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Diffusion Digital was founded 2 years ago by Matter Of Form, a Brand Interactions Agency, from whom Diffusion have inherited their creative ethos. Diffusion exists to deliver beautiful, functional digital experiences for small to medium sized businesses.


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Monique Lhuillier

17 February 2019

Diffusion Digital has been a pleasure to work with! They built and designed a beautiful and user-friendly website for us that portrayed our brand and overall aesthetic perfectly. We would highly recommend them. We will be continuing to work with them for all of our ongoing E-commerce projects. More...


Si Baring

23 July 2018

Will and Anant really gave me some valuable advise. These guys know their trade.... highly recommend.


Annabel Strutt

23 July 2018

Great team, very efficient and user-friendly. Would highly recommend them.


Såm Strütt

23 July 2018

Diffusion manage to consistently build stunning websites!


At the heart every brand is a compelling identity, that stays firmly with your audience even after they’ve left the building Distilling your brand proposition into the Golden Circle helps create an actionable brand strategy, and goes a long way towards informing a subsequent digital content plan. Our visual design team will use this brief to develop identify and visual expression systems, print collateral and packaging design right through to production.

We’re careful to follow best practice and stay up to date in our development approach, while also ensuring your site is optimised for search A great website is the coming together of beautiful design, great content and finely tuned interactions. Our creative and development team work together to test layouts and animations, ensuring that our static design prospotiion comes to life, and looks even better when its in browser, mobile or tablet.

One of the leading commerce solutions, trusted by businesses globally Shopify provides an easy to use, but powerful commerce management system, with powerful integrations that enable you to sell more, act on sight and scale your business. Diffusion are award winning, Shopfiy certified partners who will work with you to manage your digital retail presence and deliver results.

Popular platforms ensure a quick learning curve, and an end result that is both flexible, and with no lock-in WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the web – at last count that meant powering 26% of the Internet. Not only does the platform offer the security of a highly transferrable system that most agencies know how to use, but will also scale with your business needs, allow for ease of updating and minimize the training curve. We will set up your site for Search, configure your analytics, advise and manage your hosting and set up permissions for the site back-end. So you only have to pick up the phone to one supplier.

Beautifully crafted written word, and web optimised photographic image sit at the centre of our design process The key to a great website is great content. Diffusion have a network of photographers and SEO trained content writers, who understand how we brief, design and develop. This allows for a seamless and friction free production process, and a greater congruence between assets in our final product.