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Welcome to Dog Harmony Dog Training and Rehabilitation in North West England.

Dog Harmony Reviews

Dog Harmony Reviews

Review of Dog Harmony by Doreen
5 11/04/2019 Doreen

7 I came to Peter 5 years ago with a rescue shar Pei. Using his wealth of knowledge and realistic
views on the difficulty of the breed, Peter managed to turn my (strained!) relationship with my dog
onto the right path helping me understand dog behaviour and communication mainly through the use
of balanced training methods i.e. addressing both good and bad behaviours effectively and equally. . I
truly believe that if my dog did not have these classes he would have eventually had to be rehomed
or worse; it doesn’t bare thinking about. Training sessions with Peter did not only help my dog but
managed to boost my confidence in myself personally and changed my outlook on life. Thank you,
Peter, for all your help. Give Peter a call if you have a hard to fix behavioural issues with your dog,
you won’t regret it!

Review of Dog Harmony by Michelle santos
5 07/04/2019 Michelle santos

I went to Peter with a nervous reactive protective gsd we had never been to a group training before but Peter makes you feel at ease and have a laugh while you and your dog is still learning I've been to two of Peters classes and have signed up for 3 more and this week he was kind anoth to let me keep one of his leads that I fell in love with thankyou Peter can't wait for next week!😁

Review of Dog Harmony by Jerry
5 26/03/2019 Jerry

Aggression Between Household Dogs Over Food
Our two year old female Staffy, Halo, became possessive over food at feeding time resulting in unwanted aggressive behaviours towards our other dog that we did not know how to manage or resolve. So we called Peter from Dog Harmony. Peter is fantastic, he clearly explained to us about resource guarding in terminology we could understand and about dogs’ body language to help us better understand our dog Halo. The house visits are a great idea as Peter teaches you with your dog in your own environment to better assess the situation and works with you to individually devise a plan to fit you and your dog. Peter's training style is calm, positive and hands-on that gets amazing results, as he is able to explain the process whilst demonstrating the solution, enabling you to easily learn it on your own to practice. We now have an individual training plan for our dog Halo to accommodate the unwanted behaviours and it’s working!!!
Peter helped ease the unsettling nerves I had towards my dog due to her aggression by providing expert advice and talking us through it with any questions or concerns we had. This included things like educating us on dogs behaviours, their environment, human behaviours that can affect a dog’s surroundings and providing practical training techniques to name a few. Halo and I would not hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone; we think Peter is amazing, knowledgeable and professional. Peter also has dog toys/training equipment to accommodate your training plan, which you can buy from her at a great price, it is so convenient and an added bonus. The results speak for themselves. Thanks

Review of Dog Harmony by Macy
5 23/03/2019 Macy

My partner, Tracee and I adopted our dog Cash as a puppy from Dogs Trust Liverpool. No one knew his history; however it quickly became clear quite early that he had been neglected and probably abused. He was making great progress and his behaviour was improving. One evening he was attacked by our 9-year-old dog that ended up with a canine dementia and cognitive decline diagnosis. The attack was so vicious that it could have been fatal had Tracee not been there. The two would never live together again.
After recovering from his physical injuries we realised that he was extremely traumatised and had high levels of anxiety. His anxiety and fear were out of control and his behaviour had regressed to being worse than when we had first adopted him. He was so traumatised that we took him for a walk once after his attack and he completely lost control and tried to pull out of his harness to run home.
We were referred to Peter from Dog Harmony in Jan 2019 from a noted dog behaviourist Vet. Peter came to our house and worked with us to train Cash to trust that everything that was unfamiliar wasn’t out to harm him. We found that just small tasks Peter would teach us to teach Cash would start to work slowly but surely. Every time Peter visited us he would advance the training a little bit more. Every question about specific behaviours Peter had a solution for. Peter has achieved amazing changes with us and Cash. I really shudder to think how we would have coped without Peter’s services. More than anything, I believe Peter’s training has prevented Cash’s fear and anxiety from turning into aggression. Six months down the track and we have started walking Cash, with a muzzle (more to keep people away from him than protect others from him) and his behaviour has vastly improved. We still have a way to go and we are dedicated to providing him with the best support and training to become a stable happy dog. We whole heartedly recommend the services of Dog Harmony to anyone who has a dog with difficult behaviours. We were at a loss as to what we were going to do with this gorgeous and loving but damaged and scared little dog. Peter has turned Cash around and made a significant positive change to our lives, we now see a bright and fear free future for Cash.

Review of Dog Harmony by Mack
5 14/03/2019 Mack

Polly, our two-year-old Border Collie, was an anxious, nervous wreck when we first adopted her months ago. She was practically afraid of her own shadow. We tried everything as owners to curb her anxious behaviours but with no luck. Then we decided to hire Peter from Dog Harmony to help. Well, it was a complete success and worth every penny of investment! I can’t say enough good things about our trainer, Peter. The whole experience with him was amazing and actually quite fun! Even after the first session with Peter, we are blown away by the results. Polly is a much happier dog and her confidence level has improved greatly. On top, our confidence as owners has also grown. Whether you just want to build confidence in your dog or looking for obedience training, I can’t recommend Peter and Dog Harmony highly enough!

Review of Dog Harmony by Michael
5 10/03/2019 Michael

Working with Peter was excellent. He took me through everything step-by-step and made the process clear and manageable. Peter continued to be on hand any time I needed advice after our sessions had ended, and communication was very easy and open. I would highly recommend Peter and Dog Harmony, he really helped me understand what was going on for my dog and how to help him cope better with anxiety and reactivity. We are well on the way to entirely removing these behaviours! He’s doing brilliantly with his new training and we simply couldn’t have done it without Peters ability and continued support.

Review of Dog Harmony by Terry
5 10/03/2019 Terry

An excellent, professional dog trainer, with a wide range of services from residential training programmes to solving quite serious behavioral problems in only a handful of sessions. With years of experience and knowledge, which is very apparent, Peter is without doubt the best at what he does! I would highly recommend to anyone that has a problem with their dog or you are looking for a more complete training experience that last a full week at Peters home.

Review of Dog Harmony by Coral
1 27/02/2019 Coral

Have today had to complete a chargeback on my card for services - Peter was ok whilst he was lying and scamming me, then when I actually started querying when the training I paid for would begin he just made excuses and eberntially got really nasty and unprofessional- NEVER pay cash always card so you can ensure he does what he’s paid to. Genuinely disappointed that he turned out to be a scam artist as I was patient with his constant cancellations and constant rescheduleing but the way he spoke to me is vile hence why a charge back done directly with my card provider as when you question him like a true con artist he turns very nasty! Very disappointed peter please guys avoid at all costs. I have txts conforming that he NEVER provided training yet when going through a claim he LIED and said he had provided training that I just hadn’t followed it - GOBSMACKED that he can lie so blaitently. Will be going the legal route with him should he not leave me alone!

Review of Dog Harmony by Elaine Parker
5 25/02/2019 Elaine Parker

Peter came on Wednesday and from then on we have already seen such a change in Charlie. He now no longer pulls my arm out when we go for a walk. I cannot believe the changes in him but mainly, how quickly they occurred. Peter is a clear professional and worth every penny he charges. I am certain he will improve even more in the weeks to come.

Review of Dog Harmony by Mr and Mrs Thompson
5 25/02/2019 Mr and Mrs Thompson

We have two rescue dogs who are calm at home but who pull like trains and bark wildly at any dogs we meet while out walking so reactivity was our main problem. People literally picked up their dogs and crossed the road to avoid us which is not only stressful but embarrassing! After our first session with Peter we began to see some significant improvement in both dogs behaviour and our confidence when out with them. The obedience training and specific lessons to address reactivity is really paying off. After our second visit from Peter we feel we are well on the way to having two calm, relaxed and happier dogs. It's not an overnight quick fix but we can see it will be a lifelong improvement. Walks have rapidly become a joy again and we can’t wait to continue to improve our dogs behaviour. Peter is great – if you have dogs with behavioural issues then give him a call.

