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Brianne C.

29 April 2019

We have been using Dog Walk NYC for nearly 4 years and have had a wonderful experience! Today is our last walk with our walker Bryan as we are moving out of the city and we are devastated to part with him. Our dog George loves his walks with Bryan and his doggie bffs (see pic)! We have had a number of walkers with dwnyc over the years and have also used dwnyc for overnight help and everyone has been trustworthy, reliable, friendly and they are true "animal lovers" who have loved our dog as much as we do. Coordinating scheduling with the owner Katie has been a breeze and this service has been an enormous help to us! More...


Diana J.

18 December 2018

Dog Walk NYC/Christian have been walking our pups for over a year an a half and they have been FANTASTIC. They are incredibly reliable, we have not had one cancellation or change in time slot in 1.5 years, even in blizzards, storms etc. Our dogs also love the adventure days they offer, so special for them to get to go hiking and to the beach! I honestly think our dogs love Christian more than they love us! He goes above and beyond, taking our dogs out for extra long walks when he has time, cleaning up when our dogs cause trouble etc. Christian is super respectful and always asks me before letting the pups do anything new or changing things up. I trust Dog Walk NYC completely with our pups. They are honestly like family to us, could not recommend them more! More...


Hela M.

21 July 2018

Paloma is our dog walker and our dog loves her! She is always flexible when there are any necessary schedule changes and doesn't mind dressing our little dog during the cold winter months. The walks are always on time and the duration is as negotiated.  Thank you Katie, Christian and Paloma :) More...


Jason Smith

4 June 2018

Reliable. Great team of dog walkers. My dog loves them!


Sadri B.

10 January 2018

this company is great if you need a dog walker for daily or occasional walks and they have overnight or extended boarding if you go out of town or hate having your siblings mutt dumping all over the house . the rates are reasonable and they are prompt with time arrivals .yelp was a great way to find the right dog walking company and i notice from all the positive reviews that mr pickles is in good hands . good long walks , decent fair rates , caring professional dog walker  equals stress free , poop free home  , 5 stars on my yelp meter . More...


Steve Schroeder

4 June 2017

Simply the best!


Kaitlin McElroy

4 June 2017

Dog Walk NYC has changed my world as a dog owner! I recently moved, and no longer have the flexibility to walk Dolce during the work day. I really didn't know what I was going to do. THANKFULLY I started looking into dog walking services and found Dog Walk NYC! The entire experience has been personal, and very boutique. I spoke with Katie on the phone, AND met the walker who will be coming into my house to pick up my little man (which made me super comfortable).The team at Dog Walk NYC have become my friends, and Dolce's, too! I'm so glad to have found trustworthy, honest, friendly & truly caring walkers to take care of my family when I'm away!Try them, you won't be disappointed. More...


Kaitlin M.

24 May 2017

Dog Walk NYC has changed my world as a dog owner! I recently moved, and no longer have the flexibility to walk Dolce during the work day. I really didn't know what I was going to do. THANKFULLY I started looking into dog walking services and found Dog Walk NYC! The entire experience has been personal, and very boutique. I spoke with Katie on the phone, AND met the walker who will be coming into my house to pick up my little man (which made me super comfortable).The team at Dog Walk NYC have become my friends, and Dolce's, too! I'm so glad to have found trustworthy, honest, friendly & truly caring walkers to take care of my family when I'm away!Try them, you won't be disappointed. More...


Amanda L.

2 May 2017

Dog Walk NYC is the BEST, they have been walking our CavaPoo for over a year now. Sadly, we are moving out of Manhattan and VERY upset to be loosing Katie and her team! They are one of a kind- I can always count on them and they take such good care of our little fur baby everyday. I get a text message after each walk to hear how it went, and they are always on time! Dog walk NYC has the best prices with the best staff! We will miss you guys TONS!! More...


Jayne H.

5 August 2016

Dog walk NYC has been walking our Frenchie for over a year and a half now and they have been amazing! Katie and her team are always reliable and incredibly accommodating of our schedule. We recently had a baby boy who came a little earlier than expected, and Katie and her team absolutely stepped up to the plate to help us out with some last minute walks/boarding requests. We wouldn't have survived those first few weeks as new parents without their extra help! I would definitely recommended Dog Walk NYC to anyone! More...


