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People wanting help and assistance to overcome a wide variety of behavioral and emotional difficulties can consult a counsellor. These range from relationship difficulties, personal difficulties such as experiencing discouragement, despair and hopelessness.


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Piet Steyn

Ek like dit kwaai


Natalie Da Costa Leitao

Awesome, I will recommend Dr Dunn's services to all! ;-)

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I see how people change- how their lives becomes better, how they influence those around them to also experience life better. I see how people move forward from trauma and their past to really start living life to the fullest.

I always wanted to help people. I studied to help people and continue to study to have the newest available techniques to help people.

I have life experience, I never stop learning and believe that clients have the ability to heal, they just need some guidance.



Counselling take place in a safe, private (confidential), non-judgmental, non-threatening environment aimed to encourage openness and honesty. This includes individual counselling, trauma counselling and relationship counselling.

A Life Coach is someone who knows more about human behaviour, potential development and success dynamics that can keep you more accountable while it saves you time and gets you to your results faster. A life coach can help you deal with stress, pain and frustration that are preventing you from reaching your goals. Life coaches asks the questions, you don’t want to always ask yourself or the things you did not even thought of asking yourself and thereby digs deeper into the clients way of thinking, believing, values and mental skills. Through coaching you gain insights into yourself and this gives you a stronger sense of belief and self-confidence.