the reception space - she delivered exactly that. Actually, she far exceeded all of the expectations I had. She is an incredibly funny, smart, and an organized person. She was so easy to work with. I would recommend her without hesitation and if I need a planner for any events in the future, she will be the first person I call.



6 January 2017

Dream Events by Sonya was the day planner my daughter used for her October 29th wedding. Sonya was great to work with, she listened to what we wanted and helped to make the wedding day a wonderful time for us all. Sonya had everything under control, she eleminated wedding day stress. In the weeks leading up to the day, if we voiced a concern, she would say, I will take care of it and she did. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an event planner. Sonya is a gem! More...



29 December 2016

Sonya is a rock star and super detail oriented! She was the planner and I was the floral designer for a steampunk, Victorian/Edwardian, Chicago World's Fair inspired wedding. As you can image there were a lot of little pieces that went into the decor. Sonya never missed a beat, and made the whole planning and design process a breeze for me, as the floral designer. I cannot wait to work with her again. More...



21 December 2016

Great vendor. We used Sonya as our day of planner. She helped tie final details together and was very accommodating given our busy schedules leading up to our wedding day. My husband and I were able to enjoy our special day stress free!! Highly recommend Sonya. More...



19 December 2016

My husband and I originally planned on getting a day of coordinator. However, as we slowly started booking our vendors (and going over budget), we decided we could handle everything on our own. Fast forward to a couple of months before the wedding and I was so stressed out I wasn’t even looking forward to the big day anymore! We decided to meet with Sonya and see what she had to offer. She got right down to business and was so helpful we immediately decided we needed to book her ASAP! After she left our initial consultation, I already felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders! We paid her the deposit that evening and she jumped right in! She helped with decorations for my parent’s house and the church, she helped with music suggestions, and most important—she helped with the dreaded detailed timeline (just to name A FEW)! I cannot begin to explain how helpful, professional, honest, and fun Sonya was. She was truly a blessing in my time of need and allowed us to enjoy our special day that flew by way too quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend her for wedding planning services. She was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond any expectations I had!! Thank you so much, Sonya! You are the BEST!! More...


Mark & Paola

16 December 2016

Thanks for making our wedding day so special. We appreciate all you did for us.



14 December 2016

Sonya made Alexjándra & Tomás wedding a true success. It was as elegant and sophisticated as Alexjándra's dreamed and as much fun as Tomás hoped. She made sure that everything ceremony to the reception venue. As the mother of the bride, I was very pleased. I hope that Sonya will be available for our next big event. More...



27 September 2016

Sonya bought more to my wedding than coordinating, prep, or organization. She was a Life Saver and that’s exactly how she was listed in my contacts. Any question or comment I called/texted/emailed her about the wedding was quickly replied with an expert opinion, helpful fact or gracious offer to take a demanding task off may hands. Besides acting as a true professional in her field, Sonya is very personable and caring about your mindset. During my mini meltdowns, she always offered ways to help so my to-do list wasn’t such a burden. My late summer wedding was at separate locations for ceremony and reception venues but still ran fluidly. Our wedding would not have been so beautiful and enjoyable without Sonya! More...



2 February 2016

Sonya is wonderful always going above and beyond! If you need someone to plan your big day or help run the day of she is the one to hire!



15 November 2015

I used Sonya for my day-of-coordinator. At out first meeting she was professional, bubbly, and informative of her services. She enjoyed all our ideas and helped make them a reality. Everyone's advices for when were got married was " Make sure you take a moment and enjoy your wedding because it goes by fast". Having Sonya there made it so we were able to enjoy the whole day! :)

Thank you so much for all your time and help!



19 October 2015

Sonya did an amazing job. I had the best wedding thanks to her handling all of the odds and ends that came up. I didn't have to worry on my big day. I would definitely recommend her services. More...



29 September 2015

Thank you so much for making our Dream a reality! Everything was beyond perfection and I will always look back on our special day and remember how beautiful our wedding was because of you!! Best planner ever xo



22 September 2015

Sonya, is truly an exceptional person to work with. She know her clients wants, needs and turns their dreams into reality. Sonya, will go above and beyond to make sure your big day goes amazing. There is no question about her work ethic, she gets the job done. More...



14 September 2015

Sonya is AMAZING to say the least!! Sonya was my day of coordinator, but she did way more than just that. She made it her job to make sure that my day was a beautiful and magical as one dreams a wedding to be. She was actively involved in the décor of the church and the reception hall. She set up the church the night before the wedding and it already had that warm, elegant feel to it. When I stepped out onto the aisle, I could not believe how breathtaking the church was with all of the lit candles on the alter and all of the custom pieces that she made for my wedding.

Hours before my wedding, she was at my reception hall setting up all of the centerpieces and the main welcome table. From seeing pictures from other events she coordinated, I had complete trust in her abilities, therefore I told her to do what she felt looked best in terms of decoration. Sonya definitely delivered! The reception hall looked amazing! I received so many compliments on the décor and all I could say was I had an amazing coordinator that made it her job to make sure I had a stress-free and beautiful wedding experience. The attention to detail to paid to everything did not go unnoticed.

Additionally, it rained on the morning of my wedding day. When Sonya arrived at the church, she brought this beautiful umbrella for me to use because she know we had outdoor pictures planned. Also, she knew how to take care of the bridal party. She brought an emergency kit which obviously had emergency items such as safety pins, bobby pins, etc. but the kit also contained snacks. After a long stressful morning, it was a treat opening that box and finding snacks to hold us over until the reception. She's definitely many steps ahead if you can't tell by now.

Lastly, Sonya recommended a florist by the name of Rita. I met with Rita once and had 1 or 2 phone calls here and there, and she completely got my vision. my bouquet was gorgeous as were my the bridesmaids bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.

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