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Jen Brown

3 March 2019

I loved Cory! He was so great working with our photographer and followed our schedule and was always so great about touching base with us. He met with us and clarified what we wanted as a playlist. He was so FANTASTIC to work with. He wasn’t cheesy and took MANY requests and made it happen. He made it such a good night. More...



14 July 2018

Cory is terrific. Prior to the wedding, he made suggestions to make the timeline smoother. He answered all of our questions and was a flexible MC. He was early for setup making the wedding go that much smoother. Our group was up and dancing to most of the songs. We liked his disco light as it wasn't too bright but added the right amount of fun. He was an instrumental part of our successful reception. If you're interested in adding fun to your wedding, I highly recommend Cory. More...



14 June 2018

It was last minute and he was very courteous and responsive. And when I say last minute is was the day before. He did everything we asked of him and more! I would recommend him to anybody.



4 June 2017

A wedding is such an important occasion and the music you play will be the important thing about the party. Cory will do the announcements and the formal dances but he is not the kind of DJ that is going to get your party involve and going to dance, he will do activities (if you come up with ideas) but lets be fair, if you have to do all this yourself what is the point of hiring a Dj I ask Cory what would he played in our wedding and he said he usually play wherever is popular, we are over 30 years old I didn't want to hear the music kids are listening now days, so I worked for hour making the "PLAY LIST" and the "Do not Play list". Cory was very good to reply emails but he didn't tell me what he needed form me, I had to google what list of announcements that the Dj have to do during the wedding, I personalized it and emailed it to him. Now I know a dj should be able no only to play the music you like but also to get the party stared. If you are thinking on hiring Cory just ask him, What do he do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing? (no one danced at my wedding) Can we visit you at a performance I thing it would have safe me a lot of time. I would recommend Cory still, because he was kind and very responsive, very professional but I thing he just wasn't the right fit for my wedding crowd. More...



4 June 2017

Corey is a great DJ and he really helped get our wedding going on the right track. He answered emails and texts very quick during the planning process. The day of the wedding he was early and set up on time. The music and interaction was perfect. Our wedding was great and Corey was a huge part of that!!! More...



1 May 2015

Our guests gave many compliments on the music. This DJ was responsive to emails and addressed concerns promptly. Most of the songs played were what we requested, but he followed through with our requests well and added his own where appropriate.



8 November 2014

Corey is awesome! It was important to us that we had someone who knew what they were doing direct the "fun" part of our wedding day. His pricing is the best you'll find out there. He was easy to contact whether it was over the phone, text, or email. I sent him a list of songs that we wanted and he played them along with a few other popular ones that everyone would like (macarena, etc.). My friends love to dance so a good DJ was important! He was also very flexible with payment, allowing me to pay my deposit online and the remainder was handed to him the day of the wedding. I didn't need his services until the middle of the reception, but he showed up early before it began so that he could set things up without getting in the way without us asking, which was great. He promptly played requests from my guests and everyone had fun! I'd definitely recommend him to anyone! More...



7 June 2014

Cory was the DJ for my wedding and he did a great job! He met with us and helped us pick songs and set a good timeline. He helped us with all the little things leading up to our wedding.

The music was great and everyone danced a lot.

I would reccomend him for any event.



26 April 2014

Cory is awesome to work with. He made sure the music at my wedding was exactly what I wanted. He also helped ensure the reception ran smoothly. I would definitely reccomend him for any event. More...



10 May 2008

Cory was great! He kept the music and fun going! Our dance floor was packed non-stop! He really knows how to make one fun reception!