Christina V.

28 June 2016

I highly recommend Dog Walk NYC for anyone with a pet! The owner, Katie, is just so delightful! She really takes the time to get to know you and your pet's needs. My dog walker, Billy, is just the best! He is so responsive when sending him a message and seems to care for my dog Oscar very much! Dog Walk NYC are truly the best you can come by! More...


Zack B.

11 April 2016

i have nothing but good things to say about Dog Walk NYC. i have been using them for a few months now and have had only positive experiences. they are all very friendly and my dog loves them! I had an emergency where i was out of the state and need someone to watch my pup for the weekend and Katie was able to pick him up within 15 minutes. i cannot thank them enough for their incredible service and would recommend them to anyone. More...


Jacqueline V.

5 January 2016

Dog Walk NYC is the only company I trust to take care of my dog, Feta. Katie, the owner, and her team are super responsible and friendly. In addition to daily walks, I also use Dog Walk NYC to board my pup when I have to travel. It is such a relief to know Feta is in good hands and SO much better than boarding her at a kennel. Also, it's great to know who will be walking my dog each day - way better than those other services with constant staff turnover. Highly recommended!! More...


Reilly S.

23 June 2015

Katie and Rachel are amazing! My puppy brings an onslaught of trouble and headaches and Rachel has helped me with each one of them. They make my days easier and I feel like me and my pup are always in good hands. More...


C Teuscher

4 June 2015

When I moved to midtown East from Connecticut, I was worried about the transition for my German Shepherd. Katie, Rachel and Christian immediately put me at ease for all the compassion and attention they showed my pup. I would come home to a tired and happy dog and have pictures of his day. If my pup even seemed a bit off, they would notice. If you care about consistency and attention for your dog, try Dog Walk NYC. You will be happy you did. They are a fantastic team of great individuals! More...


Janhavi S.

29 April 2015

Dog Walk NYC has been walking our havanese for the past year and they have been great with our dog. Katie, Rachel and the entire team are really good people who are professional, friendly and flexible. Their rates are reasonable and more often than not our dog ended up getting a longer walk than 30 mins. I highly recommend anyone in Midtown east looking for a dog walking service to contact Katie. More...


A Y H.

22 April 2015

I've been using Dog Walk NYC for a few months now and honestly can say that she's one of, if the THE best most caring dog lover and business owner.  I can write 700 reasons why she's amazing, but meet her, use them for a week and you'll see why.  Through the few correspondences I've had with her, she's just the biggest dog lover--she puts me to shame!  And she knows how to thoughtfully and meticulously run a business.***FYI, Rachel, our designated dog walker is fabulous.  She gave special attention to one of my pups that had recently completed his second ACL surgery.  She was so wonderful with the post-op care. More...


Kathryn S.

14 March 2015

I'm one of those yelpers who tends to write reviews only if I've had an amazingly positive experience or horrible experience. Dog Walk NYC definitely falls into the former category. Katie and her team are that absolute best of the best in NYC.I've always found the dog walker selection process to be somewhat stressful. Not only do you entrust some stranger with keys to your home, but also your puppy (my puppy is my everything and I love him like a child). From the moment I met Katie almost 3 years ago, I knew I could trust her and that my dog was in good hands. I also used Katie and her team for overnight boarding. They would send me the most adorable pics of my dog while I was away. He was treated like a king - snuggles on their couches, playtime with their families, treats from holiday feasts. He even joined Thanksgiving football games. Overall, Dog Walk NYC is a HIGHLY RECOMMEND for me. I already referred a coworker and he loves them too. They're the best. More...


Heather C.

7 March 2015

So I've owed Katie this review for quite some time and I apologize for the lateness.Katie watched our (then 9 month old) puppy, Charlie, over Christmas time. We had just moved to NYC and it was the first time we were going to leave our dog in someone's care and it was going to be for two weeks. I can't even begin to thank Katie for taking such good care of Charlie. We didn't even have to feel guilty about leaving him because she was so good to him and we knew that she not only took excellent care for him, she cared about him as well. If I wasn't already nervous enough about leaving Charlie for such a long time, he developed a complication from his neuter that happened over a month before leaving him and had to be on medications during part of his stay. Katie was so helpful about it, she checked in to make sure he was doing well before we dropped him off and was happy to help by administering medication, or taking him back to the vet if need be. This really put my mind at ease. It can be hard to trust others with the care of your dog, because let's face it, they are like children, but I had no worries with Katie. She is very competent, responsible, and loving towards all the dogs she cares for. More...