Review of Dog Harmony by John Jordan
5 25/02/2019 John Jordan

First session with Peter was great and above our expectations. He invested time in talking to both my husband and myself to identify our key concerns with how to support Bob who is a rescue dog and make him confident in his new home. Bob is a fantastic animal but a bit of a handful and we had made the mistake of over compensating to make him want to be with us. Peter was able to clearly show us that this compensation etc was actually making Bob more anxious so we practiced activities in the home which showed him we were pack leaders. We had nothing but positive results, but Peter was clear we must practise every day and we have continued to do this, seeing great ongoing improvements in the process. If we ever need Peter he is only a phone call away! We both feel more confident now as owners and Bob is a happier dog. Can’t wait for next session.

Review of Dog Harmony by Marry
5 10/02/2019 Marry

I wish my dog Rolo and I had heard about Peter and Dog Harmony years ago – it would have saved me an awful lot of time and effort! I was amazed at Peters knowledge and understanding of both basic and complex dog behaviours. His work with Rolo and I have completely changed our lives for the better. Peter continues to help us with weekly advice and updates which we are invaluable. Thank you so much for everything you have done!

Review of Dog Harmony by Vicky Stillwell
5 02/01/2019 Vicky Stillwell

I rescued a 7 pound Chihuahua/Terrier mix, Henry. He LOVES people and LOVES playing with other dogs. Everything was great right off the bat with one noticeable exception. When I would walk Henry on his leash, he would become extremely aggressive each time he saw another dog. He would lunge at other dogs or bark hysterically. The dog could be 2 feet away or 2 blocks. I found Peter Hargreaves via Google, and I decided to give him a call. After meeting with Peter, he let me know that I was not alone, and that many other dogs react aggressively when on a leash when encountering people, dogs, bicycles etc… Peter helped me to understand that his reaction is because he is uncomfortable or upset, and that through a science based approach in training that we could help to minimize his reactivity when on our walks, and that they can be fun and not have to be a frustrating event each and every time.
My hope in writing this review is that if you have a leash reactive dog, I want to encourage you and let you know that there is hope! With Peter’s help, I have a structured plan in place to help Henry move towards a place where he is learning that walking on a leash can be ok. It is a lot of hard work for Henry, and it is also a lot of hard work for me. Sure, it is extremely frustrating at times. Sure, I want to throw in the towel sometimes. Peter has worked with me just as much, if not more, than Henry so that we can set Henry up for success. I can’t even describe the joy that I get to share with Henry when we make small strides of progress. Henry and I’s bond is growing. His anxiety is lessening. He is starting to truly enjoy going outside and do his trot of confidence for the world to see. The times when I wanted to give up, Peter encouraged me not to, and to trust the process.

I simply cannot say enough about my experience with Peter. Henry and I would not be where we are today without him. Today I get to go on long walks with Henry, and we both get to enjoy it!

Review of Dog Harmony by Kylie M
5 06/11/2018 Kylie M

I had a great experience with Peter who runs dog harmony. He was so helpful. When I got my puppy back after she went for residential training, he spent the full day teaching me how to be with her. She couldn't be around other dogs or children, she wouldn't walk on the lead without pulling, and she was the boss in the house.
She was absolutely transformed. It was like a miracle had happened, no joke! I could not believe how my dog was when I got her back.
If anyone said any negative about Peter 9r his service, I would NOT believe it! It couldn't be true, it really couldn't be. Because he is such a genuine, caring, most intelligent dog trainer that I have ever met. And I have met a lot!!
Anyone looking at this review and in need of a totally transformed dog, you really need to trust in what I am saying. He will really help you with your dog's problems. I would really recommend the residential training. It has changed mine and dogs' (Dolly) life. I am so grateful for Peters help... I was in despair!

Review of Dog Harmony by Ashley
5 03/11/2018 Ashley

Peter is truly amazing! When we adopted Bauer (8 months at the time) he was an extreme resource guarder, plus he a lot of other typical puppy issues. The worst was the fear that we had around him in our own home — he was great outside and with other dogs, but as soon as we were inside he would turn into a very aggressive dog in a matter of seconds. And as much as I hate to admit it, there were so many moments when we considered bringing him back because we felt so scared and helpless in our home. Calling Peter was the best decision we could have made — he saved Bauer's life. The Bauer we know today is completely different than the dog we brought home several months ago. We still have some fine tuning to do and Peter has been there every step of the way. He is truly committed to helping dogs (and their owners) be the best they can be. Now we can't imagine our lives without Bauer in it and we owe all of that to Peter.

Review of Dog Harmony by Dave Hughes
5 01/11/2018 Dave Hughes

After a warm welcome for Peter (not) from our German Pointer Otto , we’ve had 2 very positive sessions , hopefully pointing us in the right direction, moving forward , giving us the knowledge we didn’t have , to help Otto & ourselves have a better understanding of each other . Thanks Peter . Speak soon .

Review of Dog Harmony by Mary
1 21/10/2018 Mary

My experience with Peter and his spectacularly individual approach to “customer service” was beyond diabolical; there is never a need to speak to anyone in the tone he has to myself or other fellow dissatisfied clients, nor is there reason to believe you can WITHHOLD A FULL REFUND when the service wasn’t provided. I cannot comment on Peters training technique - thankfully we hadn’t got this far. But before you let him near your pooch, take note of his core personality - and the fact he isn't a credited Behaviourist - But I’ll get to that later.

Peter demonstrates his true colours when faced with any form of criticism. Although his website, Facebook and Instagram envision a fantastic professional trainer to any potential client - before booking him, take a look at the 1 star reviews on Google, not necessarily to see the critique or issues presented to Peter’s training methods, although they are also insightful - but to Peters own response back. His responses reek of an unprofessional, hot-headed and quite frankly, arrogant man - unwilling to continue learning and take a bad review as a positive step forward.
There is a saying ‘the greatest teachers are those who never stop learning from their students’ The same applies to a Business and its clients Peter - so take note.

If you are looking for a behaviourist specifically for your dogs I recommend checking out - this website will enlighten any dog owner with credited specialists via Region, which by the way - Peter is NOT on this list, therefore he may potentially know his stuff, but he is not a credited Behaviourist (info is correct to date posted) And it is not surprising to me - as he can barely control his own emotions.

The day I booked Peter - (27.09.18) he had told me his dog had gone in to early labour therefore his following week was now free. The Morning of my training (1.10.18) however, I received a phone call stating his dog had gone into labour - weird that his dog had a second litter 4 days later isn't it?? Yes there is a chance 2 dogs were pregnant and due the same week - but then I argue, any professional trainer with that amount of years experience would know better than to actually book work when their dog is due a litter... dogs are surely more important than making a few hundred extra pounds?! To then bring this back on me as being the one lacking in empathy and not caring about animals was a downright disgusting move on any persons mentality - a true reflection of the person he is.
P.S - having posted the litter on Facebook Peter - I notice there is only 1 litter - not two, so someone was telling me porkies. I understand life happens out of control, and yes it must have been extremely upsetting and distressing - just don’t blatantly lie, very badly, to your clients about it.

