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Sharon Kavanagh

20 June 2019

Ros is amazing, fantastic treatment without pain, I have the utmost trust and faith in her as a chiropractor.


Toni Walsh

20 June 2019

Always look forward to my sessions with Ros as I feel so much better afterwards. Self care is so important and I use this as part of my routine.Highly recommended


James Davenport

20 June 2019

I've been using drake chiropractic for a while now. I'm competing regularly in road racing and time trial, repetitive stress injuries and impact injuries come with the territory. And every time Ros has sorted me out. It's nice to know that drake chiropractic has my back!! :) More...


Sabrina Alampi

20 June 2019

Ros managed to finally sort out my back after years I had been trying with different therapies. I sailed through to my last two pregnancies with Ros 's help. And after 6 years my back is still perfectly fine. Thank you, thank you, thank you More...


Pamela O Connor Cowzer

20 June 2019

I don't know where I'd be without Ros, the only word I can use to describe her is AMAZING. . I've been using Drake chriopractic for 4years now since I brought my first baby zack to see her, then went back to her through my pregnancy on my second baby Scott, she also done a little adjustment on him when he was a few weeks old he didn't need as much as his older brother did but I put it down to the amazing care I received from Ros throughout my pregnancy which in turn made my labour so so easy and quick. . I'm now back in her care after a car accident in March and I can't recommend her enough to everyone I come across. . . More...

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