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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Past Life Regressionist, Certified Energy Therapist, Certified Life Between Lives Therapist and member of the Newton Institute, founded by Michael Newton, Reiki Master in the Usui tradition.
I offer a variety of services tailored to my client's needs in 3 possible locations: Offices in Lafayette (all services), Home offices in El Sobrante (all services) and Sausalito (all except reiki).


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Jill McCafferty

28 August 2019

Excellent! Went far and beyond to help me. Can’t wait for my next session!!Thank you!


Amber M.

23 August 2019

Diana is absolutely amazing. I came in as a non-believer. But open. Amazing things happened. I wish I could afford to see her regularly. Or had the time to do so. I highly recommend her. Her treatments truly bring a world of change. More...


Francine A.

12 August 2019

Authentic, knowledgeable, and empathetic- an excellent partner for your journey.


Kati Ryan

30 July 2019

I found Diana after reading Journey of Souls and went to a hypnotherapy session. While I have o my gone once so far for extenuating circumstances, I’m looking forward to eventually coming back and digging in more. Diana made me feel very comfortable right off the bat from our initial phone call and when I arrived I felt like I was in wonderful hands the whole time. I highly recommend Diana. She’s a wonderful presence and professional. More...


Maria G.

22 July 2019

Amazing!!! She's helped me so much!!! Don't hesitate to call. kind , understanding, very knowledgeable


Maria G.

20 March 2019

I'm very blessed to have come across Diana. She's is truly a Godsend. I've had so many stresses in my life, divorce, my aging parents, a son with a genetic condition, cancer, and work, and she's helped me learn how to cope and she's given me many strategies to handle all of these these life challenges. I've become so much stronger and I've only seen her for about 2.5 months yet I feel I've known her for so long. She also does hypnotherapy and energy work on me which is a perfect way to wrap up our sessions. She's given me a lot of resources to help me as well. I love her and highly recommend her to help you as well. I leave wishing to go back the next day for more. God bless you Diana. I'd give you 100 stars if I could. More...


Vanessa R.

15 February 2019

Diana is such a gifted healer, and she has been a blessing to me in my life. I see her every week! She is amazing. I am truly grateful for her support and healing capabilities, and recommend her to everyone I know.


Matthew Craig Hardman

25 July 2018

For the head ache of dealing with mistaken identity!


Casey Burchardt

25 July 2018

Stop spreading your ignorance all you bandwagoners! This is NOT the lady/company that made the statement in regards to the shooting. Do your research before you so unfairly smear an innocent person with these reviews and comments. More...


Kimberly Dawkins

25 July 2018

I just want to say I'm sorry that you got pulled into this. I've taken the time personally messaged everyone that mistook you for the horrible woman in NC. I wish & pray all the success that you deserve.

To everyone else, DP Consulting is a company located in Garner, North Carolina. Ms. Donna L. Potter is the president of this company. She is the one who spoke out about hurting the elected official. Since then she has taken down her FB page & twitter account. You can however vent your feeling about her on YELP. But please make sure you are reviewing the right business.

How lets give this poor woman a break and take down the unjust reviews on her page. Try to focus and thing before you act. God's blessing and try to have a good day people.

Once gain Dr. Paque I am sooooo sorry that some people jumped before looking. Hope you get though this and everything works out for the best.


Samuel S

26 May 2018

Great reiki and eft tapping sessions from a skilled practitioner. I recommend Diana


Luke Minton

26 May 2018

This is not the DPConsulting from Twitter that people are outraged over. (See past review)


Eric Browne

26 May 2018

I know Dr Paque to be an accomplished, giving, caring, compassionate and thoroughly professional therapist. I know that Mr Maio does not know Dr Paque, either personally or professionally, and by his comment he betrays he is a willfully ignorant, malicious bastard and a big fat liar like his mentor, Rush Limbaugh. I fear that therapy will do him no good. More...


Nikki P.

22 February 2018

If you have had bad experience with customer service when you use Groupon, this will really change your experience. She treated me kindly and very welcoming. Diana is so genuine, caring and flexible.  I have met her for my 3 times voucher and I found they are really helpful.  She listens to you and does her best to make sure whats best for you, not just about how long the session will be. I will definitely come back and highly suggest friends in the area, she has 2 locations for your convenience.  I was able to book the time on weekday evening after work as well as Saturday mornings. Thanks and really appreciate your professional work, Diana!!! More...


d p.

19 July 2011

Provides personal caring hypnotherapy services. Really understands people who have weight issues and works with you to make changes in your life


I love the opportunity to work with people who are striving to live better, whatever that means to them. The engagement with others encourages me to be continually learning more and gaining greater understanding of my own journey and those of others.

I started my own business because the work I choose to do with clients is individual. My goal is to help you meet your personal needs, and working on my own gives me the flexibility to design services directly for your needs.

I have many years of experience in life, business, counseling, teaching in advance of my choosing to do the work I am currently doing. I bring a wealth of experience and learning to my practice, and my clients benefit from my knowledge, intuition, and healing abilities.