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Snowden Builders LLC

1 February 2019

We work with Dan to take the finished photos on all of our projects, most recently on our 2018 Fall Parade Home in Lowell this past November as well as a small flip home project in December. We LOVE his work! He is great to work with and we would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to hire... More...


Jim Zeeff

3 August 2018

excellent, very professional photography at reasonable prices!


Chris Macnz

3 August 2018

I use DJZ Photography for all my client's home listings. Best photographer I have ever had. The photos are amazing! Thank you !


Tony Scholten

3 August 2018

I've used Dan for photos from the beginning. He always takes great pictures while capturing the realistic essence of each home. My sellers always rave about his photos& his professionalism. More...


Diana Snyder

3 August 2018

Dan is an incredible photographer. His pictures are just amazing and have really help showcase the homes I'm selling. I highly recommend him!


Tessa Hessmiller

26 May 2018

Dan was amazing for real estate listing photos and a pleasure to work with. He uses only the best equipment, came with tons of lights and flashes, took his time setting up perfect shots in every room, captured beautiful aerial shots of our property, and returned the final edited images very quickly. The results are stunning. An excellent investment in preparing to list the house. More...



28 May 2017

Dan is a true professional when it comes to real estate listing photos. He is a delight to work with, uses only the best equipment, came with tons of lights and flashes, took his time setting up every shot, and returned the beautifully edited images quickly. I can't think of a better investment in g... More...


Kenowa Builders

13 April 2017

We have worked with Dan on many projects. Dan is able to capture great photos that will really show your property well. I would highly recommend using Dan for your photography needs!

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