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We specualizing in creating and maintaining Facebook Campaigns for small businessess that will generate more sales and high quality leads.

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Tonya Ott

8 December 2018

This is truly an amazing company. They always go above and beyond and for that I thank you : ) I cannot say enough good things about this company. Keep up the good work you guys!


mark cheeley

8 August 2018

Great company to work with. I'm a real estate investor and in my down time I service a home improvement client. Many hours available and I', able to make some extra bucks. If you are looking for work at home, check out this company. They are partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions... More...


Tanya Bryan

8 August 2018

I love love love this company 100%, extremely professional with hight morality. They truly stand out on the Arise plat form. I have been with this company for 9 months and i can honestly say it was a blessing i 1000% recommend More...


David Pope

3 August 2018

Great service, very effective marketing strategies. I worked closely with my assigned business manager. These guys goes above and beyond to ensure a successful campaign and that my objectives were met. Thanks bro. Highly recommended!


Sabrina Bell

3 August 2018

Great service provided by Ray and his team, he helped me gain clients through Facebook advertising & my business has grown exponentially since!


Mark Cheeley

3 August 2018

I posted a craigslist ad few months ago trying to find someone to advertise my real estate business on facebook. Ray reached out to me and after speaking with him for about a week discussing my objectives, which was to generate leads for my Sebring Development among other projects I went forward and hired his company. I actually had a company running facebooks ads for me, but I wasn't satisfied with the results and I ended the service with them

What I liked the most is the fact that we both worked on the campaign. We have frequent meetings where he provide his insights and explain the nuts and bolts and in the end we had a fully functioning campaign. To date the ad campaign has generated over 123 leads since April 7th with each lead costing me less than 4 bucks. The investment made with Ray and his team has really paid off. I am satisfied with the amount of work and dedication he has committed in making my campaign a successful one. I would definitely recommend any real estate agent/investor, or any business out there that is looking to get leads or increase revenue.

He is currently working on other campaigns for my other businesses..


Georgia Davis

8 July 2018

I've been working as an independent contractor in their call center division and I must say its a pleasure to be working with such a team of professionals. Their response time for any issues are handled in a timely manner. Thanks to this company I can work from home and be with my kids at the same time. Great opportunity. More...


Fx Mentor

8 June 2018

My company used digital footprint solutions to create a campaign that would generate leads for my online forex course. It was a slow start, but it was explained to me in details the process, and the expected outcome....We started getting leads within a week and after a month and over $500 spent we were getting new leads on a daily basis. The return on investment was great. Their cust. service was excellent, I could always get to speak to someone and I am very satisfied. Highly recommended. More...


Douglas Paschal

8 June 2018

I used this company for Facebook Ads and they exceeded my expectations. Ray and his team did a great job and drove alot of qualified traffic to my website. Highly Recommend

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