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We are ACE Certified Private Personal Trainers, possessing many years of Athletic, Coaching, and Personal Training experience, achievements and accolades.
We have come together for our true love of Fitness and Training and to serve and assist in helping the well-being of those who need us most.


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Aj Renzi

8 November 2018

if you're looking for incredible results, this is the trainer who can deliver them!


Aj Renzi

30 July 2018

Awesome service and truly incredible results!


Lizette Dreyer

8 May 2018

Before I started working with Brion, I had been to several weight loss doctors and I spent many years trying every diet I came across. After spending a lot of money with no results, I decided to hire Brion. We have been working together for 2 months now and the results I’m seeing are beyond what I had imagined. I’ve lost 14 lbs so far and I’m thrilled. I can’t wait to reach my ultimate goal! He makes me feel very comfortable and I feel that he truly understands my needs. He started me off at my level of comfort and gradually increased my strength training. He also adds something extra to each workout, which keeps the workouts fun for me. I have no regrets in choosing Brion to help me reach my goals. Thank you, Brion! More...

Thank you so very much Lizette for your review and very kind words as they are more than greatly appreciated! You are doing Amazing, and I know that together we will complete your desired ultimate transformation goals, as the results are already incredible so far:)!!! Great Job!!!


Jill Bosselman

3 May 2018

Brion was absolutely great! He is one of the Best Personal Trainers I have come across, and I have tried several! A true professional, and my results were beyond my expectations. I would Highly recommend Brion from Double Team Fitness! More...

Thanks so much Jill for your review and kind words, as they are greatly appreciated! I'm so glad you were happy with our results!

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We will arrange a FREE, NO OBLIGATION initial phone call or private personal appointment face to face. We will then address and assess all of YOUR Goals and Desired Outcomes, and proceed from there formulating a very Detailed and extremely Specific Recommended Plan, tailored Specifically for YOU.

Well, the real secret is to contact us as soon as possible! Also, having a burning desire, to finally move forward towards achieving "your" body of "your" dreams. Those attributes along with our laser focused plans and accountability system, will get you the "Body of your dreams" that you desire!

We get the most enjoyment from seeing people turn their lives around for the better. Amazing and Real body transformations are an incredible, almost unbelievable, thing to see! Also, being able to be a part of helping people achieve their goals, is truly why we enjoy our work so very much. We LIVE for the love of Fitness, Health, Wellness, Sport, and Training. But most importantly, we live for helping and serving Others within our Community.

We are actually a Father and Son team, who have lived through total body transformations ourselves. We felt that starting a business together and combing our skills and abilities together, we could help as many people as possible live healthy and fit lifestyles.

Well, at the risk of sounding over confident, we are simply the best Private Personal Trainers around and we flat out get the best real life results! If you truly desire a total body transformation, or weight reduction, or adding more muscle and tone than you could ever imagine, our education, experience, training and programs will most definitely get you there.



RD on Staff to provide you Nutrition and Diet direction

We come to you and personalize your training based on your specific goals

Whether you want to get lean, tone, build muscle, lose weight, or all of the above, we will put together a program that's specific to you!

We also train couples, groups, and instruct Bootcamp classes