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Hi, I'm Andrew Anema, owner of Doxa Digital. We're pride ourselves on offering honest, straightforward, and affordable web design and digital marketing services.

Let's cut to the chase! Why are we different?
- WEB DESIGN: our web design is smooth, intelligent, and responsive (meaning that it can be viewed on any device/browser).


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Aaron Brown

7 February 2019

Andrew is a pleasure to work with, puts the client's interests first, and works hard to help businesses grow.


Doniphan Stone

7 January 2019

Our company worked with Doxa for over a year and our website went from the 4th page to the 1st in no time. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their leads!


Tyler Brown

11 December 2018

Andrew did great work for my new company. I highly recommend his services!

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There are many factors that make up a great website!
1. First is the user interface - is it easy for a person to navigate?
2. Conversion is a key factor for local businesses. Does the website lead the user to purchase the goods and services offered?
3. Branding - a website needs to be an extension of the business.
4. Responsiveness - a well-built website will appear correctly all on major browsers and devices.
5. A website needs to be built on a solid foundation - the correct hosting and content management system set the stage for a website to be successful for years to come!
There are many other factors that contribute to great websites, but these are just a few of the main ones.

What are your goals for your website and/or digital marketing?
How many additional customers would you like to acquire each month?
What are the short and long term goals of the company?
What product or service would you like to sell more of?
What keywords would you like to target?
What does a successful online marketing campaign look like to you?

I love getting to know people and their businesses and finding ways to help them excel. The Internet provides so many opportunities that business owners can take utilize. But sometimes all of these opportunities can seem overwhelming. With a little guidance, your business can thrive online among the competition.

I am a self-starter and enjoy working hard while I'm working and playing hard away from work. I like to be creative and resourceful in finding ways to bring solutions to local businesses.

Owning a business also affords me the opportunity to pursue other passions of mine - with mission work, soccer, and the outdoors being among my favorites.

Above all, we are honest and straightforward. We love getting to know people and our desire is to provide profitable solutions for businesses online.

We get results. Whether it's web design, online advertising and marketing, or SEO, we understand our clients' goals and we bring them results.

When it comes to customer relationships, Doxa Digital wants to go above and beyond with every client. We get to know you and your business personally, and our goal is to help you succeed.



Our primary method of delivering website traffic to businesses is through organic SEO, which gives the most return on investment to our clients. We are able to generate large amounts of traffic to our customers’ web properties by ranking them highly on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Doxa Digital also utilizes pay-per-click in our online strategies. Sometimes referred to as paid advertisting, PPC, and paid search, pay-per-click allows us to target very specific demographics and regions. This can be a great alternative to search engine optimization for some businesses.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to grow your brand using networking platforms that have a wide reach on the Internet. It can also be used to engage loyal customers or prospects and can be done on a variety of platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, just to name a few.

We offer smooth, intelligent, and responsive web design. With a proper website foundation, it is far easier to market your business online. Our websites draw in prospects through purposeful design and keep them engaged with attractive interfaces.