From my point of view, at this point he had:
Taken my money upfront (£295) - a common complaint
Rescheduled my appointment to the same afternoon even though he should have known this was not possible.
Failed show up or even acknowledge the rescheduled appointment with a courtesy message - 2pm came and went, I gave a two hour window before contacting him, allowing and understanding for any issues he may be having.. (bare in mind - the litter wasn't even born on this day after all)
When I finally got in touch - his response was curtly with no sign of a remote apology ‘its not going to happen today lets reschedule to Wednesday’
Peter made me feel like I had been conned out of almost £300.. he demonstrated no professional manor for the price he charges. Feeling disheartened, I emailed cancelling the service and kindly asked for a refund (Image evidence attached)
His response to me was abusive - having not even met me, he formed an opinion of myself and my dog - which made anyone who knows me gobsmacked - I had no idea my backbone was so strong let alone cruel. (image evidence attached)
After failing any mention of a refund or paying back (in spite of claiming he wished to not hear back) I had to get Paypal involved, as he WITHHELD my money. His response on here was also abusive. (image evidence attached) I am not the only person who has seen the abusive response of Peter.
 - You may also notice a few people were REFUSED even partial refunds in his reviews.
Having re-read his reviews, I am skeptical of no variety between 1 star and 5 - and the fact he only shows the Five Stars on his website. Think about it, what’s he hiding.

As he said to me - A dog is a reflection of its owner - what does he bring to the dog house?

The best thing I did was cancel his services… the second best thing I did was pay through credit card and Paypal for insurance. I have attached images of my own email for a fair full point of view, following on, you can also read his interesting responses to me.
Trust your gut before booking Peter, it seems that he's only alright with you if you don’t criticise anything.

Review of Dog Harmony by NIC’S BUNGLE
5 01/10/2018 NIC’S BUNGLE

We have owned Bungle from 7 weeks old, I have had a few Rottweiler’s before but none had been quite as stubborn and sensitive as Bungle. As he was getting older he became protective of the tackroom at my stables and he didn’t really like strange people or dogs he didn’t know. I had a couple of dog trainers out to see him but nothing really changed other than his behaviour was getting worse. I knew I needed to do something before I either had to rehome him or worse, so I called Peter.

He came to see him, we had a two hour session and he showed me lots of things to do with him and how to teach him to behave with people and dogs. Within days I had a different dog for the better, he is a much happier dog and has been for walks off the lead meeting lots of new people and dogs. I can’t believe the change in him in such a short space of time. I have had so much support from Peter which is brilliant, without him I don’t know what would have happened. I would recommend Peter Hargreaves training to everyone, he has changed Bungle’s life forever.

Review of Dog Harmony by YVETTE’S KOSCI
5 26/09/2018 YVETTE’S KOSCI

Our dog Kosci, the Polish Tatra Mountain Sheepdog, had attitude problems that were becoming worse. He took us for walks, barked at anything and everything and would lunge at and bark in the faces of members of the public. We knew he was guarding us, however 52 kilos of aggressive dog was pretty scary to people walking along the country lanes in Knutsford.

Peter spent a couple of days showing us how to take control and how our relationship with our dog influenced his behaviour. He also showed us techniques to enable us to control him on the lead without having to use physical force, a battle that we could not win. 24 hours later, and Kosci is a new dog. He no longer jumps up at anyone. He doesn’t growl, bark, or lunge at people any more. Walking him is also a pleasure as he now walks on a loose lead beside us. We remain truly amazed that the change has been so dramatic.

Review of Dog Harmony by Lisa
5 05/09/2018 Lisa

The sign of a great dog trainer? One that knows how to train the dog owner as well as the dog. Peter Hargreaves of Dog Harmony understands that the success of a dog's training is contingent upon its human being willing to put in the hard work to support and continually reinforce the skills taught during training. Once trained, Peter does not disappear. You are well-equppied with an after-care plan and all the tools necessary for continuted success.

Review of Dog Harmony by Kate
5 28/08/2018 Kate

We were so impressed with Peter - he went out of his way to help us with our German Shepherd who has been reactive since we got her. we're just back from a week's holiday and she behaved beautifully - so much calmer and more relaxed. Can't recommend him highly enough.

Review of Dog Harmony by Andrew
5 27/08/2018 Andrew

Peter improved Starbuck's walk behavior, listening skills, and gave us a better sense of control after only one session. Also, he is so great to work with! No case is too challenging for him because his heart is truly in his work. Thanks, Peter!

Review of Dog Harmony by Marta
5 03/08/2018 Marta

Peter came to visit us at home because our wonderful one year old female black labrador, Iona, my husband and I needed help.
Iona is a very affectionate and clever girl but we became worried about her increasing anxiousness around children. She would also bark excessively and sometimes aggressively at visitors coming into the house. We agreed to meet with Peter for a Behavioural Course over three sessions. We understood and applied his professional guidance in between sessions, and stayed in touch throughout the whole process.

Iona is now able to cope with children of all ages calmly and sensibly; and we have learned to give her space when she asks for it.

We can now also welcome new friends at home, and help Iona to settle after a short acceptable welcoming bark.
Thanks to Peter we learnt to respect Iona’s personality, to understand what she is trying to tell us using her behaviour and body language. Therefore we can love her and care for her better now.

Peter is a caring, highly competent and extremely kind professional who patiently and warmly will help you work out how to better understand and love your dog.

Review of Dog Harmony by Andrew Dodd
5 31/07/2018 Andrew Dodd

Peter is a people person as much as a canine one, Bacon absolutely adored him and was eager to learn the vast amounts of experience Peter has to offer and just as importantly for me - Peter was able to engage and teach me effectively so I had the confidence to continue Bacon's training on my own. Additionally Peter offered great support when I found myself in a slight panic about Bacon's change in behaviour after a few nights away from home - even though it was late Peter responded straight away with advice and kind words to support me, which I can't tell you how much I appreciated.

You won't regret having Peter show you and your canine partner the ropes for whatever your training needs are.

Review of Dog Harmony by John
5 22/07/2018 John

I have a trained gundog Labrador which I take on shoot days with me but for some reason, we like to bite other dogs and people. This is not good and though I have a dog trainer he could not resolve this issue. Through a 3rd party, I heard of Peter and asked him to resolve this matter. To my amasement Peter resolved this in one session. To ensure it was just not a fluke we arranged to meet at Formby beach and my dog was totally different. Well behaved, not chasing other dogs and came back when told

I have asked Peter to attend a Shooting day with my dog as I just cannot have my dog biting other dogs or worse the host however up to now Peter has achieved more than the £1000’s of pounds I have spent on a professional dog trainer. If you want a well behaved dog contact Peter Hargreaves

Review of Dog Harmony by Brian
5 04/07/2018 Brian

We rescued a 95 lb. St. Bernard who had aggression issues with both dogs and people. After adopting us as our family her aggression became even worse as she wanted to protect us from all perceived threats. I was on the verge of getting rid of her, but we decided to invest in some expert training before making that decisions. I’m glad we did!

Peter was great. At the beginning we were afraid and reluctant to even take our dog for a walk because she would lunge at people and fixate on other dogs even if Peter were 3 blocks away. She was nuts. Peter was able to get her to start responding to us even after the first lesson. He’s a good teacher for the humans involved as well. If you have a dog with aggression issues I highly recommend Peter. He was very accommodating and great to work with.

Review of Dog Harmony by Lauren
5 29/06/2018 Lauren

Murphy came to me a year ago after being in two foster homes and then transported with 40 other dogs from Romania where he was picked up off those hard streets. Murphy is a senior, 8+, and this spring he lunged and almost bit one of the staff at my apartment complex, where there are nearly more dogs than humans, and Peter made me put him in a muzzle while outside on walks. I knew if I didn’t do something soon I’d lose complete control of him and either I’d have to move or Peter would put this very loving and fun little dog down. Did I mention that he is a Dachshund mix. I thought he was aggressive since he would lunge and bark at men and children, both of which are plentiful in my apartment building.
Well, he is my first dog as an adult and I had learned to be a dog parent with books and dvds until I met Peter. Thank God for the internet, I found Dog Harmonyand a very patient trainer. Yes, the evaluation process is long but for Peter to do his job and help save a very fearful dog, like Murphy, he had to know as much as he could before the very minimal time of 30 minutes he has with the owner and dog to know how to approach both human and dog and give both a chance at a successful experience and a change in their lives together.
To make a long story short, we worked seven weeks together this past summer. And in seven weeks Murphy kinda learned to sit. It seems funny now, but Peter was so patient with us. Murphy is a senior and had never been trained AT ALL. Did not know any commands as we found out. So he was a unique challenge. The truth is he was just slower to pick up on the training than others. Its now been three months later and he sits when I tell him to mostly, sits before I give him his dinner when I remember to tell him to. And walks right next to me in his prong collar very nicely. I am a much better dog parent thanks to Peter. As we were having our challenges with Murphy, Peter taught me a lot about nutrition for him, which worked by the way, and how to handle him on the leash better. I walk him two to three times a day and I love how he minds me on our walks.
He was not aggressive. He was afraid. He is still afraid of strangers, especially men and really afraid of children. But I now know how to handle him in those situations. And for that I a very grateful to Peter for their help and patience with this very loving little dog and his owner. Thanks Peter.

