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Easton, PA, Northampton



Easton, PA, Northampton



Our Business Mission:
Divine Quality Carpet Care provides an outstanding service experience second to none at the highest levels of integrity, and above all provide superior customer education, satisfaction and value while caring for your carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture.


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7 October 2019

Excellent! Wonderful service and reasonable.... Better than Stanley Steemer.

19 December 2018

LOVE them!!!!! I originally went with Stanley Steamer and they said they COULDN'T clean my carpet bc it was too dirty. Glad they couldnt because I would have never found this company. From the start of the phone call the gentleman was very polite and assured me he could help and would at my home SAME DAY!!!! He came with his Fiance and they did WONDERFUL work!!! my carpet had horrible stains that definitely take some elbow grease to get up and they did it! We did not expect perfection so while my carpet still appears to have a few of the stains from before, it is 100% better and we are very thankful!!! Highly recommend More...

23 November 2018

Ron's work is great! I contacted Ron, and he got back to me immediately! I needed a carpet clean and repair.. Thank you for making my carpets look brand new Ron! I will for sure be calling you again for any future needs. More...

11 September 2018

I am so grateful to Ron for his excellent service. I found him on Yelp and was hesitant to hire him with so few reviews, but I am happy to to report that Divine Quality is accurate! Ron went above and beyond - finding a tricky parking spot on my narrow Philly street and weaving cords in through my deck into the living room without batting an eye. He delivered a high quality service quickly and efficiently and was unbelievably reasonably priced - he was able to match the lowest quote I received, and came out the day after I called. I called him to deep clean an 8x10 wool rug, and while he was set up I asked if he might also clean a carpeted flight of stairs... he did so for $20 off his normal rate. I can't recommend him highly enough! You can see the stains removed from my carpet in the photos attached. More...

23 July 2018

Ron has what it takes to get the job done right the first time. He is very professional and love their friendly customer service.

22 July 2018

This carpet cleaning service has a great big machine they use and gets tuff stains off like gum!

18 May 2018

You must try Divine Quality Carpet Care! Ron just did my carpet and it looks amazing. They truly are one of the best in the business!

27 December 2017

Used their service a few times to clean my apartment. I highly recommend using their service if you're looking for your carpet to look brand new. The first time I used them was when I moved in to my new apartment. They were able to remove stains on the carpet as well as on my area rugs. The service is usually pretty quick, both times I had 3 rooms done in about 1.5 hours. What I specifically liked was that system they used allowed them to dry my carpets right away and I was able to walk on them about an hour after. I am considering using their service for my car next! More...

13 October 2017

I've been using their services for many years, I have very light color carpet throughout the entire apartment and I need to clean it regularly, at least every 6 months. Nancy is professional, on time and she cares about the work quality. Last time I waited too long, the carpet was almost gray instead of light tan and while she was cleaning I was able to notice the huge difference. The bottom line is that the longer you wait between carpet cleanings the harder it is to remove soil from the carpet. However, she will focus on the heavy traffic areas and do everything she can to make sure the spots are removed. I am always pleased with the results. More...

28 March 2015

These guys did a great job.  I had some real bad dirty stuck deep within my carpet.  I didn't think it was possible to get it out.  But these guys did the job.  They were very polite and professional.  They had my carpet looking brand new.  I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends. More...

24 December 2014

I have used this carpet cleaning company 3 times in the last couple years, and can say I'm happy with the service provided! I called and scheduled an appointment in advance. The cleaning was quick and got all the stains out. The best part is they instantly dried the carpets and area rugs right after washing them. What I particularly like about the service is they use a truck mounted service which tends to be more powerful than just a regular machine. Will definitely continue to use their services and recommend. More...

4 December 2014

Best carpet cleaning I've had thus far. Will most definitely be scheduling an appointment again.

14 July 2014

I've been using divine quality carpet care for about 5 years. I have a 4 bedroom house, 2 small children, cats and recently got a puppy. Rony is always professional and courteous. He has gotten out stains my kids have made and gotten out pet odor. My mom has used them as well and was happy with their service. I'm always pleased with their service and would recommend them to anyone. More...

10 October 2011

I have used this company for 3 years. The results have always been excellent.I have tremendous respect for Rony (the founder of the company). As a business owner myself, I am always impressed when I meet other people that have a great drive to create their own successful business. A few years ago i created a leasing company (Pacific Listings) that helps property owners lease their vacant apartments. Initially it was just myself running the ads on Craigslist to advertise the vacancies. Within my first few weeks of advertising vacancies for property owners, I received a cold-call from Rony at Divine Quality Carpet Care...and he pitched his service to me. During those first few months all the calls that came in were to me personally. I didn't have receptionists or any support staff. I didn't even have a web-site. So Rony thought that i was the owner of the apartment buildings I was advertising. I wasn't, but we had a great chat anyway. I realized immediately what he was doing. He was going through the thousands of daily apartment ads he was seeing on Craiglist...in Los Angeles, and cold-calling the phone #'s listed to pitch his service.  That is not easy to do. I'm sure he got hung up on thousands of times. But he kept it up and was able to build up a successful company. *It's smart because people that own apartment complexes need a good carpet cleaner! Every time someone moves out those carpets need to be cleaned! *property owners don't replace carpet if they don't have to...that's just how it is.Rony has that fire inside of him that i really respect. I always give my biz to the small / independent operator when i can. This city has a lot of big corporate type carpet cleaning companies, but Rony's approach is very personal and i know that I am giving business to an honest, hard working, self-made individual. So i am happy to give them my biz.I immediately hired him to clean the carpets at my house and he and his crew did an awesome job.I have used them a few times since and they are always punctual, professional, and reliable.*They have even done some house cleaning as well.I have referred them to clients of mine (owners of apartment buildings in LA) and my clients appreciate their work every single time.You will not be disappointed with them. Customer for life! More...

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