Carla N.

28 January 2015

Dog Walk NYC has officially saved my life. I recently got a 3 month old Pomeranian/Poodle mix (Winston), and did not know the first thing about caring for a puppy. Not only has Katie personally come over to my apartment twice a day for puppy check-ins (she changes his wee pad, plays with him, feeds him, helps with training), but her advice has been invaluable.When Katie came over for our consultation about services/pricing (which are unbeatable), she took the time to help me set up Winston's crate and playpen. She walked me through basic training (which was anything but basic to this new dog owner). She stayed at my apartment until Winston was settled into his new home, and both mommy and baby felt comfortable. Since our initial meeting, Katie and her team have provided me with the tools that I need to care for my dog. I know that while I am at work all day, Winston is in great hands and my mind is finally at ease. The staff at Dog Walk NYC are caring, patient, reliable and trustworthy. I cannot praise Dog Walk NYC enough. More...


Emilee W.

11 November 2014

I was just sitting here texting Katie an update about my dog and realized that she and her amazing team (Rachel/Christian) have been walking my yellow lab Charlee for nearly a year now and I've never jumped over here to write a review.Fabulous is a word that comes to mind with Dog Walk NYC. The prices are unbeatable and the care that they take is unmatched. Katie even has the option to dog sit and allows your dog to stay in her home while you're away (or have someone stay at yours). I love doing this because 1. She can easily pick up and drop off your pup so you aren't carting their stuff to her place and back and 2. I trust her immensely with Charlee. So that debilitating fear of letting someone from Rover.com watch my best bud and then finding her in a ad on CraigsList (or other horror stories of dog stealing) is completely eliminated, haha (kidding, kinda). It's a win win win. Charlee gets take care of, by someone I trust (and she loves), and she gets to go out on all the walks those days. I mean come on!I love the text updates after every walk and the surprise picture now and then. I would trust Katie and the team with Charlee any day and I am so very thankful that I found them! More...


Cristina T.

20 August 2014

I can't say enough great things about Katie and her team!  I moved into a studio apartment in midtown east, coming from suburbia (Connecticut).  I was nervous about the transition for my pup and came to Yelp to look for a well-rated dog walking service.  This is how I found DogWalkNYC, and I'm so happy I did!  Katie, Christian and Rachel give great individualized attention to the dogs, and I always came home to a happy dog.  Plus, it was so fun to get picture updates of how my pup was doing while I was at work.  It's a small thing, but the fact that Katie's team makes a consistent effort to keep you well-informed about your dog really makes a difference in the quality of the service.  Worth every penny! More...


Kristina Stevens

4 June 2014

Katie is great. Her and her walkers are reliable, trustworthy and most important our dog Charlie loves them! He comes home exhausted from the dog park & makes me a happy dog mom. The best is when we receive funny pics and reports from them. More...


Mary H.

11 November 2013

Katie and her team have been great.  I interviewed a few dog walkers before choosing Katie. Her careful and professional manner won me over. My dog likes her even more than I do.The best part of my day are Katie's updates and I love when she sends pictures! More...


Justin D

4 June 2013

We are very happy with Dog Walk NYC! They are extremely reliable, trustworthy, and friendly. Our Lab Mia loves her long mid day walks and is quite smitten with Katie! Also, knowing Mia has a place to stay if we ever have to leave her for the night is very comforting. We have had a great experience using Dog Walk NYC. More...


Surina C.

18 September 2012

Recently my wife and I had to be out of the country on business for three weeks and needed someone to watch Bean, our spoiled three year old beagle mix.  We were worried about leaving him for so long and absolutely did not want to put him in a kennel.   About a month before, Dog Walk NYC watched him for a weekend and did a fantastic job, so we decided to let Katie and Phoebe (her Chihuahua) keep him again.  It was a great choice.  Katie emailed us about once a day with updates on how the little guy was doing and even included pictures of his adventures with Phoebe while we were away.  When I returned, Bean was happy to see me but seemed sad after Katie left.  Twice the first night back, I found him wondered through the house.   I suppose he was looking for Phoebe...I would highly recommend Dog Walk NYC to anyone looking for a reasonable, reliable and caring dog walker or sitter! More...


