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DJ Fast Eric

Fort Lauderdale, FL, Broward

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DJ Fast Eric

Fort Lauderdale, FL, Broward


This is DJ FAST ERIC. I've been a DJ & VJ for over 10 years in South FL.
My music consists of every genre you can imagine. From the oldies to the latest Top 40 Mainstream.
I also play plenty of Salsa , Merengue,Cumbia etc.
For my services i will be providing state of the art Dj equipment with Dj lights, fog, wireless mic and a Mac laptop.



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Well you have to know how to read the crowd. For example when i play a song and i get a negative reaction
from the crowd,I will immediately switch to another song. Preferably something more up tempo.
If i get a positive reaction from the crowd i like to keep the up tempo groove running smoothly.

Well i consider myself an old school Disk Jockey. Now a days some DJ's will just wait for the song to finish and
play another one at the end. They don't have the technique of beat matching or beat blending. I also do what is called
scratching. Now this is something not all DJ's can do but it adds a little something to the mix and the people seem to like it .

Making people dance and overall have a good time.
I like working with my clients and making sure we understand each other.
I like sitting down with my clients and preparing for the event.
Going through the music list, making sure we get it right.
When it's a Wedding reception i specially like to speak to the Bride coordinate everything
just like she want's it being that this will be one of the most special days of her life.

The money is good and i enjoy sharing my love for music with people.

Because I'm a professional and experienced DJ. Also i take my job very seriously !


I use a projector to mix videos. Also LED screens

I travel around Florida with my DJ equipment playing music of all genre for all kinds of ethnic groups.