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"Worth their weight in gold." - Joshua G, Client (CEO)

Consider us your expert marketing team! We understand how busy you are with your existing responsibilities. Because we take the lead on projects and programs, you can accomplish much more in a short amount of time.



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If you are browsing three websites in a row, and you only remember the one in the middle, that is the great website. As a user, you don't always know why a website is great. But when it was made, there were a thousand micro-decisions that made it that way. A few of the leading factors are: design hierarchy, brand implementation, copywriting that crackles, intuitiveness, and ease of use. These elements separate an expertly crafted and on-target website from the rest of the pack.

I'd like to know what's been tried to this point. What were the results? Knowing what has worked well in the past gives us context and a foundation to build off of. If business is driven by strong word of mouth, we are going to look for strategies to play off this approach and amplify it.

Similarly, understanding what has not worked helps to shape the new direction proposed. If PPC has never worked, historically, chances are we are going to recommend a different method, as opposed to rushing into yet another PPC campaign. It all comes down to asking the right questions early on.

We tend to work in a flurry, let the concepts simmer, and then return after a short while to clean up, edit, and give shape to the creative direction. Overall, it is a blend of research and intuition. On some occasions, a fully formed vision materializes right away. Then it's just a matter of executing and bringing it to life.

Other times, it's a more painstaking process, with an idea log, sketches, a word list, and other creative toolkit items.

In either scenario, it's beneficial to study competitors and the industry as a whole, to ensure that the direction proposed is completely fresh and unique.

It's project specific. At the onset of a project, we'll provide a brief and comprehensive request list that is specific to the project at hand. We'll also set an internal deadline to send all necessary assets to us, which keeps us all on track.

Getting to know unique businesses, and seeing the impact we make, is fun and rewarding. Transformations are exciting. Watching momentum happen in a relatively short amount of time. Even for businesses that are already successful and thriving, it's fun to be a catalyst for growth and exploration into new territory.

After leading a creative services studio, launching startups, and working to run a full-funnel agency, I decided it was time to run Double Zebra out of my own philosophy and methods. It grew naturally and organically out of my consulting practice, and into a full-fledged agency. We take on great clients that my team and I enjoy working with, with a genuine and personal approach to business.

With not just one powerful Zebra on your side but two, why wouldn't you? :) We are in that sweet spot between small shop and large agency, with an answer for a LOT (if not all) of your marketing needs. To mix expressions, fill up our plate and take weight off your own shoulders!


Design and development of unique business websites, from advanced theme customization to full custom builds. The resulting site will be speed-test fast and impressively polished.

Onsite and behind-the-scenes SEO around high value terms to increase search engine presence and visibility. Analysis of contact form placement, lead tracking, keyword position, and important engagement metrics.

Robust technical SEO expertise to clear up issues and improve search standings on high profile websites. Advanced services include high-volume premium link building, back page optimization, technical cleanups, and more.

Foundational to high-volume content plans for all kinds of specialized businesses, from SEO-optimized articles to high level technical content around technology and industry expertise.

Bring us on as a sounding board for your startup, or small / midsize business, with key insights into marketing, strategy, and business processes.

A strong brand is the building block for everything else! Whether you are starting a new venture or are ready for a refresh, your brand needs to be top notch. Naming, positioning, logo & brand asset guide, presentation materials, and much more.