Review of Dog Harmony by David
5 17/06/2018 David

My wife and I went out of town for three weeks while Peter took care of our two dogs Connor and Olivia. We were looking for a sitter while we were gone but we found an excellent trainer as well. He worked with our two little ones on everything from play to behavior corrections. He let us decide the level of training they would receive while we were gone. Peter was available at anytime to check in and see how things were going and when we got back to town there were pictures waiting for us showing how much fun the dogs had. It was clear from the moment I dropped the dogs off that they were in the hands of a compassionate professional which gave a huge feeling of relief. When we returned our dogs were better off than when we left them thanks to the care and training they received. Peter went out of his way for us so many times but for him it was clearly just the way he conducted himself as a professional. Simply put, Peter knows his stuff!

Review of Dog Harmony by Ashley
5 12/06/2018 Ashley

Peter is truly amazing! When we adopted Bauer (8 months at the time) he was an extreme resource guarder, plus he a lot of other typical puppy issues. The worst was the fear that we had around him in our own home — he was great outside and with other dogs, but as soon as we were inside he would turn into a very aggressive dog in a matter of seconds. And as much as I hate to admit it, there were so many moments when we considered bringing him back because we felt so scared and helpless in our home. Calling Peter was the best decision we could have made — he saved Bauer's life. The Bauer we know today is completely different than the dog we brought home several months ago. We still have some fine tuning to do and Peter has been there every step of the way. He is truly committed to helping dogs (and their owners) be the best they can be. Now we can't imagine our lives without Bauer in it and we owe all of that to Peter.

Review of Dog Harmony by Alexia Newman
5 11/06/2018 Alexia Newman

I had a golden doodle called Ted. He had bitten several friends and I needed to do something about it before it got worse. Ted was also unwelcome around the village so I had to walk Ted to avoid people and would never have him off lead as he never listens to me and just ran off. Anyway my friend contacted Peter and after just 10 days in residential training my Ted is a completely relaxed dog. I am walking him around the village people are stroking him and he listens to me. He comes back when I call him and I can just enjoy Ted rather than dreading the walks as he just kept pulling me......Peter I cannot thank you enough and if you want me to recommend you to ANYONE just get them to call me. Thanks again

Review of Dog Harmony by Kathleen Katty
5 06/06/2018 Kathleen Katty

The difference in our dog is amazing. She's relaxed and happy - and so are we. Peter really helped us understand how to help Catty comfortably become a member of our pack. It's only been a week since she's been home from her board-and-train, but we've already seen so many positive changes in Catty towards us and our cats that it's almost like magic! Thank you, Peter!

Review of Dog Harmony by Ellie
5 06/06/2018 Ellie

Peter is great and of course Lara his helper. Professional, knowledgeable, and amazing with dogs. Highly recommend!

Review of Dog Harmony by Alex Brother
5 02/06/2018 Alex Brother

Peter is truly a rare breed ;) of trainer/behaviorist who patiently gets to know the animal, bond with him/her, assess their personality and help lead them to success. It is amazing the things you will learn about yourself while Peter works with your pet. He is excellent and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to have a happy, healthy and calm dog!

Review of Dog Harmony by Steve McDonald
5 01/06/2018 Steve McDonald

I know we have not been to see you in a while and have been busy with lot of things so far this year. I wanted to let you know that Rosie is doing great. She is a completely different dog. That little beagle that tried to bite you on the first day is so much calmer now The dog that had no confidence has become the social butterfly of the neighborhood. She enjoys playing and meeting new dogs and has adjusted well with our 2 Maltese.

The kids absolutely love her to no end and she has become a wonderful addition to our family. This is the same dog we had apprehension of after we got her in dealing with her issues. The time investment and commitment has been well worth it all. Sure, she is not perfect and we need to work on a few things but she has come full circle.

Peter, I really wanted to thank you for the service that you provide to help
people and dogs to find harmony together. You are great at what you do. We spread the word of you to every dog owner we meet. We wish you continued success.I look forward to seeing you around town walking with my now calm dog

Review of Dog Harmony by Steve Marsh
5 21/05/2018 Steve Marsh

I have a 8 year old German Shepherd. For the past 4 years she is aggressive to people coming into the house, I struggle to walk her as she is nasty to other dogs and pulling me all over the place. She barks at people so I have to time my walks when no one is around. If I see someone with a dog I turn around or cross over the road. I did not enjoy walking her due to her aggressive nature. 6 months ago I got a Victoria Stillwell dog trainer and was given lots of handouts to work with and we practiced on a fake dog. Waste of time and money. Last week I contacted Peter and he come today. We discussed setting boundaries sleeping on the bed... diet and door manners. Within 20 minutes we were outside and Peter had a number of dogs with him. My dog reacted at one and this was corrected we then walked for an hour and as it was sunny we came across lots of dogs. My dog though a little unsure never once reacted in an aggressive manner. I am absolutely made up with my dog and I will recommend Peter to anyone with a reactive dog. In the second session Peter says my dog will be off leash and coming back on the recall. If this happens I will be over the moon! Peter thank you.

Review of Dog Harmony by Martin Lewis
5 18/05/2018 Martin Lewis

After our session Bailey is like a new dog, yesterday I was able to invite a stranger to bailey into the home. Bailey lay in his bed and eventually fell asleep allowing me to relax and enjoy my friends company.
It's still early days, but the improvement we see already is unbelievable - we cannot thank you enough.. Bailey is now what we would call a normal dog. If you have a problem with your dog just give Peter a call

Review of Dog Harmony by Gwen Jones
5 17/05/2018 Gwen Jones

Myself and my husband were fed up with our german shepherd ruling the house so we decided to ask Peter to help, Peter is one of the best as we feel we have a new dog!! She's less destructive we can leave her on her own and she does what she's told whereas before she was a complete nightmare, she's a much more pleasant dog to b around and she now has full run of house without worrying that she's going to destroy everything, thank you so much Peter for your guidance in to help with elsa

Review of Dog Harmony by A Google User
5 15/05/2018 A Google User

I have a 8 year old yellow Labrador that for the past 6 years was a nightmare to walk. Every dog it came across it was lunging at, barking and just frothing at the mouth, I thought she was being aggressive. I started timing my walks so I could avoid people early morning and late evening. I recently moved to South port and decided that I had to call someone for help. I contacted Peter and he explained my dog was scared and then implemented a plan. In the second session I walked through the biggest park in South port on a sunny afternoon with my dog. It was great. We also went into a Dog Café something I never thought I would do. I can work my dog anywhere and anytime now. If you have a reactive Dog call Peter at Dog harmony as he will sort this out for you.

Review of Dog Harmony by Martin Lewis
5 03/05/2018 Martin Lewis

After our session Bailey is like a new dog, yesterday I was able to invite a stranger to bailey into the home. Bailey lay in his bed and eventually fell asleep allowing me to relax and enjoy my friends company.

It's still early days, but the improvement we see already is unbelievable - we cannot thank you enough.. Bailey is now what we would call a normal dog. If you have a problem with your dog just give Peter a call.

