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Dr. Jenny Holland

Santa Rosa, California, Sonoma

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Dr. Jenny Holland

Santa Rosa, California, Sonoma


Therapy with me is a collaborative experience. We will work closely together to help make sense of what is troubling, and explore ways to to make the changes you are wanting to see.
You will not be left alone to figure it all out while I take notes.



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I love being with my clients and working with my clients to make their lives better. It is extremely rewarding to witness and experience healing on a daily basis.
I love the richness that comes from working together over time to create lasting and meaningful changes. I am happy when your life becomes more interesting and fun than hanging
out with me. Often, clients come in to work on specific issues, and then come in for tune-ups as needed.

I started out wanting to make the world a better place. I love my job because it gives me a way to do that on a daily basis one person, couple, or family at a time. This world is complicated and often difficult. I work to help people feel connected and comfortable with themselves and others, so they can lead more fulfilling lives. When we are not limited by symptoms, we have more energy to make the world better. We are better able to give and to experience love and life.

I use an integrated approach that incorporates evidence based practices for helping improve your quality of life and relationships.
I will listen actively to your story and help address troubling symptoms like depression, anxiety, strained relationships, and work related stressors . I will assist you in navigating translations such as marriage, pregnancy, parenting, loss of a loved one, divorce, disability, or illness.
I will be with you through life’s twists and turns, focusing on feeling better in the present, while gaining an understanding of patterns that are holding your current experience in place.
I offer clinical expertise coupled with genuine caring. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about how I can help. Please check out my website for more info. drjennyholland.com and meet Tallulah, my canine assistant.


Stuck in patterns? Need help moving? Want effective and helpful mentoring? Looking for active and accessible change? Let’s work together on creating the life you were meant to lead.

Looking to make changes without spending years on the couch? Want to bypass the chatter? Seeking access to inner strength and resources ? Want to sleep better? Want to Pass that exam you’ve been failing by a few points?