Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page)

Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page)

Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) locationWhite Lake, Michigan, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Wayne

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From Italian to BBQ. Amazing Salads, Breadsticks, Mostaccioli, BBQ Wings, BBQ Ribs, BBQ Rib Tips, White Cheddar Mac n Cheese, Grinder Sandwiches, Wrap Sandwiches, Pizza, Cauliflower Crust Pizza, Deep Dish Pizza, Round and Thin Crust Pizza. Rice Power Bowls featuring Veggie, Chicken, Shrimp or Scallops. Visit for complete catering menu.

Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) Reviews


Review of Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) by Robert Lincoln Lewis
5 Robert Lincoln Lewis

The page has been hijacked. The store is open and doing great.

Review of Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) by Neil Ringuette
1 Neil Ringuette

Yes the owner stiffed me on a tip when I made a delivery to him at the corporate office a they don't care about there employees

Review of Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) by Jacqueline Wendel
5 Jacqueline Wendel

Wonderful place to go.. There caring an the food is really good!!!

Review of Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) by Cody Fennel
4 Cody Fennel

I ordered a Chicken Bacon Ranch 9'' grinder, and it was very delicious. The delivery time was as they said it would be, the only thing I regret is that I was a little short on my tip. I'll be more prepared for next time!

Review of Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) by Erin Lee
1 Erin Lee

Will never order from here again. Not only did it take over an hour and a half to NEVER receive my pizza, now I am receiving unsolicited phone calls and text messages after requesting twice now to be taken off the list. Way to go Dolly's!!!!!

Review of Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) by Ryan James Wolfe
5 Ryan James Wolfe

had a movie night around 12:24 did not want to cook called them super helpful and nice and had the pizza ready to go .....

first time having the pizza and it was awesome and open kinda late which is great.

Review of Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) by Denise Strong Harris
5 Denise Strong Harris

Best pizza in town hands down! My favorite is their deep dish pizza. I go to the Union Lake location. The staff is friendly and always extra helpful!

Review of Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) by Nellie May Haskins
1 Nellie May Haskins

If I could give negative stars I would!!!! I am very disappointed, irritated and offended by the food quality, service and conduct of the staff/owners of the Dolly's pizza in Chesterfield Township. Now I am frustrated with dollys corporate as no one has ever addressed this issue even though I sent in multiple inquiries and concerns in regards to it and they say they will be in touch with you shortly. This is the second time I have ordered from this Dolly's in the past two years mainly because the first time I ordered there was an issue with my order as well. The first time I ordered at this location a little more than a year ago I went to pick up my pizza a half an hour after I called and they still had not made it, I waited in the lobby for a half an hour to get my order with my father who was recovering from brain cancer tumor removal and clearly in no position to sit there and wait so long. At this point when my order was finally ready, they still forgot to make my cheese bread which I had already paid for. They're only solution to rectify the situation was to put my name on file and give me future credit for another cheese bread. September 24th, I ordered $40 in pizza for my family and a group of friends that I had over for the football game, the order was not ready, in 20 to 25 minutes that I was told it would be ready in, it took over an hour to be ready as we did a pick up again. The staff was not very helpful at all especially when I voiced my concern about my bad experience a year prior and being shorted my cheese bread, and they did nothing to rectify the cheese bread that I paid for and said that there was no record of my name and them owing me anything, which I thought was strange as to why would I make up a story about something so minute.. but convenient from them as they did not choose to honor it. Well, against my better judgment I still placed my order to give them a second chance. I got my pizza home and the round pizza was not cut first of all, the crust was completely flat and crunchy, my deep dish was completely raw, and my breadsticks were over done as well. I called up to the location and was placed on hold for 5 minutes and then spoke to man in regards to the situation, in which he began to hassle me and argue with me about my deep dish being raw. His exact words were "what do you want me to do about it, you think I'm going to deliver it to you? you can come back up here and I will tell you if it's raw or not". I then said back to him why would I lie about my pizza being raw he was very very rude, be-littling and crass!! I then had to leave my guests and go back up to the location as that was his only reluctant solution to my issue. At this time I had to feed my guests peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as everyone was starving and I didn't not want another pizza made from these people. I gave them the pizza box with the raw pizza and they told me it was cooked in which it clearly was not cooked the dough was raw as you could still see squishy doughy yeast and the cheese completely separated from the dough being it wasn't even melted or hot. The rude man then grab the box angrily and threw it into the garbage, in which the lady now at this point took the box of pizza out of the garbage, set it on the counter, opened it up and begin picking through it with her fingernails and debating me about the fact that it was raw, as well debated me on whether or not it was raw, she was a little more mild tempered but lacked professionalism on all levels and still would not admit responsibility and asked me how much more do you want it done as if I am an idiot and there to waste time. She then began to go into the cash register in the computer to try refund our deep dish only, and then argued with me about the round pizza being cut as she said she cut herself, I told her we had to use our own pizza cutter to get it apart as it clearly was not cut but I was not going to get into an argument over something so ridiculous. It took her five minutes to figure out how to refund the deep dish portion of my order, And the refund that I got was only eight dollars back, in which I then just went to Little Caesars and pick up a deep dish hot and ready which was 100 times better than this Dolly's has ever made. I am not contacting you for anything other than the terrible experience twice not and conduct of this dolly's facility. They didn't even use boxes with the Dolly's name on them, the pizza boxes were plain white which I thought was odd being they were not representing the Dolly's brand. Being in marketing I know how important consistency, uniformity and branding is, they had none of this. The parking lot was not busy at dinner time, the phones were not ringing, and nobody was in there, now I know why the new owners are just terrible. If Dollys corporate has any influence over their franchisees you will address this location with these issues, as a local business owner myself as well as the people I had over we were completely appalled over the conduct, the service and the quality of this Dollys Pizza. We would not be in business nor would we be able to keep our clients if we treated them this way aside from the terrible product they put out. Thank you for your time! - Nellie May -

Review of Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) by Monica Zabicki
1 Monica Zabicki

Subject: Very unsatisfied
I ordered pizza online at the Chesterfield store and paid with a credit card. It said the store wasn't open until 2, so I requested a delivery at 2:45pm, however, it never showed up, dispite being charged. At 3pm I tried calling the store 13 times and finally decided to call another store to see if maybe the number changed to the Chesterfield location. I was informed that it was closed. I tried calling corporate where I was asked to leave a voicemail (which is not good customer service!) At 4:05pm the pizza arrived in boxes with no name on them from some unknown place. It was okay, but overcooked and a lot later than requested. I can not believe that the location and ordering is still available on the website and there was no apology or anything for it being so late with no call and no explanation! I will never order Dolly's again!!!


Review of Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page) by Anita Baum
1 Anita Baum

Waterford store, Chicken wings had raw skin and pizza was like dough in center. I called and complained, they told me that the would bring another order of wings and credit me. They brought another small order of wings but didn’t return $ for the pizza. $21.00 for doughy small pizza and seven wings...And took two hours from my order for them to bring the replacement wings. Never again!!!

Dolly's Pizza (Dolly's Pizza Official Page)

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