Review of Dog Harmony by Ormskirk
5 03/05/2018 Ormskirk

Would highly recommend Peter to anyone with a dog with behaviour issue no matter how small or large. I will be the first to admit I didn't see how a 3 hour session would change anything in Trevor our Jack Russell's behaviour which wasn't bad but he had a few bad habits I thought was too late to change but after the session what a difference I'm amazed. Peter has certainly showed us the way forward and the training we've been shown will and has made a difference. Great service by a top bloke who's passion shows in his work. Thanks again.

Review of Dog Harmony by Joan Lewis
5 02/05/2018 Joan Lewis

Omg cannot recommend Peter enough. We have a 1yr old German Shepard puppy who was very dog reactive.
A couple of hours spent with Peter and he's like a different dog.

I'm excited to see the difference in a few days as Peter as told me that on the next appointment it will be on Formby beach with my dog off leash……………not a chance!

Review of Dog Harmony by shirley hewitt
5 02/05/2018 shirley hewitt

I have a 10 week old Siberian huskie who I desperately needed help with, I gave Peter a call and arranged the first training session. From the first time Peter came my huskie was a changed puppy- calmer, more obedient and sleeping through the night. I cannot stress the difference Peter has made to him and to us. One of the best decisions I have made.
Thank you Peter

Review of Dog Harmony by Karen  Webster
5 25/04/2018 Karen Webster

We brought home a beautiful, sweet, and very smart border collie puppy, Annie, at the age of eight weeks who became a very aggressive, hard to handle four-month old almost overnight. She terrorized our four-year-old Scottish terrier, Jack, and created havoc in our household by taking out her aggression to both Jack and even us by biting and growling almost constantly. At the first sign of this, we brought in a trainer who worked with us on basic obedience , but the situation simply intensified. We were at our wits end and even got to the point that we thought that we would have to return Annie to the breeder in spite of how much we loved her and her sweet side, which surfaced every so often.
But, we just felt that we could not give up – and had not given him Annie every possible chance to succeed. We saw an advertisement for Peter at our vet and also heard about them from a pet supply store in our town. I gave them a call and less than a day later we connected, and I shared with them the story of Annie and our sadness and frustration over the situation that had resulted. He agreed to take on Annie and work with us.
Two months later, after a very specific program and focus, Annie is a delightful member of our family. Peter has a very calming yet firm approach to managing aggression in dogs, with a focus on building confidence in a positive way and establishing the pack order in a way that is constructive and effective. He taught us as much as he taught Annie! We also learned to build on Annie's interest in playing ball and use it as a way to both exercise her and reward her for behaving well.
I never thought that we would come through our training this well this quickly. I have to say that we went into this with the idea that we would make it work and give Annie every benefit of our time and attention, but did not really know how it would turn out. Peter and Judy both were our partners in turning a very difficult situation into a very happy outcome. We recognize that we will forever work to build on the great success that we have with Annie, and continue to work with Peter to build on our success together. We are now working with any on agility training which reinforces leadership, discipline and focus. At the same time it gives her physical and mental stimulation she needs to be happy. And happy she is, she smiles and wags her tails and gives hugs – something she never ever did before.
My husband and I, and Annie and Jack, highly recommend Peter and his programs and teaching methods. I've had dogs before so thought I knew everything there was to know about training them. I've learned that all dogs are different and that understanding what motivates dogs and how to tap into that effectively and kindly and firmly so that dogs can be happy and is as much science as art. Peter and Judy have that mastered!

Review of Dog Harmony by Deborah Preston
5 23/04/2018 Deborah Preston

Alan & I (and Abby!) want to thank you for all you did for us on Saturday. It was a bit scary bringing home a new dog & not really knowing what to do. We are very appreciative of all of your great advice, tips, knowledge & encouragement Peter, & for coming out to help us on a holiday weekend.
The harness we got from you has worked wonders. We have ordered a collar embroidered with Abby's name & our phone #, and read the little booklet we purchased cover to cover.
We thank you for starting us off on the right foot. We have had a great 3 days - no accidents, sleeping through the night, learning her commands, minding well, settling into a schedule.... We now look forward to our next training class with you on your field.

Review of Dog Harmony by helen boothby
5 18/04/2018 helen boothby

I have had a 9 year old rescue for 6 months. He has had a tough life and no socialisation so was very reactive to other dogs and people. Despite being loving and obedient in the home, life had become very stressful when going for a walk or visitors came to the house. I had witnessed an attack on another dog and a person and truthfully we were at the end of the road until I met Peter I had 2 sessions with Peter and what a transformation . My dog is no longer anxious and very relaxed around other dogs. Peter not only trained our lovely boy to be a relaxed dog he also gave me great advice and tips to be the leader my dog so needed me to be. I was honestly amazed and would recommend Peter as a brilliant trainer and behaviourist that has helped me and my enjoy life together without the drama we had to endure
Thank you Peter

Review of Dog Harmony by Marcia Maione
5 10/04/2018 Marcia Maione

I have brought my other dogs to different puppy training schools in the past. I have also had experience with a trainer because I worked at her kennel and saw how she trained. And, I have NEVER seen or been a part of a better dog training session! Peter is fantastic! My chihuahua was very timid and frightened at the first class and now she has so much confidence that it's like I have a new puppy. The things I have learned in class have given me the tools to not only make her more behaved, but she now feels even safer with me as her owner knowing that I am in control and will protect her. Seriously, if you want a great way to learn how to train your puppy or dog, you have to try these classes! They are wonderful! Thank you Peter ! PS: I will have to comment again later because I have soooo much more to say. :)

Review of Dog Harmony by Martin Shaw
5 05/04/2018 Martin Shaw

There are a few hundred dog trainers on Google, yet Peter stands out! He's helped several local dog owners I know solve their problems. When we don't understand (thick humans!), he talks it out with us very patiently.

His brilliant solution for the crying puppy was to leave a light on. Simple and successful. He's shown us he has great judgment!

He warned me against taking my puppy to training class too soon after the puppy arrived because Puppy wouldn't have bonded with me yet. It seemed counterintuitive to me: I thought the earlier, the better! I didn't take her advice and started to train her with poor results until having to quit for unrelated reasons. I waited a few months like Peter suggested, and sure enough Puppy did what I wanted AFTER she learned to trust me. However Peter made it very clear socialise my dog, socialize my dog and socialise my dog AND START AT 8 WEEKS........EVEN IF THE VET SAYS NO

His advice is truly awesome and his recommendations often elegant!

Review of Dog Harmony by Carol Rice
5 04/04/2018 Carol Rice

My husband and I adopted a shelter dog with known dog reactivity issues. We wanted to get a start on this as soon as possible before shelter habits got set. We talked to and visited several dog trainers & facilities and were not satisfied. Our vet recommended Peter as very highly as effective and non-aversive trainers/behaviorists. Peter came to visit at our house and met Ginger. He left us with some homework and a date for a structured walk. We continued these structured walks , about every 3 weeks for a few months.

Peter guided us to a program of desensitization and counter-conditioning for Ginger’s dog reactivity. He also provide a foundation for good behavior and obedience that helped us build a good relationship with Ginger and build her trust in us. Now, 6 months and 8 appointments later, we have a great, happy dog who is well mannered. She is not totally relaxed with other dogs, but manageable and safe. She can be let loose at the beach and at dog parks without wandering off or any mishaps. A walk down a crowded street (with dogs) is a pleasure.

Peter and Judy believe and practice a completely positive, no punishment approach to dog training. It works and I believe works better that punishment/painful stimulation in the short and long term. Ginger is not afraid of us, she wants to be with us. If we call her, she comes to us.

The real secret is Peter and Judy don’t train dogs at all – although they can. They train dog owners to train their dogs to be good pet parents. I cannot recommend them enough!

