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Angela Samson

I have had the privilege of working with and for dogs building up Dog Taxi for 10 years. We are an amazing team of dog lovers who constantly educate ourselves in animal behaviour and professional dog care.


Sandra Diaz

Amazing staff, working strong together to be a very pleasant and happy the dog's life in a very fun day care. Thank you for my practicum opportunity to work with Dog Taxi in Vancouver BC


Nina Corali

I just find out about dog taxi and I really want to bring my dogs to this place, I have very good references and I'm sure it's gonna be a nice experience for them.


Ian Michael Moore

So I thought I was being the best Husband. I bought my wife a puppy. I thought she said she wanted a border collie/ blue healer. What ended up happening was part blue healer part border collie and part Satan. The worst behaved dog of all time. That is until we took Retro to The Dog Taxi. They turned our dog around. Unbelievable. It probably saved my marriage too LOL. I highly recommend Jorge and the team at Dog Taxi. Thanks from Ian and Retro. More...


Irene Fornaguera Restrepo

Love this place! it has all it needs to take care of our beloved 4 legs friends, love, education and fun, they feel just like home but with lots of other 4 and 2 legs friends to play with and also great service and friendly people for proud parents. It is wooffnderful! ♡

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