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Diarmuid Gillingham -FlashFocus.org

Dublin and Cork, Ireland

Diarmuid Gillingham -FlashFocus.org logo

Diarmuid Gillingham -FlashFocus.org

Dublin and Cork, Ireland



I am a freelance photographer based between Cork and Dublin named Diarmuid Gillingham. I’ve been a professional photographer since 2014. My website can be found at FlashFocus.org. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider me for your upcoming event.


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Christos Pappas

5 May 2019

He loves what he does, thanks for all you taught me !


Niamh Connolly

5 May 2019

Always a pleasure to work with! A great photographer and always keen to improve! Keep the photos, creativity and enthusiasm going Diarmuid! :)


Gabriel Arredondo

5 May 2019

He really loves what he does and prove it with every picture. I strongly recommend him as person and photographer.


Diego Jimenez

5 May 2019

Always a pleasure having him around the sport events; the perfect example of somebody who projects his passion through his shoots.


Maria Dalton

5 May 2019

Diarmuid is a pleasure to work with. My day modelling for him was terrific. Together we came up many creative ideas and in the end the photos turned out great.


Luke Gallagher

5 May 2019

I worked with Diarmuid for nearly a year in the UCC photography society. As chairperson, I found he was always reliable in terms of time and work ethic. He also did a great job making time to help other University students at our events to improve their skills. A great photographer and a great friend. Best of luck bud! :) More...


Eoin Green

5 May 2019

We recently had Diarmuid as photographer for the Commerce Final Year Dinner 2018, he was absolutely brilliant! He captured the night brilliantly was extremely punctual in uploading the photos and couldn’t have been more professional on the night. Couldn’t recommend him high enough for your next event! I rarely give 5 stars on anything but I’m beyond impressed with Diarmuid. More...


David Diaz

7 March 2017

I'm not an expert, but there is always room to improve, you are obviously on the right track. The saying Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, has to be definitely applied to photography. A certain photo would be liked by hundreds in one Country but no in another country, and the same is with ages or Social Interest. You are definitely in the right track. By the way I was in Germany back in 1977 and 78 two years in total, I love Germany back then, I hope is still beautiful like back then. More...


Without a doubt patience. While a photo often takes less than a second to shoot it is about waiting for the right moment. This can depend on factors such as light or a change of facial expression.

What is your budget?

What are you after?

Do you wanted your photos digitally or printed?

How/Where do you plan to use these photos?

Who will the photos be used by?

Do you plan to share the photos on social media?

How do you plan to pay?/What is your payment method?

Do you have any terms of conditions of your own?

Do you want the original photo as well as the final processed photograph?

The mission statement I always use to describe my work is "Capture the Moment" No matter the event, capturing a moment is very rewarding as a photographer. I love when I take a photo and I know instantly "I got it". At that moment I look forward to showing people the photo. Wheater it is a joke, smile, kiss or a laugh, seeing people's joy seeing themselves or a loved one at that moment is what it is all about. A moment you hope will stay will them for a long time.

There is more of a connection with customers than when you are in a big company. I love talking to people and it is a wonderful feeling to be involved with a product or service from beginning to end. It is a lot more personal and therefore rewarding.

First of all, I value my clients time. I have a record on not just providing work on time but often ahead of schedule. Please some testimonials on my website here https://www.flashfocus.org/testimonials

An example: "Diarmuid was the photographer for the 2018 Commerce Final Year Dinner catering to over 150 students and members of the academic faculty. We were delighted to go with Diarmuid having seen some of his portfolio, and he was able to take the event at short notice, at an extremely competitive rate. His work was top quality and perfect for our event and was posted on Facebook within less than 24 hours, far ahead of schedule. We at the Commerce Society were delighted with Diarmuid's work and found him to be very professional to deal with and would be delighted to use his services in the future!"

- Patrick Fehily, University College Cork Commerce Society

I have over the years created a diverse portfolio with an overall great standard of content. My portfolio contains photos from communions, confirmations, university graduations, live music, food, drone photography in July 2019 I will be doing my first wedding in Cork.