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We offer SEO services, digital paid advertising, social media, web development and web maintenance services. We believe that our first class technical skills can help your business be brilliant online and achieve the objectives you have set, whether it is improved SEO rankings, increased PPC conversions or having the peace of mind that your website is secure.
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Ben Setterfield

5 June 2015

“I cant recommend Gordon highly enough. His company UKcentric helped us develop a strategy for optimising our web site. We are now getting a lot more traffic from Google and other search engine which is crucial for our type of business and in fact have reduced other forms of advertising platforms as the changes he has made have bought in so much more business. The advice we got was very good indeed and simple to follow anyone looking to improve there website traffic should definitely use UK Centric, thanks for a great job Gordon!!.” More...


With a passion for technology and business integrity at the heart of Dotwise, we deliver measurable results in line with set business goals.

We care about our clients and their success.

To make a difference to SMEs in the local area and the UK as a whole.

We care about your business, and want it to succeed. We will tell you if we can help, and how long we think we can help for.



We get you the Google rankings you deserve. Let us help you skyrocket your search rankings to drive more business with a proven measurable and ethical SEO campaign.

Whether your business is e-commerce, B2B or B2C, digital advertising (PPC) can bring huge rewards. It is the fastest way to target your customers.

A vital part of a marketing strategy, but it requires time, dedication and expertise to do it properly. We develop your plan in line with your business goals, then deliver it for you or train you and your team to deliver it yourselves.