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Diamond Home Support Teesside

Stockton-On-Tees, Durham

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Diamond Home Support Teesside logo

Diamond Home Support Teesside

Stockton-On-Tees, Durham

1 hire on Bark


We are an award winning Domestic Cleaning Company in Middlesbrough, Stockton on Tees, Darlington, Marske, Saltburn and throughout the Redcar & Cleveland Areas. We offer, weekly and fortnightly cleans. We are fully insured and all of our cleaners have been checked and vetted.

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Jimmy Jokyny

15 September 2019



Terence Turnbull

26 May 2017

Without doubt a truly professional service, my home is spic and span and Debbie and her team are very reliable and trustworthy. I could not recommend her highly enough, we do not mind long hours at the office now knowing our home will be clean and a delight to come home to. More...

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We have been operating the Diamond Home Support Franchise in Teesside, Darlington, Redcar and Cleveland since 2015

We prefer to use our clients cleaning products. We believe this is the safer options due to allergies and hygene.

What I love most about my jpb is matching the the personalities, of the cleaner with the customer. This is very important because you have to be happy with the person who will be in your home. You can have the best cleaner in the area, but if you dont get on it won’t work. So ensuring I find the right cleaner for you is high on my priority

I started my own business after being made redundant. I have always been customer focused and always been in managament. So managing customers and cleaners was for me a good match for me. I also have administration help from my husband.

We are a domesctic cleaning agency. This mean that, we have a database of cleaners who we can call upon who will match the customers needs and personalities. We have done all the checking and vetting for you. If for any reason you need to change, replace or a cleaner if and if your circumstances change, you just make one phone call to me and I will inform the cleaner. We have liability insurance up-to £1,000,000 This insures you the client if the cleaner has an accident whilst in your home, and also insures the cleaner IF any items have been accidentally broken.

Please read my article on How to Hire a Cleaner

How to Hire a Cleaner.

There has been a long association that it's only the wealthy who hire a cleaner when in reality one in three households hire domestic help of some kind.

Free Up Your Time..

Most working families are really busy these days. What most people value most is more free time for themselves and their family. Also, the joy of coming home to a clean home after a busy day always makes you feel that it's one task less you have to do.

What If You Can't Clean Your Home

Some people who require a cleaner are sometimes elderly or maybe in respite. People who are houseproud and can't bear the thought of an untidy house. Not being able to keep on top of things can lead to people feeling unhappy. You can see those little annoyances that you just can't do anymore and it usually leads to frustration or feeling slightly down with yourself.

Reliable, Trustworthy and Insured.

A good cleaning company will be able to meet your needs. Most cleaning companies or agencies have already checked and vetted your cleaner before being allowed in your home. Most cleaning companies have liability insurance if the cleaner has an accident in your home, or if something was accidentally damaged.

Asking a cleaner to vacuum with a poorly wired vacuum cleaner, leaving toys on stairs or leaving the bar of soap on the shower floor causing an accident, will probably not be covered by an insurance company. Once a cleaner enters your home to do work, then your home becomes their place of work. It is essential that you do a quick check before the cleaner arrives. Before hiring a private cleaner ask for two references, ask to read their insurance policy. and also check with your insurance company if you are insured for their liability.

Work Away

One of the significant advantages if you work away, is that not only is your home lovely and clean when you arrive back, but you are also getting someone to check your home as well.

Fixing Problems.

Do you have areas in your home that you just can't get clean? Professional cleaning companies have seen it all and usually have professional cleaning products that may solve a problem like taps and shower screens covered in limescale, or mould and mildew build up in bathrooms and en-suites. A task like this can usually take a few hours of your time, but professional cleaners will know professional cleaning products that can solve these problems for you.

Hire a Cleaner

Most cleaning companies usually offer a minimum of two hours a week or a fortnight. You can request that only specific areas are cleaned, and you can ask that some rooms are out of bounds like a home office for example.
If you decide on getting a cleaner for your home, ultimately the decision is yours whether you choose to interview a local cleaner yourself or allow a local agency who have done the interviewing for you. Local agency and franchises have the appropriate accident and liability insurance. Lastly, if a cleaner decides on a different career direction and leaves the agency, a domestic cleaning company, franchise or agency will arrange another cleaner for you on your behalf.