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My name is Matt Doheny and I am a southern Californian based photographer. My passion as a photographer is to brings to life my creative vision by utilizing light sculpting tools and digital imaging. With a strong sense of lighting and a sharp eye, producing the highest quality imagery for editorial, personal and commercial/advertising photography is the goal and building lasting relationships and maintaining client satisfaction is always priority number one.



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A trained eye and years of experience. Most importantly practice pratice practice

What is your end rusult you are looking for? Who are these pictures targeting and how would you like them to come across? Do you have or have you seen some photos on the internet that you feel would be going in the right direction of your vision for this project?

Everything. Photography is and has been my passion since i was 14. This is not just my job, it is my life’s work.

I am committed to providing the best images posssiable. My passion for photography resonates through my work and it shows.