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From lush, languid, lilting tropical sounds, to fast, furious, frenetic guitar picking, Doug Fitch performs on traditional slack-key guitar and ‘ukulele, and sings original and Hawaiian music with skill and passion. “This music reflects what I love about Hawai`i: The people, the mountains, the winds, rains, and rolling surf.



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1) I love being able to set the right mood for the biggest moments in life.
2) I love writing songs and then seeing how others are touched by those creations. That is the essence of art and it's the best!
3) I love being able to perpetuate, in its very purest form, the legacy of Hawai'i's first stringed instrument, slack key guitar.
4) I love recording my albums because the music in my head can be realized and then heard by others.

I have always enjoyed being self-employed and have done so as a musician, as a psychologist, and as a professional athlete (cycling.)

I am reliable! I will be there, professional and prepared, and ready to provide the ambiance your occasion deserves.