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I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach who can help you overcome life’s difficulties on the way to achieving your goals. My services are available by phone, Skype, or in person. In person services can be delivered at my location or yours (additional fees may apply for house calls depending on distance).


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Jocelyn Wing

26 February 2019

The best 30-minute phone call I had for a long time. Dr. Gary Danko made me realized how I can promote my services effectively. He gave me great points and ideas to think about on how to deal with my clients. By talking to him and hear me say the challenges I am facing helped me understand the root causes of my issues. That's a 30-minute well spent! Thank you! More...


Jocelyn Correa Wing

12 February 2019

My first 30-minute session with Dr. Gary Danko was well spent. He revived the ideas in my head that's been dead and forgotten. He also gave me same monetization strategies to implement and focus on. More...


Steve Meade

30 July 2018

Dr Danko's hypnosis services are amazing. After working with him I feel much more confidence and motivation to get more done and go for my goals.


Laura French

30 July 2018

I was certainly skeptical when I first heard the word "hypnotherapy, " but I allowed myself to have an open mind to learn more about Gary's business, and exactly what it is that he saw in it, in order to learn how to help him network in Junction City's Tri-County Chamber of Commerce. Gary was super easy to talk with and educated me about his methods in helping people. He showed me that his program was all about teaching others about self-meditation (hypnosis), and how I (anyone) could practice it in the privacy of my own home or wherever I could get comfortable with headphones on. I was able to reach a deeper and more clear avenue to my own sense of self-awareness, and it helped me to experience (again) the true, facing-of myself inside the depths of my own core values. I remembered to remind myself of what I'm wanting to accomplish in my lifetime, and why. As soon as I was reintroduced to my best self, I began to see the directions I should be headed to a lot more clearly. I was subconsciously propelling myself forward in such a positive way. So many things (opportunities) jumped out from their hiding places at their chance to finally guide me instead of trying to trip me. Thank you Gary for, dedicating so many years to studying for the betterment of others!! More...


Patricia Richardson

27 May 2018

Dr. Danko is incredible. He dropped everything in an emergency to help my husband dealing with a PTSD episode after a very traumatic accident in the family. Thank you for everything you've done for us. You've done so much more than just this and I know you've done the same for others I know personally going through very stressful and difficult situations. Patricia Richardson More...


Patricia Richardson

27 May 2018

Dr. Gary Danko is amazing....! He dropped everything in an emergency to help my husband experiencing PTSD directly after a very traumatic family accident. I know he has done the same for others...! He has done so much more and always goes above and beyond in helping his clientele and friends. Gary is very personable and caring. You will always be in great hands! Patricia Richardson More...


What I love the most is seeing a person succeed in life after having eradicated all the stops that were previously holding him or her back. The services I offer are VERY powerful tools that can help you overcome any difficulty and drastically change the direction of your life in a positive and meaningful way.

For many years I just offered my services to family and close friends. It was at the urgings of these people that finally moved me to open my practice full time. My desire has always been to help people achieve more gratifying lifestyles and to bring greatness to the world.

Because I genuinly CARE for people and my first intention above all else is to help the person in front of me to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’m a very highly trained practitioner in the fields of mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. My approach is entirely holistic and takes into account mind, body, and spirit.