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Digital Studio has been shooting products since 2002 and delivers creative solutions to achieve your marketing goals.

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Beth N.

3 September 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Peter from Digital Studio.  This was the first time I had professional photos taken of my products and he walked me through the whole process.  He was quite thorough, even providing suggestions for improving my website.  From my first contact with him, he was easy to work with and very professional.  He was quick to answer my questions and address my concerns so I was confident in booking a shoot with him.  Though my product was new to him, he took the time to research the best shots, suggesting ways to style the photos I hadn't considered.  He made sure I was satisfied with each photo before moving on to the next one.I highly recommend working with Peter for your next photo shoot! More...


Pat Schnettler

16 July 2019

Peter is an incredible photographer. Perfect for our product photoshoot!


Evan McGinnis

16 July 2019

Peter, the owner of Digital Studio, is an excellent product photographer. We've worked with him to create photos for multiple large projects for our international ecommerce clothing retail business since 2017. He works quickly, has a keen eye for detail, and makes great suggestions for his clients. His images are exceptionally high quality, we've used the assets he created for us across multiple channels in various forms. Peter is professional and easy to work with - we highly recommend him. More...


Grace He

26 April 2019

Peter is wonderful to work with! He managed to squeeze us last minute into his schedule and came to our scheduled shoot early and well prepared. He got us our photos earlier than planned and they came out great! Very receptive to any feedback/questions and his responses are always timely and genuine. Highly recommend and we will certainly be reaching out again if we are in need of more high-quality photos in the future. Thanks again Peter! More...


Rajat Sharma

26 April 2019

Peter is great to work with! Very knowledgeable and an expert when it comes to clicking product pictures. I used him for my company to take product images. He has an amazing studio and gave me confidence that he knows what he is doing. Great personality to work with. Definitely take his opinion on what shots will work best as he has a ton of knowledge. Very happy and will definitely go back to him. More...


Matthew Caldwell

27 March 2019

Peter at Digital Studios does amazing work. Very detail oriented, professional, and easy to work with. He always goes above and beyond exceeding my expectations every shoot.I’m in e-commerce and I’ve noticed higher conversion rates and increased sales with his product photos.Highly recommended! More...


Alex Z.

5 November 2018

Peter is amazing! I had him take photos of my Aura Apparel solar powered backpacks! He did a great job! I was impressed by his expertise and how he told a story through photos. He also threw in a few bonus, too! Awesome guy! More...


Kao S.

1 September 2018

Peter is very responsive and has all the right equipment and lighting to get the perfect shots for your product. I had a small project that needed professional product photos and Peter did not disappoint. He's patient, friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommended and I will definitely use him for more future projects! More...


Christine W.

6 August 2018

Peter was very fast and responsive. He came to my studio to document 10 paintings all larger than 4 feet by 4 feet. He used excellent, even lights and camera with high resolution. The resulting images could be used for anything. I got my images the same day and they were exactly what I needed. They were great. I would recommend Peter to any professional artist who needs documentation for a gallery, archive, website or pdfs for collectors. Thanks Peter! More...


Alicia Z.

5 July 2018

Peter is patient, professional, and thorough. I wasn't sure whether to go with Peter or a lower-cost mail-in-your-product service, but I'm SO glad I decided to go with Digital Studio. I don't have experience in product shoots, so Peter walked me through each step, including brainstorming shots and angles that aligned with the messaging I wanted. He has a keen aesthetic eye for understanding photo composition and also practical business sense for how to highlight the most important component of a product for your customers. More...


Lori C.

11 June 2018

Had Peter take product photos for my ecommerce site for the second time this past week.  He was incredibly accommodating, efficient, and did a wonderful job - can't thank him enough!  Will definitely be back.  Thank you! More...


Chris K.

10 June 2018

Peter is very responsive, delivers fantastic product shots, and it a joy to work with. Would definitely recommend him to any entrepreneur that needs professional photos taken.


Flo E.

20 May 2018

I needed a product photography company that has experience with doing photos for e-commerce, and as always when I needed recommendations I go and check companies on Yelp! I trusted Peter early and his company reviews d/t he's been in the business for quite sometime now. And yes, he delivered with professional and great products. I inquired via email, he responded quickly with all details that I needed for my photo shoot. The photos? Great! Highly recommended if you're doing ecommerce projects. My product is selling online currently, and waiting for a second product in-line for another photo shoot with Peter. Again, highly recommended! Looking for a long term relationship with Peter's company as I embark this ecommerce life. -Florante More...


Anna H.

26 April 2018

Working with Peter & Digital Studio was seamless and easy! I just needed to have 4 items photographed for a quick work project. He was quick to reponse to my inquiry, easy to work with and reasonably priced. Best of all, he was creative and we even made a fun gif out of the photos he produced. All around awesome! More...


Kuan Wei L.

