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DJ iS3 Mobile Dj Services offers professional modern style DJ entertainment backed by a seamless booking process and customer piece of mind.
We specialize in creating special moments and lasting memories for events big and small. #NobodySits is a term I coined for events that need me to bring that energy and nonstop entertainment to guest.



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This is the number one job of a DJ. Keeping the vibe of the party alive and well with music.
There is no right answer, every crowd is different, every event is not the same as the last. However, it is the DJs job figure out the crowd and get them to trust him/her with their night. You'll know when you catch your groove. Every DJ knows when they catch their groove!

My style is of modern open format dj's who are capable of playing for everyone in the crowd. Being able to have everyone in the crowd dance and have a great time is an art. It really separates the good and bad deejays apart. I use quick hitters, fade in's and out's and seamless beat matching to give my work a creative touch that creates a mood for any dance floor.

I don't treat it as a job. Yes It's work, but once you arrive to the venue, equipment is all setup, everyone arrives, drinks are flowing, lights are dim, I control the night. I like that power. Its an uncomfortable feeling that you get addicted too.