Review of Dog Harmony by Trish
5 02/04/2018 Trish

Just wanted to send our thanks and give you a quick update on Silver, our Siberian Husky, which Peter had worked with several months back for issues with resource guarding / resource aggression.

Following Peter's instructions, we have worked diligently with Silver and he has shown remarkable progress. We have now moved to London and Silver is doing better than ever. He still shows some signs of resource guarding, but here are some examples of his progress:

• Before we moved, we were able to have our neighbors dog(s) in the yard, with Silvers toys around. The other dogs were able to sniff the toys when Silver was not playing with them and Silver did not make any moves to react. Previously, we had to pick up the toys if other dogs were going to be in our yard. He would growl fiercely if they even got near them.

• Since Xmas, my young nephews, including a 2 year old, have been able to pick up Silver's tennis balls and footballs and throw them to him in the yard. No growling!

• Jim and I are able to fairly easily take any of his toys away from him while he is playing with them...he actually wants to interact with us now. He will sometimes growl or put his paw over the toy, but he also freely allows us to take it and will even bring it over to me and play nearby, as if inviting me to interact.

• Yesterday, in the park, another dog approached him while Silver was standing next to his water dish... he looked a little protective, but he didn't growl or become aggressive towards the other dogs. Later, we had him tethered to a tree while we were working out nearby. Another dog approached him while Silver had a tennis ball in his mouth. Silver did not growl and the other dog was called away by his owner before he could get right up to him, but this was another sign of progress, even letting the dog approach him.

• He will "stay" or "leave it" on command and wait for my release, even if I take his favorite treat or toy and put it on the ground. He can now do this successfully even when I am moving the desired object or if I walk away.

Thank you so much for giving us the tools to work with him. We are all much happier now and we have enjoyed a much smoother move to London as a result!

Review of Dog Harmony by Jane Killowen
5 31/03/2018 Jane Killowen

I would like to say a big thank you to Peter.

Benji is a rescue puppy from Bulgaria. My sister in law took him on as a family dog but unfortunately he turned out to be a very nervous dog and completely shut down. She asked me to take him as I had experience with dogs.

Benji would not move from the settee, wouldn't go out in the garden, i use to have to carry him. Wouldn't eat until during the night when no one was around. He was frightened of anything and everything. Wouldn't let anyone stroke him or even play with other dogs.

I contacted Peter. He came to see us both. Within the first three hours he was here he turned Benji around. Had him walking in the garden, walking down the road on his lead. What a difference. He slowly started to play with other dogs when we went out and actually walking, not me carrying him! He then came back a few weeks later as Benji still wouldn't let people near him and again within a couple of hour's Rick was stroking him and walking him down the road.

Benji has so much more confidence now. Still some way to go though.

Peter is amazing. Such a caring person. There at the end of the phone. He's not only helped Benji but helped me also how to understand Benji's mind and what he is going through.

I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their little one.

Thank you so much.

Review of Dog Harmony by Sue Jorden
5 31/03/2018 Sue Jorden

Peter has been a real life changer for my family. My wife and I adopted an adult German Shepherd mix about a year ago, and were shocked when he started displaying aggressive behavior toward other dogs and people after a few months of being home with us. It got so bad that we could hardly take him on a walk without him lunging at a passerby or trying to attack another dog. He even bit me on one occasion when I tried to get between him and another dog. When we found Peter we were exhausted from training classes and other "behavioral" dog trainers that had tried in vain to use treats to get him to stop. Peter was completely different. he was warm and a good listener, and we could immediately see our dog respond well to him when he walked into our home. We were skeptical about signing up for a training package because we didn't have a lot of money, but after doing a little research we realized that Peter's package was actually quite reasonable compared to all the others we saw

Review of Dog Harmony by Phil Hodges
5 31/03/2018 Phil Hodges

I don't have a dog; I met Peter at a pet festival for reactive dogs I organized. He was by far the most popular person there. At no time was he ever without a crowd of pet owners clinging to his every word. Talk about command and presence, that man was serious business and all pro when it came to dogs and their owners. I was extremely impressed and grateful for all the customers he attracted. I recommend him to people all the time now. He is a righteous fighter of animal rights and protection, and all around great guy. If you have a dog that is reactive and do the midnight walks to avoid other dogs and people see Peter

Review of Dog Harmony by Ann Armstrong Preston
5 30/03/2018 Ann Armstrong Preston

So your dog is a difficult dog. Doesn't listen, pulls constantly, growls and barks at other dogs. Guess what? You need a trainer and that "trainer" should be Peter Hargreaves of Dog Harmony. He is GREAT! She helped me with our dogs. The huskies used to pull so hard on leash that walking them was not fun. Mushing attitude changed too! We actually do land mushing with our dogs. He showed us how just this type of training could solve so many issues! Huskies have a high prey drive so they don't do well around little dogs... NOT anymore! Peter is really a behaviorist and taught us what to look for when other dogs approach, how to tell if dogs like each other (yes, that's my arse. Here take another sniff!) We learned so much from him!"

Thank you PeterDee. You are actually a "15", but Google only allows "5"

Review of Dog Harmony by Charlie S Jones
5 27/03/2018 Charlie S Jones

Tilly, border collie, and I loved taking part in the puppy training course. As an newly, inexperienced dog owner, Peter really showed me how much work I needed to put in with her and how to do it to get her to be the best she could be (she is a naturally quick learner). We had a set back after the course where Tilly was diagnosed with growing bone disease with a treatment plan of large doses of steroids which knocked Tilly about a fair bit, training became very minimal parts of her weeks. When we weaned her off the steroids eventually despite hesitating slightly we signed up for the behaviour consultation course with Fitz as he started resource guarding and showing his teeth at me when I tried to push him off the sofa. Tilly were so out of practice and it showed on the first week. But the six days course with Peter made such a difference again, even after that first week. 1 to 1 was the way that would best suit Tilly and it paid off! I was happy enough with Tilly's progress .

I thoroughly recommend Dog Harmony for training, particularly if your inexperienced or not had much luck with other places. Peter will make you andnd your dog work hard together and you'll see the benefits of it.

Review of Dog Harmony by Jade

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Review of Dog Harmony by Harold

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Review of Dog Harmony by Martin Shaw
5 26/03/2018 Martin Shaw

There are a few hundred dog trainers on Google, yet Peter stands out! He's helped several local dog owners I know solve their problems. When we don't understand (thick humans!), he talks it out with us very patiently.

His brilliant solution for the crying puppy was to leave a light on. Simple and successful. He's shown us he has great judgment!

He warned me against taking my puppy to training class too soon after the puppy arrived because Puppy wouldn't have bonded with me yet. It seemed counterintuitive to me: I thought the earlier, the better! I didn't take her advice and started to train her with poor results until having to quit for unrelated reasons. I waited a few months like Peter suggested, and sure enough Puppy did what I wanted AFTER she learned to trust me. However Peter made it very clear socialise my dog, socialize my dog and socialise my dog AND START AT 8 WEEKS........EVEN IF THE VET SAYS NO

His advice is truly awesome and his recommendations often elegant!

Review of Dog Harmony by Andrew Needham
5 26/03/2018 Andrew Needham

Peter has been a lifesaver to our family!

My husband and I have a 2 1/2 year old, 85 lb. Bernese shepherd mix who has some territorial and anxiety issues. She is generally a lovely girl who loves to play with other dogs and shower our friends and family with love and kisses, but has always been fiercely possessive of us and our home. At times, she has been scary and aggressive.
This January, we were sent a post about a sweet rot/swiss mountain dog/lab/? mix boy who was scheduled to be put down at the Merseyside shelter. We put our names on the back up list for him in case he wasn't rescued and late one night we were called because his potential adoptive parents never showed. We weren't quite prepared for him, especially since, despite ample outdoor space, we have a very small home AND a territorial dog.
I found Peter on the internet that morning. We spoke as my husband and I drove to Liverpool. He gave me a few pointers and set up a neutral meeting for the dogs at the beach in Formby that same day. He was so warm, accommodating and supportive! We were very stressed, never having met this big guy and he encouraged us every step of the way.
Peter was imperative to the first meeting and subsequent few week long introduction of our dogs. They are both powerful breeds and we had a few hiccups because of their personalities, but Peter coached us through, tweaking our reactions, suggesting new behaviors and assessing their progress through those first weeks. He called to check in and was always available to answer our questions. Had he not helped us, I don't know what we would have done! Within that first month, thanks to him, we had regained order in our household, discovered our own sense of quiet confidence with the dogs and were enjoying two large furry buddies who share toys, chase each other and snuggle up for TV time. Oh sweet relief and happiness!