27 March 2018

I needed the photoshoot for my wine & whiskey project.I try to do some research and I found Digital Studio.Peter is a great photographer. He is personable and friendly. Of course, he is professional no doubt. I really like the results. I will recommend work with Peter to get the pro photo. More...


Tim D.

5 March 2018

We worked with Peter during an on-site shoot at our offices, shooting large office products in their office environment. He was fantastic before, during, and after the shoot. Very professional and knowledgeable, he brought thoughtful recommendations and ideas to the table. The finished product was exactly what we were hoping for. Highly recommend, we will certainly use Digital Studio's services again in the future. More...


Laurel C.

24 January 2018

I was looking for a photographer to shoot some jewelry product shots for me. From start to finish working with digital studio has been amazing. I requested a quote (via Yelp) and Peter,the owner, responded within 30mins-hour. He worked around my schedule to help me set up a studio session ASAP. Before I went to meet with him he sent me a break down of pricing so that I knew what I was getting into. On set Peter was great. Fast, efficient, but also pointed out flaws that I didn't see as a non photographer. At the end he charged exactly what he had quoted but then went above and beyond and helped me with some retouching and sent me the photos the next afternoon. I will definitely call Peter next time I need professional photos. More...


Noah K.

11 November 2017

Peter is a consumate pro! I first found him here on Yelp and saw his great reviews. He was very responsive to my initial inquiries and set me up with an appointment for the next day. He has a great studio with cool music and top-notch medium format digital camera gear. I got my product shots done in a very low-key and fun hour and had the retouched versions waiting in my inbox before I even got home. See the results here- holotronic.netI wouldn't hesitate to recommend and work with Peter again on any photo project. Digital Studio is awesome! More...


Patty S.

10 October 2017

Awesome photographer and very professional!  Our company had a very short lead project to do some lifestyle images of our products inside a store in SFO.  The security alone to get into our area was overwhelming and yet Peter maintained his cool and remained above all else professional and courteous despite some SFO internal red strings.  I happened to find Peter online and he was by far the most professional and conscientious photographer I had the pleasure of working with.  He was able to deliver on time the finish product and our company internally raved over the quality of work he produced as well as our client.  We would definitely book Peter again for any future projects and would highly recommend him and his services! More...


Athena P.

3 April 2017

AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER!! Having gone to a horrible photographer previously and getting ripped off, I really noticed the difference.  First of all, Peter's studio is beautiful and has all kinds of professional equipment.  He is so knowledgeable about photography and knows exactly how to shoot your products so they look awesome! He even would tell me things to fix that normally a stylist would do. Also, Digital Studio is very affordable for new business owners who are on a budget.  The quality of the photos was outstanding and I constantly have people asking me "who shot the photos on your website".  I could not be more pleased with Peter's work and this is definitely the photographer I use now for my business. Lastly, Peter has a great personality and is really easy to work with.  I highly recommend him to everyone who wants fantastic photos! More...


Alli C.

13 November 2016

Worked with Peter for over a year consistently for corporate photos at my previous job.  He is professional, very proactive, easy to work with and delivers fantastic photos.  His rates are very reasonable and I would definitely recommend working with him! More...


Brian H.

9 November 2016

If you are in SF and looking for someone to shoot product photos, look no further. Peter is awesome to work with, accommodated our tight schedule, turned the images around way faster than expected, and the images came out perfect. We're a small startup with a new online store and we will be returning to Peter for all of our future product shots. More...


Ace R.

1 March 2016

If you are looking for product photography, I highly encourage you to go to Peter before you go to anyone else!  This is a real pro, ladies and gentlemen!I visited several SF photographers prior to finding Peter, and unfortunately ended up wasting a lot of my time and money.  Some lacked the right equipment, some lacked an eye for staging photos, and some made me feel rushed and uneasy with the shots.Peter is absolutely amazing to work with, and a pleasure to interact with as well!  He is very friendly, suggested different angles and shots, and really takes the time to study your product and suggest angles and shots that look amazing!  His studio, and the equipment within, looks state of the art, and ready to capture any kind of photos.My friends and family have complimented me on the shots, and the proof is in the pudding - sales are up, and my brand is getting the representation it deserves online.  I'll definitely be coming back to Peter to shoot all of my products.5+++ stars, can't recommend enough!! More...


Stacy Y.

4 November 2015

Above and beyond awesome! Peter is terrific to work with, quick turnaround, and off the charts goes above and beyond to deliver quality work. He doesn't just deliver, he is a giver! I worked with Peter on product photography for my baby line. I was in and out in an hour! I will be going back for photography as I roll out new products! More...


Brooke M.

26 May 2015

I'm thrilled with the product photography from Peter at Digital Studios. I'm a jewelry designer and jewelry can be very difficult to photograph, but Peter had no problems with it. I was impressed that Peter had all of the equipment set up before I even arrived. He was professional and a pleasure to work with. I'll definitely be heading back to Digital Studio. He also fit me in at the last moment and got the photographs back to me in record time. The whole process was painless and the photographs are beautiful. More...


