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We’re a group of experienced technologists that have excelled in our field because we understand how to communicate in a way that puts you first. No technical jargon here, just real conversations about how we can make your business perform exceptionally.



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Every website is created for one sole purpose, to provide basic information to the user who may be viewing it. What separates a great website from a good website is the convenience and tools it provides to the user. A great website is simple and easy to understand yet also informational and allows the client to get whatever information they desire. On top of that, a great website will always prove to you that it is professional and credible throughout the viewer's visit. Lastly, what's most important is that the website shows you exactly what they do and is always reminding you of their contact information and giving you the option to get informed and get more information about whatever service you may need.

First, we would like to know basic information about your company and what you want your customers to think of when they hear your company's name. After that, we want specific information referring to the task you are interested in. Some examples specific to a website may be colors you like, what you want to stand out, impactful imagery, websites you do and don't like, fonts, etc... All of this information and more allows us to build a service that is perfectly unique to you and your brand.

Our creative process can be broken down in a few different steps. Something we all do naturally is whether we are at work or not, is that we are always thinking of new and different ways to differentiate ourselves from our competition and our previous selves. Secondly, we understand we aren't perfect because, in reality, no one is. So by understanding that, we do our best to listen to all forms of feedback and make the changes our clients want to the best of our ability. Lastly, if we come across a problem we don't get stuck up on it and let it bother us, we simply take a step back and work on something else until we get a better grasp on how to solve that specific problem. This allows us to get our work done at an efficient rate and keep our business going strong even if things aren't going ideal and the way we planned them to go.

Some of the first things we want to learn about are your target market and expected results. Hearing these things will allow us to understand what you are trying to provide to your customers and how you plan on doing it. We will then get into the specifics of the service you are interested in and work out a plan that will allow us to find and provide a solution that drives the passion and vision you are trying to convey in your work,

In simple terms, what we love most about our job is being able to help other people. Our team possesses a magnitude of different skill sets that are suited to help our clients in any way that they find fit. As a customer, there isn't anything better than being satisfied with something you just purchased and we love the fact that we are able to allow our customers and potential clients to embody this feeling. Getting positive feedback and joyful emails/calls from clients are what drives us to perform our best and keep working to better ourselves and the people around us.

After consistently being unsatisfied with the work and results we were receiving from other companies we saw an opportunity to help the people receive the quality work they all desire for a fair price. Throughout our journeys and other employment opportunities, our team has acquired an advanced set of skills that allows us to deliver quality and meaningful work to our clients. After seeing the opportunity presented to us and seeing how pleased and ecstatic we made our first couple of clients, it was a no-brainer to start and fully pursue our company, Dorian Solutions.

We believe we are the perfect fit for your clients because of how we treat and communicate with our customers. We strive our business on being brand-focused, process-oriented and being motivated by the results we deliver to our clients. Your business is more than a product. It is the culmination of hard work, manpower, creativity, willpower, dedication, and personality. That is a lot to convey to a potential customer. That is why we work to understand your story and craft the brand experience that connects with your market. On top of that, by creating repeatable, efficient processes, we are able to deliver consistent, reliable results in every service area. Finally, when you win, so do we. We place all emphasis upon the results, because if you aren’t getting the thing you paid for, then why are you paying for it. We live and die by the metrics. And we don’t sugar coat anything, sometimes the numbers aren’t perfect. However, we take ownership of every element we touch and are the first to evaluate and correct if there is a discrepancy.



We optimize every single word, page, and image on your website to leverage the power of modern search engine algorithms to place your website directly in front of the right people who want your services now.

The world wide web is a large place and growing larger everyday. People are reporting more and more time spent with digital media each year, with an average of 5.9 hours a day in 2017! It is time to harness that to grow your business. Dorian Solutions isn’t in the business of building websites. We build digital sales and marketing platforms disguised as websites. By starting with a marketing and sales focus, we create websites that generate better leads, with higher close rates, and at a lower cost than most other channels of marketing. Plus, we equip your website with the tools it needs to be your top performing salesman. You website doesn’t sleep. It doesn’t eat. It doesn’t request time off. It never forgets pricing and has a perfect sales pitch every single time. It always remembers to collect lead information. All this, and it costs less than your monthly Starbucks bill. Are you ready to take a hold of the internet and start enabling your customers to sell themselves? We can evaluate your current site performance and discover how your site can improve ROI.

No one cares about clicks. Seriously. You cannot spend clicks, retweets, visits, downloads, or upvotes. We want leads. Actual, ready to buy people that are informed and want what you are selling are the only true value that comes from marketing. This is the primary metric to which we hold ourselves accountable. With the goal of leads in mind, we focus on these digital marketing strategies: Search Engine Optimization – We optimize every single word, page, and image on your website to leverage the power of modern search engine algorithms to place your website directly in front of the right people who want your services now. Social Media – The community is talking. Facebook alone is responsible for 31 million messages per minute. We get involved in the conversations that matter to your target market and build relationships and trust with your potential customers. Paid Ads – Web ads are not the same as they were 10 years ago. Thanks to analytics and social data, we are able to target each and every ad for the recipient. This allows us to bring relevant and exciting information to your ideal buyer.

Custom software doesn’t have to be scary. As a matter of fact, it’s usually a better fit than most out-of-the-box applications. While many pre-built pieces of software have great features, they often don’t cover all your needs. It’s like that shirt that says it’s your size but doesn’t quite fit right. You can think of Dorian Solutions as your custom tailor that takes that shirt and customizes the last little bit so it fits perfectly. We’re the digital tailors of the software world. In geek speak, it’s called “system integration.” We’ll listen to what you’re currently doing in your business, then work with you to create a plan on how software can make you as efficient as possible. It starts with some simple conversations and becomes a plan of attack to make your systems work better for you. It may be some added automation, a customized front end, or even a new database; all with the goal of making your business software as comfortable as your favorite shirt. Of course, if you don’t have a system, or have a vision for a new system, we can help you with that too. We have a lot of experience building web, mobile, and desktop applications. We will brainstorm with you on your ideas and make sure you’re headed in the right direction. Then with a plan in place, we can formulate a team to build your vision. Large or small, we’re able to help many business and a variety of budget sizes. For a more economical approach, we also have a set of pre-existing “building blocks” (called Prism) that we can use as a baseline for the project. We can then build a custom solution on top of these building blocks in a way that fits in your budget. Custom software doesn’t have to break the bank. We’re practical and we’ll be upfront with you if a project doesn’t look like it will have a meaningful ROI, because we’re interested in solutions that will truly benefit your business.