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City of London, London

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City of London, London


DirectionForward are an information and communications technology firm based in central London, offering a broad range of services, solutions and support.

We provide web development, cloud services and tech support, as well as consultancy and emergency services.



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We design and build websites for any client, need and application. Whether you are: an individual; a small business; a medium business; a non-profit organisation; organising an event; fund raising; selling items; running a club or association; just doing something for fun; we can help.

Social media is key to a successful modern online presence. Not only does it allow you to easily post updates in an international forum, it also allows engagement with existing and new visitors/users. We will help you develop a cohesive and integrated presence.

We provide advanced web development services, for building or improving sites, applications and services, to expand your user-base and develop your product. Including web apps, dedicated mobiles sites, collecting data, analysing data, database services and more.

Our web hosting plans are perfect for websites of all sizes, so whether you’re building your first website, looking for powerful and flexible web hosting without limits, or advanced e-commerce hosting, we have a solution for you.

Fully automated cloud backup service. Runs in the background on your machine, backing up all your files and folders as you go. Your data is stored in a personalised and secure location online. If ever your machine breaks or is lost, all your files and folders can be quickly and easily restored. Never lose a file again.

Highly accessible shared drive, where data is kept up to date automatically for all users and can be accessed anywhere in the world via the internet. The shared drive can be added as an additional drive on PC and Mac, and used in the usual way. It can also be accessed through any web browser and via mobile apps.

We provide email solutions that go far beyond the limited features of other email platforms. Whether for individual or business use, our solutions will greatly improve your email experience through the key feature of total automatic synchronisation.

Google Apps offers simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools – all hosted by Google to streamline setup, minimise maintenance and reduce IT costs. The suite of online tools includes email, calendar, documents, contacts, sites, IM and more.

With Office 365, the Online Business software from Microsoft, you can access programs like email, calendars, file sharing and IM virtually anywhere on virtually any device, backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Take the applications you know and trust to the next level.

Never run out again with our continuous ink service, straight to your door with free delivery and recycling. Direct Ink allows you peace of mind and removes the concern replacing or refilling your cartridges.

We provide a range of comprehensive support packages for small to medium businesses, and individuals. We also offer ad hoc and emergency support and recovery services; so you don’t need a support agreement to benefit from our services. For more information: http://directionforward.com/gosupport/