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Double M Guitar Tutors LTD Gillingham

Gillingham, Kent

6 hires on Bark
Double M Guitar Tutors LTD Gillingham logo

Double M Guitar Tutors LTD Gillingham

Gillingham, Kent

6 hires on Bark


My company offers a wide range of learning when it comes to learning the guitar, Especially for the beginner to intermediate level.

Marty at DMGTs is now a registered RGT@LCM tutor, this means that he is able to teach students using RGT@LCM syllabus in order to give them chance to gain recognised qualifications.


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22 April 2019

An entertaining band to listen to and to watch - you'll either be singing along or just sitting back and lapping it all up! Looking forward to seeing them again soon :-) More...

22 April 2019

Great band, definitely make sure they give their audience a great night out, I heard a few people say " these are good" when they played at Singleton Barn

17 March 2019

A great band who get better with every performance & have the privilege of calling them friends

7 July 2018

Excellent band that really rock

5 July 2018

Very enthusiastic in getting the message across. Looking forward to another lesson

Thank you Tony for your review, It was a pleasure meeting you. See you at your next lesson.

4 July 2018

My son was 9 when Marty taught him electric guitar for a short while. He was my son’s first tutor and Marty was very considerate of my son’s age and pitched the lessons accordingly. Marty was very encouraging and explained everything clearly and in a manner that a 9 year old could understand. He made the lessons interesting so my son very much looked forward to them and was always keen to practice and learn new things in order to improve his playing.
I would highly recommend Marty as a tutor.

Thank you for you review Lynda. It was awesome teaching your son for the short time that I did. It was a shame that I could not continue due to personal reasons, but hearing that he has continued to play and continued doing really well is an inspiration. Thanks again and good luck to the young man with his next exam.

10 June 2018

Very calm and patient with my son. Tailored the lessons as needed and never pressured my son, even when my son was a bit challenging.

Thank you Sue. At DMGTs we try our best to treat students as individuals and try to tailor our lessons to each students needs. Thank you again for your kind review. Marty

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The thing I love most about my job is seeing students of whatever age achieve their goals.
When it comes to learning guitar there can be many plateau's because there are so many techniques and styles to learn.
To see students break through them it proves that I have done my job properly.

I also like give students inspiration to carry on and show them that it is never to late to achieve your goals. Coming from a past of being a mental health coach and doing some motivational speaking, I have seen a lot come out of giving someone some motivation and showing that whatever it is can be done if you put the effort in.

I was inspired to start my own business because I wanted to give opportunities to students that I didn't have until I was in my twenties. I did not find a guitar tutor that I gelled with until I was 21. The tutor that I found was an amazing inspiration to me, he taught me what impact music alone can have on your life.
Not only was he my tutor, he is now one of my dearest friends. This drove me on and still drives me to be the best I can be and teach others in a similar way that he taught me, which is being humble, patient, hardworking and doing the best you can for your students.

I think that all of the above really answers this question. If you want a tutor that is easily approachable, easy to get on with, teaches at a pace that best suits you, that is extremely passionate for what he does and lastly continues to better his own craft in anyway possible to be able to build a better teaching business then Double M Guitar Tutors is the one to go for.

The world needs musicians, music is one of the most impactful things on the planet, it is a language that everybody understands, from the listeners to the players. I hope to not just build musicians, I want to also prove that teaching someone to play an instrument also can inspire confidence and motivation to move into better things in there own lives at any age.