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Houston, TX, Harris



Houston, TX, Harris



We provide Professional Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financials Preparations, Tax Return Filing (Personal and Business Corporate Taxes LLC, S Corporation, Trust, NGO, Foreign entities), Payroll Services, 1099 contractors E-filing, Internal Audit, Franchise Taxes Filing, Sales Tax Filing, IRS Audits and CFO Services.


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Sid Maria

1 March 2019

I know Dr. Lodhi for more than 3 years in row. We connected him in 2016 when IRS sent us a notice for company audit. At that time our books were messed up and taxes were not filed. He worked on IRS notice, made the books straight up, developed processes, filed taxes and got rid of us from all the audit and tax issues. We are now in compliance and books are always updated. He use to send us weekly/monthly KPIs and financial reporting which helped us in taking proactive action. We have financial targets in place for next 3 years. Last year we were able to get loan as he helped us in getting the SBA loan. Since then he managed our books and reduced my time and staff costs. I was able to focus more on business development side and feel worry free from the accounting and payroll operation. He is affordable and customer oriented. I remembered the day when he refused to take advance money as i wanted to give him but he said he'll take later once the assignment is over and only when you are satisfied. He is trustful, dedicate and very knowledgeable in his expertise. Most of the time he advise us on all the operational, financial and legal issues. He has been an exceptional resource for us. ONLY 5 STAR RATING...God bless... More...

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- New company formation in any of US state with best practices compliance for LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, S Corporation, DBA, Trust, NGOs, Foreign entities formation with complete setup.
- Current and prior year accounting, bookkeeping, financials preparation
- Tax returns filing for individual, business, personal, salaried, contractor, self employed owner, foreign citizens.
- Payroll Administration, payroll tax filing
- IRS notices handling
- Bank and credit card reconciliation
- Quickbooks setup and integrations with financial institutions bank and credit cards
- Cash Flow preparation, daily/weekly/monthly management, analysis
- Project costing setup in Quickbooks
- Complete financial restructuring and integration with third party softwares
- Entire finance department operations so you don't need to hire full time employees in turn saving of 70% cost
reduction towards personnel and benefits cost.
- Vendor bill payable - AP management
- Receivables AR Collection
- Inventory Management - we can integrate top inventory software setup with accounting to
manage real time inventory and COGS. We specialize in top Marketplace channels integration including Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Ebay, Sears, Jet, Alibaba, overstock, Newegg etc.
- POS sales management;
- Treasury/cash management
- Federal and State notices compliance
- Job costing
- Project costing and financial reports
- Quarterly payroll taxes filing (current / prior years)
- Financial Statement Preparations for SBA loans or bank loans
- Personal financial statement (PFS)
- Roll-over Forecasting
- IRS and Sales Tax Audits
- Valuation services etc.
- Budget preparation and variance analysis
- Financial health analysis through KPI analysis
- Financial Dashboard reporting - Operational / Financials Assessment
- Feasibility studies of Start-up companies.

Hiring the right accountant can be a valuable asset to your business, no matter how small, and can provide many benefits at various stages of growth, such as described below.

During the start-up phase

During the all important start-up phase of a company a great accountant can be beneficial in providing advice as to what type of company is best suited for the business model, as well as assist in making decisions in regards to maximizing profit. The right accountant will also be able to advise and guide you through the financial section of a business plan, allowing you a more professional outlook on what’s to come.

Day-to-day operations

When it comes to the daily operations of a business there are many services an accountant can provide. These services include managing the recording of financial transactions and ensuring compliance with the law, overseeing payroll and helping to find cost savings from various vendors, and from within operating costs. In addition, an accountant will handle all aspects of tax preparation, such as payroll deductions, financial reports and necessary deductions. Choosing the right accountant will ensure that a business is able to properly plan for changes in expenses and growth, creating a financial safety net so the business never faces hardship.

