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DJ One Luv

Washington, DC

26 hires on Bark
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DJ One Luv

Washington, DC

26 hires on Bark


DJ One Luv has over 15+ years of professional experience in doing all types of events.
Full service DJ'ing for private, public, large or small upscale or low key events.
Corporate gatherings, schools pep rallies & dances, holiday parties, festivals, award ceremonies, conferences, community days, sports & activities, skating rinks, political or non political causes, fundraisers, reunions, weddings & receptions.


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9 December 2019

I hired him for my birthday party on 12/7 and he was phenomenal. His timeliness, professionalism and knowledge was awesome. He understood the age range of my guests (40's - 50's) and everything he chose to play was great. I especially appreciated the helpful tips he gave on how certain music affects how you keep or lose the attention of your guests. I would not hesitate recommending him. More...

27 September 2019

He was very nice and thorough we haven’t gotten our pics yet

23 July 2019

If you're looking for a DJ that can keep the party going while keeping it clean and conscious, he's your man!

24 May 2019

He is fun, Personable and very accommodating. Very Professional and timely. He seems genuinely interested in making my event a memorable one
Party of the season !

25 October 2018

DJ One Luv showed up early and was very accommodating. I was able to make changes and request on the fly with no interruptions. I look forward to having him DJ my next event. More...

5 August 2018

Very professional and lightened up the crowd. I will definitely recommend him to any future clients of mine.

23 July 2018

Use HIM! He hypes the crowd like no other dj i know. You won't be disappointed.

23 July 2018

This is the best DJ and sound magician . in the DMV a must-have for your party anniversary or wedding get blessed by the best

6 June 2018

DJ One Luv was great. He was extremely punctual (he beat me to the venue). He kept the party going all night. Several people commented "Who's the DJ, he's great! " I tried to book him for another event but he wasn't available. More...

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Knowing your crowd, paying attention to everything and everyone throughout the night. Paying attention to the response and energy ore the crowd. If the audience isn't feeling a song don't let it play for too long, play something else. Knowledge of music is important. Knowing how to play music such as blending, cutting, scratching or dropping during transitions is important. Great DJ's know that you cannot be all over the place with your music and you cannot please every single person so try your best to please your crowd as a whole. Staying focused and not allowing distractions is extremely important. Always remember that you are the DJ which means that you are responsible for the music nobody else. And lastly make it fun regardless of what you are playing and who you are playing for.

I like clean transitions in my blends. I can play various genres of music for various settings and moods. It can be a relaxed and chill environment, a dinning or socializing setting or it can be a hype & high energy party setting. I don't like to do a lot of talking when playing unless it is needed. I'd rather let the music be the voice. But I know how to MC the party if needed.

Making people happy via playing music. I love to DJ. I love doing events. My job is hard work but fun. I get to meet all kinds of new people in different places and settings. Providing a soundscape for people and watching people enjoy each other and life is a great feeling.

The freedom to do what I love and make people happy while earning a living, plain and simple.

Professionalism and top quality service is the top priority for every customer not matter how large or small the event is.
Over 15 years plus of DJ services and certified event production makes a huge difference. I don't just know how to DJ, I also know how to produce events of all kinds of scales. This means that you get 2 in 1, a event coordinator and DJ.
Being a full time DJ means that you get someone who is committed to the craft and takes your money serious. I do site visits to meet the customers and see the event space for proper sound and setup. Being early for setup the day of the event, using top notch equipment, cleanliness and paying attention to detail make a difference in every event.

Knowing how to DJ is not something every DJ can do well, some just play anything without awareness of the audience. Some DJ's do not stick to what the buyer paid for and instead allow others to tell them what to do(major no no). Knowing music, what to play, when to play and how to play are all important factors in every event. I work very well with my customers and any staff associated with the event.

My customers are satisfied with hiring me because I am committed to making them happy.
DJ'ing is a full time profession that I love to do, not just a hobby and it shows in the final product given