Since our initial transition with Peter, our new pound pup, who had always been a bit hand shy, has started to show signs of aggression towards men. Sadly, it seems he might have been hit in the head in his pre-adopted life and now that he's feeling more comfortable with us and at home in his new surroundings, he's letting guys know when he's startled or uncomfortable by snapping at them. Peter has, once again, come to our rescue and is currently helping us decipher his pattern of fear based aggressive behavior. It's incredible how he is able to read every move he makes and translate it into cues we, as owners, should take, learn from and adapt our behavior towards. He's a dog WIZARD and we feel so lucky to have found him. DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS STRESS YOU OUT CALL PETER

Review of Dog Harmony by Carol Clarkson
5 26/03/2018 Carol Clarkson

We would wholeheartedly recommend Peter to help you with any training or other needs you have for your dog. He is kind, patient and knowledgeable and puts the needs of your dog first. We took our very nervous Romanian rescue dog to Peter on a one to one basis. At the start Ollie had no recall or real regard for commands we gave him. Peter trained us as much as Ollie and made us realise where we were going wrong and we now have a much more balanced, confident (even a little cocky!) little chap who we are happy to let off lead and who walks much more nicely on lead! We cant wait to sign up for group classes shortly. Thanks again Peter xx

Review of Dog Harmony by Carol Clarkson
5 24/03/2018 Carol Clarkson

We would wholeheartedly recommend Peter to help you with any training or other needs you have for your dog. He is kind, patient and knowledgeable and puts the needs of your dog first. We took our very nervous Romanian rescue dog to Peter on a one to one basis. At the start Ollie had no recall or real regard for commands we gave him. Peter trained us as much as Ollie and made us realise where we were going wrong and we now have a much more balanced, confident (even a little cocky!) little chap who we are happy to let off lead and who walks much more nicely on lead! We cant wait to sign up for group classes shortly. Thanks again Peter xx

Review of Dog Harmony by A Google User
5 23/03/2018 A Google User

We were in search of someone who could help us train our brand new Maltipoo puppy, who at just shy of 8 weeks old, was in need of special care to ensure she got off on the right foot. We searched the Internet for trainers specializing in "puppy schools" and found Peter through his website, which provided a wealth of information to start with.

We had a consultation and quickly knew Peter was the perfect fit to help us -- it was clear that his vast experience would help our puppy (Riley) get where we wanted her to be. He had a clear vision of what we should expect and he delivered on everything he promised us.

We're just now nearing the end of our 14 day puppy school and Riley is turning out to be a very well behaved, and well adjusted little puppy. Not only did Peter train Riley on all the normal things; including tricks, house training, how to walk on a leash, socialization etc. -- but also helped train us as her doggy parents to communicate properly with her and how to best address future issues that may arise.

I also love the fact that her training is very consistent and includes near daily sessions to keep things on track. He also took Riley to Formby beach twice a week for "puppy play school" with other dogs to ensure she was properly socialized, which we believe made an enormous impact on how well behaved she is around new people, dogs and experiences overall.

All-in-all I would highly recommend Peter for any dog owner, especially for helping train their brand new puppy. He's been doing this for over 30 years and definitely knows what he's doing. Riley also adores him, and the bond they have will likely last for a long time to come. We'll definitely continue to work with Peter for as long as we can.

Review of Dog Harmony by Freddie Seven
5 23/03/2018 Freddie Seven

I can't thank Peter enough for all his help with our 2.5 year old Cavapoo.
I found Peter on the internet after doing some research on dog behaviourists. After looking at his website and finding out more about his work I knew that I wanted to work with him.
Peter identified that my dog was portraying territorial aggression and gave us a number of steps to take to help to resolve this. I can honestly say that very quickly we started to see changes in his behaviour and 5 weeks on he is a different dog for the better.
He is still a work in progress but we wouldn't have got to where we are now without Peter and his expertise. Thank you!

Review of Dog Harmony by Mike Owens
5 21/03/2018 Mike Owens

GREAT EXPERIENCE I’m so glad that I found Peter - he’s a very kind very experienced dog trainer and behaviorist. I totally believe in reward base training and have first hand seen the results with my dogs. My dog was a total stress head and I began to hate taking her out. After 14 days I am now enjoying my walks with her. Just in time for the Spring.

Review of Dog Harmony by Nat Hodge
5 08/03/2018 Nat Hodge

I took my 14 mouth old puppy to Peter because she was pulling on the lead and she had no recall what. Have been to another dog trainer which I didn't find useful at all however, Peter was great and gave me loads of top tips and advice. I now have recall is getting better
every time we take her out. Would definitely recommend Peter, he knows exactly what he is talking about and has some great advice.
Kyla liverokk Liverpool March 2018

Review of Dog Harmony by Holly
5 02/03/2018 Holly

I have a very nervous GSD that reacted every time it saw another dog. It reached the stage that I was unable to work him unless it was in the middle of the night. I needed help so contacted Peter. It was life changing . I now am quite happy walking my dog anytime

Review of Dog Harmony by vanshja shukla
5 19/01/2018 vanshja shukla

Peter is one of those people who you immediately realise he knows what he is talking about, Our very own Dog Whisperer!
Peter gets straight to the problem and doesn’t mess about, when you listen and do your homework then the results are amazing! I have recommended Peter to many people and none of them have been disappointed, if you want results then go to Peter!

Stevie Jonson

Liverpool Jan 2018

Review of Dog Harmony by Megan Owen
1 10/01/2018 Megan Owen


I hired Peter due to the good online feedback I had read and boy did I make a mistake.

6 facts about my experience with Peter:

1. I payed £300 upfront for 3x 2-2.5 hour lessons.

2. My dog was nervy around him, so didn't show any of her naughty behaviours. Understandably, this made
training difficult.

3. The first 2 sessions he taught me nothing. Simply sat on my sofa throwing chicken at her and took us on a walk.

4. In total, these sessions were just over 3 hours long.

5. He did not turn up for the final session. No pre warning, no apologies, just didn't turn up.

6. He did not provide me with a training plan as promised.

7. He avoided all my attempts to get hold of him for two weeks.

8. When finally getting hold of him, I requested my final £100 back, as he had not come for the final session, and he refused.

During this 8 minute phone conversation, Peter was SHOUTING at me, calling me all sorts of names, interrupting me when trying to talk and laughing at me.

From my atrocious experience, I find Peter to be an angry, arrogant man, who is extremely unprofessional but great at doing diddly squat for peoples hard earned money.

I don't doubt for a moment that Peter will comment on this review and lie through his teeth, like he did on the phone, but I promise you that the above bullet points are completely truthful.

Dog Harmony replied:
Dogs can be trained however people who are unable to listen/not prepared to listen cannot be trained. A dog emotional state is usually a reflection of the owners emotional state
Review of Dog Harmony by euan adair
5 08/01/2018 euan adair

Our dog has stayed with Peter many times and always comes back to us happy and well exercised. It's not easy leaving your dog with someone else, but knowing he takes such good care and treats her like part of the family is very reassuring .

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone looking for boarding or training for their dog.