During periods of growth

A good accountant is critical to a company during periods of growth, and businesses are able to benefit from their expertise in several ways. An account will provide valuable advice, in addition to financial reports to indicate how growth should be handled, as well as provide insight as to opportunity. They will also help with every aspect of business including planning for expansion, opening a new location or even selling if need be. Using an accredited accountant safeguards a business from having to experience an audit, or can help work through the process of an audit with you should one occur.

During financial hardship

If a company is experiencing times of financial difficulty an accountant can help to manage the situation by helping to identify problems within the business, and developing new plans to bring the finances under control. They can also be useful in working with creditors to organise payment arrangements, handle any liens and negotiate interest rates, directly affecting the financial situation of the company.

A great accountant will offer the flexibility needed to meet the needs of individual owners, whether it is on a full or part time basis, steering the business towards success and financial stability.

In terms of the nuts and bolts of my job, it involves spreadsheets and numbers and a lot of problem solving. I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and am always discovering new Excel, accounting softwares, apps, tax strategies features, which only serve to remind me how little I really know about its full capabilities.

Small business entrepreneurs have always a great passion to do more and energy to achieve their targets and explore many new business lines however due to lack of support and feasibility at initial stage along with cash flow funding issues they often loose valuable opportunities. While working for number of entrepreneurs I realized that they focus more on business development side and need a partner / advisor that help streamline their finances and that something inspired me to become a professional financial service provider.

- We save 70% cost - you dont need to hire full time employee to look after books and then you also spend valuable time to get the things on time.
- We are dynamically educated on latest changes in tax regulation and complex business operations and have a defined process to handle things.
- Our Work Speaks For Itself
- Attributes and Ability - We identify the value which we can bring when aligned with these attributes and ability. It gives the clients a real understanding of what value we bring to the table, and if it aligns what they're looking for.
- We work harder and are more friendly.
- We Work Beyond The Project / Assignment Scope
- We take the ownership and work like we own this company or as a partner...big difference wrt employee and a business partner


We can take care of current and back log accounting and bookkeeping services. - Accrual & Cash book maintenance - Bank reconciliation - Credit card reconciliation - General ledger maintenance - Setting up chart of accounts - Integrate online banking in Quickbooks and other softwares - Ledger maintenance

- Payroll administration - E-verify with USCIS - Process payroll upto 500 employees - Handling payroll taxes e-payments - Quarterly payroll taxes filings 941, 940 - Quarterly State Unemployment filings - Health Insurance setup in payroll - 401k setup - Contractors payroll payment processing - W2 filing - HR setup - Time sheets cloud setup

- Business Tax Returns Preparation & Filing for Corporations 1120, 1120S, Partnership 1065, Trust, NGOs, 1096, Schedule C, Schedule E, DBAs, foreign taxes etc. - Personal Tax Returns Preparation & Filing 1040 series. - Amended business and personal tax returns preparations

- Franchise taxes filing - EZ Long report - PIR filing - Clearance certificate - Franchise tax - State notices handling and representation.

- Sales tax registration and account setup - Sales tax returns filing - Sales tax matters handling - Sales tax notices handling and representation - Sales tax monthly payments and e-filing - Working calculation of taxable sales and taxable purchases bifurcation. - Sales tax advisory services

- Inventory reconciliation and integration with 3rd party software in Quickbooks or other softwares. - Inventory reporting and adjustments entries in books. - Itemized sales and purchases setup - Inventory reports

We can take care of all the financials and documentations required for getting SBA loan and LOCs. - Preparation of financials, projections, budgets. - Sources and Uses of funds - Financial Ratios - Business plan

- Monthly Reporting pack with Financial Analysis - KPIs development. Operational and Financials KPIs. - Budget variance analysis - Dashboard graphical reports - Action items logs

- Company formations; LLC, Sole proprietorship, Partnerships, LP, Corporations, Trust, NGOs, Foreign entities, DBAs etc. - Registered agent services - Amendments - Annual filings - EIN setup