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Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

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Somerville, Massachusetts, USA



We offer great service of music, lighting and dancing! If you have an event that needs great music and entertainment we are your gateway for great fun all night!

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Thomas Martin

3 February 2018

A little small, but well furnished and well run. Fadayz and Mac are wonderful hosts and instructors.


Chris Wilkins

25 October 2017

DJ Fadayz brings all of his passion for music, dance, and fitness to The Self Expression Center. More than that, the center strives to create a community that is inclusive and welcoming to foster greater creative growth. The space itself is also available to rent for private functions at very reasonable rates. I myself receive DJ lessons here and the holistic approach the sessions provide cannot be matched. More...


Nelly Martin

27 February 2017

This is the only place my daughter doesn't have to conform to any set dance moves and she loves that. She loves being able to create freely while I love that experienced instructors help her do so safely. Once she entered her first Kids Jam battle we both knew it wouldn't be her last. I love that Self Expression Center caters to both kids AND adults. I have done personal training and dance lessons with Fadayz and found them inspirational, much like anything he does on and off the dance floor. This place is unique and doesn't fall into a narrow category of a 'studio', you just have to come and experience it for yourself! More...


Tina Taormina

21 February 2017

The Self Expression Center is not only a place to take dance classes, but a venue teeming with energy, excitement, and life. The positive vibes are palpable the moment you walk in the door and the driving force behind this operation is a multi-talented and authentic individual who seeks to improve lives through art, education, and teamwork. More...


Erin Hines

16 February 2017

I brought my younger sister here, for the 1st time. She wasn't having the greatest of days, so she asked that we not stay long...after sitting down, being introduced to the creative director & founder (who permeates the walls of the center with his amazing energy), then staying for their "Circle of Truth" experience... I must have asked her twice if she wanted to leave (being respectful of her comfortability & previous wishes)...We were there for 3 hours! Needless to say the energy, positivity and creativity is not only refreshing but healing and exciting to be a part of. :) More...


Amber Jamanka

16 February 2017

The moment I first walked into the Self Expression Center, I fell in love with the place! And I've been back every week ever since, usually several times a week! I go there for dance classes, yoga, Zumba, the kids' jam, open mic, dance parties, and my favorite, the Circle of Truth! All fantastic. It's more than a dance studio, it's a community. I'm so happy I found them. More...

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