Syl H.

14 March 2012

Katie is great.  My dog stayed with her for a week while I was on vacation. I was very nervous to leave my dog with a stranger especially b/c my dog is 16 and not doing great.  Katie made me feel so comfortable. I went there to meet her and see her apartment.  When I dropped my dog off Katie made me feel very comfortable.  She let me set my dog up and bring all her stuff so she would feel at home.  Katie made me feel at ease leaving my dog.  Katie texted me everyday to give me an update on how she was doing which made me feel much better.  I am leaving my dog with Katie again while on vacation.  This is so much better than having to board your dog.  your dog will get the attention they need. More...


R L.

12 February 2012

Katie was a saving grace for us when we inherited a super cute havanese from a family member who was too allergic to keep him - we needed a dog walker to come at 7:15am the next morning to walk our little guy. Katie was the only dog walker we could find in our area that walked dogs before 9am! It was a Sunday when I contacted her and she called me back promptly. For the first morning Katie had my boyfriend and I meet her in the lobby of our building so she could meet us and our pup. That was the beginning of our great relationship - I can honestly say that I trust her implicitly. She is an animal lover who uses biodegradable pick up bags and organic treats. She also sends her Pupdates after every walk to let me know how our little guy did on his walk. But most of all our dog loves her. She also uses paypal to bill us so that we don't have to remember to leave her checks and/or cash on a weekly basis which is super convenient for us. I highly recommend her. More...


Fiona H.

2 November 2011

Although I do not reside in NYC, I was in desperate need of boarding services this past weekend due to power outages in nj. I went into the city to stay with a friend, who is allergic to dogs, and i needed to find a reliable and clean pet sitter last minute.I was referred katie's services, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Katie was able to board Oscar last minute for three nights. Her apartment was spotless and large enough for my 8 pound yorkie to get plenty of exercise in. Although I brought my own food and toys, Katie was prepared with organic, non processed dog food as well as all natural dog toys. She walked him 3 times a day and kept me abreast with his quick adjustment. Even though our power came back on, Oscar did not want to leave! More...


Michelle P.

29 September 2011

After much debate and consideration I finally got a dog, Ralphie. I work downtown but live in midtown and my lunch hour does not exist. Potty training Ralphie was very hard and messy, Dog Walk NYC has been a life saver (and carpet saver)! My walker Katie, who also runs the business met me and Ralphie to discuss what exactly he would need. I opted for the private power hour 4 times a week (I get out early on Fridays). This ensures my pooch gets an hour long walk by himself. Ralphie gets along with other dogs and is very social but I spoil him and he needs all the attention!! Katie is very friendly and I can tell she knows a lot about caring for a dog and genuinely cares about Ralphie. I thought her prices were very reasonable and she is pretty flexible with scheduling. I am extremely happy with her services and Ralphie would say the same! Definitely recommend Dog Walk NYC! More...


Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! We love dogs and the clients we serve in Midtown East.

Eight years ago, I adopted Phoebe, my 4-pound Chihuahua, and I couldn't find a dog walking service that met my standards. Other services led large pack walks, they were managed unprofessionally, and they were staffed with unhappy dog walkers. Most importantly, though, other services were missing the love!

That’s why I quit my career in finance in 2011, and after months of planning, I founded Dog Walk NYC, a dog walking service that treats our dogs like family AND a business that treats its dog walkers like family, too. I’m proud to own and manage Dog Walk NYC, a company I would have hired for my dog.

New York can be chaotic and hectic, but we're experts at city dog walking in a way that apps and their contractors can't be. We love our pups and always care for them responsibly, and we will always respect your home and your privacy.

We know our dogs’ families and our dog walkers well because everyone — clients and employees — tends to stick with us for years.

All of our walkers go through an extensive five step pre-hire process: We phone screen them. We interview them in person. We take them on a working, dog-walking interview. And we run a background check. Then we hire walkers on a trial basis, during which they spend up to two weeks training and shadowing a senior dog walker. If that goes well, we invite them to be an official part of our team!

All our dog walkers are bonded and insured.