Kelly H.

7 March 2015

I've been working with Peter on product photography and he really is the best in the San Francisco area. I've done 3 shoots with him so far and all the shots came out really well. He also is very fast with the photo edits. I can't recommend him enough. More...


Allison G.

21 April 2014

I worked with Peter at Digital Studio a few weeks ago to photograph my fledgling footwear line.  Peter was so easy to work with! This was my first "real" photoshoot, and I was so impressed with his professionalism, how meticulously he worked with me to set up every shoot, and the quality of the images that came out.  He was even able to touch up some of the photos after the shoot to make sure they looked perfect.  I also found his prices to be extremely reasonable, even for a small start up business like myself.  I highly recommend Peter for any photography work that you need. More...


Andy B.

7 June 2013

Peter is awesome. The photography I got was of great quality, plus it was fast and affordable! I'll definitely use Digital Studio again.


Celine v.

19 May 2013

I worked with Peter to photograph jewelry for my small business and he was amazing. Very quick to respond to my initial outreach, and extremely flexible in scheduling the shoots around my crazy calendar. The process was fascinating to be a part of, and the end product was everything that I was hoping it would be. Whenever I meet with people who are looking for product photography, I always send them his way.Trust me, you won't be disappointed that you put your project into the hands of Peter and Digital Studio! More...


Diane S.

30 August 2012

Peter is not only a great photographer, he is a warm, wonderful person. He was on time for my appointment. He knows what he's doing and has the equipment, experience and talent to do it right. The results were far better than I could imagine, he made these products look exceptionally good. I look forward to working with him again and recommend him to all. More...


Stephanie C.

1 August 2011

I've worked with Peter on a number of different shoots over the past 3 years and I can't speak highly enough of his business and skill as a photographer/post production artist.  On top of that, Digital Studio is continually consistent and reliable.  Sometimes our goals are far fetched, but Peter (as well as his sister Nancy) indulge us and get us as close to our vision as possible.  If you're looking for a great, highly skilled, independent photographer, Digital Studio is your one-stop shop. More...


Kris L.

26 May 2011

After a relentless search to find the perfect photographer for our project, we chose Digital Studio and couldn't be more pleased. Peter and his sister Nancy are the consummate professionals, masters of their work, and most important overall - genuinely good people to work with. We came about Peter and Digital Studio after searching, interviewing, & viewing portfolio after portfolio of dozens of photogs in the Bay Area. We had 3 fundamental criteria for our needs: 1) have experience with product photography, 2) understand and fulfill our needs, 3) price. As a small mom-n-pop business with limited experience and budget, it was vital that the person we worked with "held our hands" throughout the process, and delivered quality work at an affordable price. Prior to hiring Peter, I had tons of concerns, questions, and doubt as to the entire process. Peter took the time to come to our store and answered every single question I had, gave suggestions, and even offered to give us some sample shots of our products so that we could see the quality of his work. As for the photo shoot, it was such a great experience that I'm anxious to work with Peter again. I had worried about how the photos would turn out due to the nature of our products' reflections & sheen. But the photos came out AMAZING - far exceeding our expectations!! But it wasn't just all about the the great photos; Peter was so easy to work with, so patient, and worked really hard to make sure we were happy with each frame. And not only were the shots fantastic, but the time and effort in the post-production work took it to another level. So suffice to say, Digital Studio met and far exceeded all three criteria, a rarity for most photographers. More...


mary w.

31 January 2011

Peter is an excellent product photographer whose attention to detail is second to none.  He is proactive and extremely easy to work with.  His turnaround time can't be beat when you are working with a tight deadline. He really cares about making sure your product looks great. More...


Doreen J.

28 January 2011

Peter has the eyes of perfection.  His talent not only with the camera but correcting flaws is amazing.  Rest assured he takes time to understand your needs and cater to it.I highly recommend Peter of Digital Studio for any kind of shoots. Photography at it's best and it seems that Peter has this mastered. Thank you for your work at our business in capturing the quality of services we provide. More...


Adam G.

27 January 2011

i worked with digital studio through a colleagues design firm. peter showed up with all the right gear and did an excellent job shooting product photos. after post production, all the photos were delivered on time, completely organized and looked amazing. i definitely recommend working with digital studio! More...


kim t.

26 January 2011

Our company has utilized the service provided at Digital Studio several times. Digital Studio offers professional and knowledgeable staff whom are friendly, accommodating and take care of all of our professional photography and retouching needs. We continue to work with Digital Studio because we receive excellent clarity, pristine attention to detail, and great color quality. We have worked with several photography studios but none continuously have proved to be the best in quality and best in service. More...


Priya S.

26 January 2011

I have been working with Peter and the Digital Studio team continuously since 2007. They are great to work with - friendly, efficient, and willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your vision. They have amazing post production skills too! I recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch photography for their business. More...


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