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Doug Does Design logo

Doug Does Design

Philadelphia, Pa, Philadelphia

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Doug Does Design logo

Doug Does Design

Philadelphia, Pa, Philadelphia

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Doug Does Design specializes in Logo, Brand, and Apparel Design for company's looking to stand out against the crowd. Through Graphic Design, I will enhance your business's appearance by creating long-lasting brand imagery for business cards, letterheads, staff dress, signage, packaging, vehicle wraps and many more.


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Phil Dobinson

6 July 2019

Highly recommend!! Loves what he does, and is a great listener to understand exactly what you want with your branding, logo designs and whatever else you need to get your business marketable! And comparing to other designers out there, his work is incredible! More...


Carter Wintsch

28 August 2018

I recently commissioned DDD to design a logo for the brewing my dad and I do as a hobby. I could not be more pleased with the work Doug did for my dad’s birthday present. I only had a few ideas, but Doug made sure to ask questions, fit the vibe of our “company,” and keep me involved in his design process. Not only did he want me involved in the artistic decisions, but did a fantastic job on keeping me in the loop with his progress and when I could expect the finished product. I only asked for a logo, but Doug went above and beyond by doing the logo in multiple colors and even making a mock-up label for one of our brews. Doug is professional, extremely talented, and obviously in love with his work/making his client’s ideas come to fruition. Can’t wait to see how this great designer continues to hone his craft 10/10 would recommend More...


Jeff Carver

15 August 2018

I knew Doug was the person for my job when I came across his website and saw some of his work. He has a definite gift and an eye for excellence and simplicity in design. Some people try to do too much, but Doug seems to take a more deliberate approach. Speaking to him over the phone confirmed the caliber of person he is as well as his professionalism. His first couple designs for us were perfect for our brand (logo and packaging). I am looking forward to him being our exclusive designer for our brand and other future projects in the works. More...


Anne Donise

30 July 2018

Doug did a great job creating our logo. Everything was completed in a timely manner with a level of professionalism and courtesy that made me feel like I was working with a friend.


Ryan Scott

23 July 2018

Gave Doug a very short time line for a logo and he delivered well before it. Proofs were excellent; it was actually hard to choose our favorite. Two thumbs up.


Zach Sinz

19 July 2018

Doug has continued to exceed customer expectations. I've recommended Doug to numerous people, and those people have all mentioned how timely, professional, and detail oriented Doug is. I'd highly recommend reaching out to Doug for all your graphic design needs. More...


Adam Sinz

18 July 2018

Doug has been a huge asset in the continued growth of our company. I worked with him for at-least a month to rebrand our logo. When we first started laying out the details and guidelines, I knew what I wanted the final product to look like but I couldn’t get there myself. Doug is extremely talented at his craft and we are so happy with how everything turned out. More...


Greg Geiger

24 July 2017

I've worked with Logowear House multiple times and they've always delivered high quality products. Their customer service is outstanding too. Highly recommend this company for any embroidering or screen printing needs! More...


Shawn Ashe

7 July 2017

Did a great job with my company shirts!


Nate Henderson

27 April 2017

Great quality and an excellent experience overall!


Steve Maciejewski

28 February 2017

I have been using Logowear House for over 13 years and the level of service is outstanding! Quality of product was great, the order was correct in count and color, boxed for easy distribution to my coaches (32 teams) and ability to reorder more product if I needed for difficult sized players. Chris and his team are the best......everyone needs a Logowear House in their rolodex! More...

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After learning about your venture's needs, I research and begin drafting art by hand. I do this so every project completed is authentic, leaving behind a design which only represents your company. From this point on, my creative process will be catered towards your needs and deadlines. Through my practiced and versatile approval process, I'm able to move projects along smoothly. Reach out to learn more on why you should trust my process!

I'd rather handle these questions on the spot. I do this to receive a more natural answer from the heart. Just like my designs, I aim to keep every step of my process natural and authentic. These questions will be completed over the phone, email or on the Bark message service.

My business gives me the ability to do what I love most everyday while helping others become successful in their own ventures. Witnessing others make the most out of the designs I provide them is a feeling that words can't describe. It means the world to me when my creations can be used as a platform to heighten one's journey.

Working for myself provides me the opportunity to be my own boss, travel, and make an impact. The more I travel, the more culture is displayed through my designs. I live in Philadelphia full-time which is inspiring in it's own, however, creating in a new space every now and then adds a discomfort that can be eye-opening to my design process.
Making an impact on other business owners and/or designers is huge to me. This can be a very discouraging trade at times and being able take the time to inspire those who are struggling is why I do what I do. It breaks my heart to see other creatives give up on their dreams. I honestly wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for others inspiring me to make my dreams a reality. I look to provide the same for others every chance I get.

I've known what I wanted to do since I was 14 years old. Naturally, I began gravitating towards this field when I started designing my own skateboards, t-shirts and posters for fun in high school. Creating art has been my passion since before I can remember; it has never felt like work to me. This enjoyment inspired me to take as many design classes as possible in my younger years. Now, 12 years later, our paths have crossed and I'm readily prepared to take your venture to new heights.
Through numerous life changes, design has been my pillar. That includes a move from my hometown of Lancaster to Philadelphia where I had to take a leap of faith and put my comfortable life and full-time job behind me.  That terrifying risk, and many others alike, have contributed to the evolution of my business. In order for this journey to be a success, I had to trust my abilities entirely. Now that I've conquered my personal endeavor, I'm fully equipped to offer the same for your company by building a visual foundation for success through my designs and experiences.



A logo is the face of a business. When you aren't around to sell, this brand image is. Due to it's vital role in your success, it needs to exemplify your product, purpose, and personality. Through my art and ideas, I'm here to create a story for your business and offer you the perfect logo to build a company around. My creations are first hand sketched to create a natural and authentic feel. Once a concept is agreed upon, those drafts are then digitized using accurate measurements and precise colors to attract the eye.

Your company's visual identity is imperative to its success. Having a strong brand creates an experience your customers will never forget. By choosing The Company Branding Package, your business will come away a brand that is both uniform and easily recognized for all the right reasons. Package Includes Upon Request: Brand Regulations/Rules PDF, Logo Design, Business Cards, Letterhead, Page Layout, Packaging, Employee/Customer Apparel, Exterior/Interior Store Layout, Signage, Vehicle Wraps, and MANY MORE!

Has your business outgrown it's original brand? This package is used to show that your established company has progressed, and intends to keep growing. For those looking to refresh their brand (rather than totally scrapping it), this package is perfect for you. Once completed, your business will obtain an updated appearance that'll show growth and maturity while still remaining recognizable.

Your brand is displayed best while staff, supporters, fans and etc. feel confident wearing what they believe in. The possibilities are limitless once there are inspired individuals seeking to mix your clothing into their wardrobe.