Review of Dog Harmony by Steve Clarke
5 27/12/2017 Steve Clarke

Peter is an excellent trainer who has taken our anti-social little man Jasper and worked wonders with him, we have every confidence in Peters training methods and would recommend his skills to all. We have also used Peter for holiday minding and have felt safe in doing so and J seems to enjoy the break as well.

Review of Dog Harmony by Kate Lawless
5 22/12/2017 Kate Lawless

I can not recommend Peter enough. I rescued a 6 month old German Shepherd cross Lab and after seeing other trainers and listening to various advice I contacted Peter, after only a few days Buddy had calmed down and was a lot more content and relaxed even sleeping in in the morning. I have learnt how a dogs brain actually works and what he enjoys. I now have a much happier dog and feel comfortable to have him off the lead and to play with other dogs.
I know I can count on Peter should I need any future advice.

Review of Dog Harmony by Gaurav Shukla
5 02/12/2017 Gaurav Shukla


My partner and I brought home an 8 week old miniature poodle after planning on getting a dog for a couple of years.

Blue was lovely, fun, and playful, but it quickly became apparent she did not like being on her own. She stuck to us like glue, cried/howled when left alone, and was howling/yelping/crying at night.

We had decided on crate training but whenever the crate door was closed she became very distressed. We had tried all the usual advice online yet none of it was working.

After nearly 2 weeks we were almost resigned to the fact we had a pup that just couldn’t be left alone. How would we manage? How would that fit with our jobs/commitments? That’s when a friend recommended Peter.

My partner had a good phone call with Peter who got the background on the issue, gave some initial advice, and arranged to come out for an assessment.

The assessment took around 3 or 4 hours where Peter went through all aspects of the problem. Peter helped us understand that Blue probably had weaning distress and was poorly socialized by the breeder. A plan was put in place – we were given a schedule to help with crating, Blue’s food was changed to something a bit tastier with a stronger smell to help her eat more, and we were encouraged to get her out and about to experience the world.

We got a written report from Peter with all the background and recommendations written down, and invited to come along to puppy class. Peter asked us to stay in touch by emails/phone, and to send over a diary every week.

The change in Blue was swift. Within the first week the new routine was working – when being crated for an hour Blue was only whining for a few minutes then settling down. She was also becoming more confident in general.

8 weeks on, and things are pretty much perfect. She happily jumps into her crate, and barely makes a peep. Our work/life routines are back to normal, and Blue seems much more content to play on her own and be a little more independent. We would absolutely recommend Peter to help anyone with issues with their dogs. The improvement has been dramatic, and the support from Peter has been excellent.

Marc, Sue and Blue.

Crosby, Liverpool

Review of Dog Harmony by Steven Handley
5 27/11/2017 Steven Handley

Peter has been brilliant throughout. We had previously tried residential training with another trainer and was unsuccessful. This made us anxious to try again but with Peter we immediately felt at ease. He kept us update throughout and was always at the end of the phone to help us with any queries. He has changed our lives. Our dog is a thousand times better and seems much happier for it. I can’t speak highly enough of this guy.

Review of Dog Harmony by Chelsy Lowe
5 14/11/2017 Chelsy Lowe

Peter came to work with our two collies, one nearly 14 so “an old dog…. new tricks” and one five year old.. They both had quite different issues but after a day spent with Peter, we realised that he should change his name to “husband training”! We still have some way to go but the dogs are responding really well to the techniques we learnt. The dogs were tired out and slept for hours afterwards… Thank you

Jan and David Stewart
September 29, 2017

Review of Dog Harmony by Yvonne Disley
5 12/11/2017 Yvonne Disley

“Peter will teach you the best methods to train your dog and he will help you ‘get into your dogs mind’ and see things from your puppy/dog’s point of view. His enthusiasm and passion for dogs, dog training and doggy behaviour shine through at all times.”

Y Disley

Review of Dog Harmony by Stacey Bennett
5 12/11/2017 Stacey Bennett

Very professional, very attentive, worth every penny after only two sessions!! I have seen a massive difference in my dog. So happy

Review of Dog Harmony by Dave
5 29/09/2017 Dave

"As a first time dog owner I contacted Peter when I wasn't confident that my training plan with a large and bouncy pup was working well enough. A puppy visit from Peter solved my concerns, headed of potential problems and probably just as important, gave me the confidence to continue the training in a very positive direction. The puppy happily continued with training and is now an extremely well behaved dog. I should also say that over 2.5 years later when my dog suddenly decided to stop getting into the car,Peter was happy to have a long chat on the phone, reassuring that what I was doing to fix it was the right thing. (He was right - it worked). I would highly recommend giving Peter a call if you have training or behavioural problems or concerns with your dog - or just want to make sure you're on the right track. He fixes both dogs and humans in an unflappable, experienced and patient way and doesn't make you feel like an idiot when things aren't going to plan."
Dave, Burscough

Review of Dog Harmony by Mike Ryan
5 27/09/2017 Mike Ryan

"We contacted Peter when our 3 year old German Shepherd dog, Zeus started to wreck the house when left alone after the Xmas period after I had been at home for three weeks with him. The damage he did was terrible, trying to get out of doors and windows. We decided to crate him when we were out, but then the poor dog got so stressed, we came home to pools of blood on the floor from his paws and mouth where he had tried (and succeeded) to rip the crate apart. Luckily my husband could take Zeus with him each day in his van and we tried to make sure one of us was always at home, which was making us both as stressed as Zeus! We arranged a meeting with Peter who gave us both the advice and information to help poor Zeus and now after just six weeks, what a changed dog. We did follow Peter’s advice to the ‘T’ to make sure Zeus got the best chance to get over his separation anxiety. Thank you Peter for all your advice and information, we can now leave Zeus when we want to go out at weekends and from next week we are going to start leaving him during the day again, for one day each week, building up to the five working days, going back to family and professional dog walkers coming in each lunch time to walk him. We cannot believe the change in Zeus in just four sessions, a much happier dog altogether, happy in his own company and not getting stressed every time we leave the room or try to leave the house. We would both recommend Peter to anyone with ‘dog behaviour problems’. He is a gentleman and you can see how much he loves dogs and wants to be able to help them. Thank you Peter!"




Review of Dog Harmony by T. Crank
5 06/05/2017 T. Crank

I have had some excellent training sessions and feel much more bonded with my dog

Review of Dog Harmony by tom
1 25/04/2017 tom


Used this pro
Review of Dog Harmony by Ant Smyth
5 10/03/2017 Ant Smyth

I have had an excellent week training my dog and understanding her so much better now. Much calmer

Dog Harmony

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Dog Harmony Q&A

Dog Harmony Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I address dog aggression, fearful dog behaviors, separation anxiety, as well as provide behavior modification, and dog obedience training for puppies and adult dogs. I excel in diagnosing and resolving dog reactivity, human aggression, resource guarding, leash aggression, leash reactivity, pulling on leash, jumping on people, counter surfing, stealing food, chewing and destruction, barking problems, running away, generally “selective hearing,” growling, snapping, biting, door bolting, prey drive, and rebellious puppy behaviors.
All behavior issues, and all ages welcome; the question is how much work are YOU willing to do?

What inspired you to start your own business?

Enjoy working with people and dogs and helping people enjoy their dog much more

Why should our clients choose you?

I have over 25 years experience training dogs. This includes pet dogs and military working dogs

Services provided by Dog Harmony

Dog Harmony Services

Dog Training and Behaviour Modification

I address dog aggression, fearful dog behaviors, separation anxiety, as well as provide behavior modification, and dog obedience training for puppies and adult dogs. I excel in diagnosing and resolving dog reactivity, human aggression, resource guarding, leash aggression, leash reactivity, pulling on leash, jumping on people, counter surfing, stealing food, chewing and destruction, barking problems, running away, generally “selective hearing,” growling, snapping, biting, door bolting, prey drive, and rebellious puppy behaviors. All behavior issues, and all ages welcome; the question is how much work are YOU willing to do?

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