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Shalon West

30 June 2019

Dogwood Ranch Pet Resort made it easy to book a boarding for our dog and quick and easy to verify vaccinations and get everything set up. Thanks Dogwood Ranch Pet Resort!


Nick Petronijevic

30 June 2019

Our dogs love coming here. Staff is always so friendly and accommodating!


Adam Phillips

19 May 2019

We have been very happy sending our Australian Shepherd puppy to Dogwood Ranch. The staff is super friendly, and we appreciate the pictures and videos that they send us.


Sandy Garrison

12 May 2019

I always feel so safe leaving my dogs here! The staff is awesome! They always send me pictures throughout their stay and my dogs always come home tired! Two thumbs up!


Elaura Hastings

5 May 2019

We love Dogwood Ranch! My pup gets so excited every time she goes, and I love how much space the dogs have to run around. The staff is always so caring, patient, and understanding of the dogs needs--separating between the multiple huge plots of land if needed, and sending photos of my sweet girl on a regular basis.They are willing to give tours at any time, and there is absolutely nothing hidden or secretive about the place, which is reassuring as a pet owner. I looked into several boarding places around the peninsula and, although this one is a bit further of a drive, it's worth it to have all that amazing Prunedale land for the dogs to play!I also really appreciate how quickly they respond to texts and emails and how easy the website is to navigate, make bookings, add shot records, etc. In a world where we value convenience and instant-gratification, it is extremely valuable to have these luxuries they provide. More...


Jessica Baker

26 April 2019

Great setting and staff! Always feel good about leaving my dog here when I need to.



26 April 2019

Such an AWESOME place, so happy we discovered it! Our pups enjoy themselves and come back tired! The staff at Dogwood Ranch is quite pleasant and provides great communication with their clients. The site appears to be safe and very well kept. Another plus is their online portal to make reservations for boarding/daycare and other services such as grooming and training on the premises. Overall, great experience, and we'll definitely be back! Would highly recommend! More...


joe serrano

27 March 2019

Our dog LOVES this place and we love it too - the overnight prices are very reasonable, they offer a number of additional services such as nail clippings and baths, and their staff is extremely friendly and easy to work with. Whenever my wife and I travel out of town for a couple of days, we always rely on this place to keep our dog safe and busy. I highly recommend utilizing Dogwood Ranch. More...


Mia Banks

26 January 2019

Dogwood Ranch is fantastic!! I had to travel to the East Coast for a week and needed to find a place to board my 10 month old puppy. I live on the Peninsula so it was a bit of a drive to the facility - but it was worth it and we will definitely return! The facility is very clean (they gave me a full tour when I visited), and there are multiple large pens with different groups of dogs. They were very careful introducing my puppy into the group -I felt very comfortable leaving her in their care. In addition, Jessica is an excellent dog handler and provides dog training for a very reasonable fee! Jessica worked with my puppy most days and she came home a much better behaved dog! Thank you Dogwood (and Jessica) for taking excellent care of my puppy! More...


Jessica Stofer

24 October 2018

Awesome boarding facility ran by great people. Whether you want to leave for the day or for a week, your dog will be well cared for. Looking forward to bringing Whitley back. She had so much fun playing all day in the boarding park with the other dogs. More...


Aninzo Melissa

24 October 2018

Otto loves going to Dogwood Ranch.


Art Swift

30 July 2018

Our 7-month-old Vizsla pup Hazel just spent 10 days at the Dogwood Ranch while we were traveling. It went great.Hazel is an extremely high energy pup who has never been boarded before so we were a bit concerned. We had boarded our last dog at several other places, but we had some negative experiences, so we wanted to check out Dogwood. A week before our departure, I took Hazel over to the Ranch to see the facilities and talk to the people there. All seemed good -- the dogs looked like they were being cared for well and the staff were friendly and professional, so I booked her "resort" stay.Bottom line, in spite of our concerns about Hazel, and past-boarding experiences at other places, everything worked perfectly.Registration and check-in were easy, the staff were very professional, and Hazel came home healthy and well-adjusted. She's crate trained, so she got to spend the nights indoors with the owner's family, and given her need for people companionship, this likely made her stay easier.Jess, the co-owner and trainer, also did a great job with Hazel, quickly correcting a few of her bad puppy habits (including jumping up on friends and strangers when excited; lunging through open doors) in just one training session. Jess also trained our family members with a few tips to quickly correct any of Hazel's errant puppy behavior. They worked great!All in all, Dogwood Ranch provides great service and great value for the money. The price was slightly higher than we paid elsewhere in the past, but definitely worth it to have your dog well-treated and well-cared-for while you are away.I recommend them highly -- 5 stars. More...


Nathan Brown

26 May 2018

Dogwood Ranch has undergone unbelievable renovations with the new owners. Dogwood ranch is safe and convenient place to board our dog. I love the way they know each dog by name. The dogs run, play and socialize with other dogs. The play area large, grassy and safe. iThey care for your dog as if it were their own. I love that it is full service. I can board my dog and have it bathed and groomed. We highly recommend Jessica and her staff. They are friendly people who love animals. Dogwood Ranch will make you and your dog happy. More...

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