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Dr. Kevin Kulik Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist

1068 Hicksville Road Massapequa, New York 11758, Nassau

Dr. Kevin Kulik Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist logo

Dr. Kevin Kulik Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist

1068 Hicksville Road Massapequa, New York 11758, Nassau



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People often ask me if I can heal them of this or that condition and I always tell them the


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Judy Symanski Blauvelt

23 July 2018

I don't think you could ever find a more dedicated doctor!!!


Mike Walls

23 July 2018

He is the best!


Mary Klockler

23 July 2018

Crawl in, walk out of his office for years! Helpers through major issues. See you Monday, Dr. K


Dave Saul

23 July 2018

I recently spoke and then visited Dr Kevin Kulik. After an initial treatment and follow up; I learned what a big role Nutrition plays in a feeling 100%. I would highly recommend everyone looking for some new perspectives on feeling well, contact him! More...


Various Nutritional approaches to tune the body and mind for optimum performance!

Metabolic balancing,
Nutritional Reflex Testing,
Nutritional healing,
Sports nutrition,
Attention deficit,
fasting and many more.

We use only the best whole food supplements, nothing synthetic.

We take a simple, inexpensive, old fashioned approach to nutrition. By performing an
intensive investigation of your problem, we offer a wide variety of solutions. You decide
how much you want to put into your program, we coach the beginner right up to the
advanced nutritionist. Education is one of our main focuses. We don't want you to be
dependant on us, we want you better so by your good example others might "dare" to
become healthy!

when people come to me
they begin with telling me their physical complaints. When they talk about that, they reveal
many things about themselves. We work together to develop a trust, a bond with one
another, something that can often take a lifetime under different circumstances.

When someone cares, when they try to heal your wounds, you become more open and
honest with that person. So often we travel through life wearing so many masks and
disguises we begin to forget who we really are. Needing help, often gently removes those
masks to reveal a person who like us all, simply needs love. It is remarkable what happens
when someone knows you care.

After a very serious automobile accident Dr Kevin Kulik was treated
in all the traditional ways for a "very painful & permanent " spinal
injury. A series of events brought him to his healing and eventually
to become a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist himself in 1981.
He has been greatly influenced by his experience with Mother Teresa
early in his career. As a result through the years, thousands of
patients have shared more than their "physical" complaints with him
and he is always available to offer his compassionate ear and
heart. He has simply found that you cannot separate a wounded
heart and soul from a wounded body, and that many times patients
find the greatest part of their healing is not always physical!

Whats different about us?

First of all I believe that when a particular patient comes into my office, it is no coincidence.
So often patients will come in for this or that ache or pain but really find that as the healing
occurs, they find themselves healed of so much more than just an ache or a pain. So often
we carry wounds that run deep and prevent real healing from occurring not only in our
physical body but in our minds and hearts as well.
This is not religion!
This is common sense!

We have lost the sense of reverence we should have for one another. I believe this has
happened because we as a culture have forgotten who we are, and what we are fully
called to be.

On the practical side, I employ a wide number of Chiropractic techniques. Any where from
an incredibly gently " non crack" technique to traditional manipulation depending on the
patients individual needs and desires. When needed I use "physiotherapy" such as
Ultrasound, muscle stimulation, massage, disk distraction and many other tools to speedily
repair the body and nervous system.

I have found the use of tailor made whole foods an incredible adjunct to healing the body
and mind never thought possible by so many patients. We simply cannot reach full healing if
we insist on putting excessive amounts of " toxic" food, chemicals, and drink into our body

We use NRT ( Nutritional Reflex Testing) which gets our patients better so much faster and
more efficiently than our patients we treated years ago before NRT.
This incredible technique will leave you with more knowledge about the state of your body
than you could have ever imagined.

Whats really nice?

No needles, no expensive diagnostic machines, because your own body tells us not only
whats wrong
but why the problem exists,
and how to fix it!

Isn't that really what you want to know?