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Why Choose Diamond and Mann

We provide the experience and expertise to get you the facts, the truth so that you can make informed, well thought out decisions that can forever affect your future. Our investigators are former and retired law enforcement officers, highly skilled surveillance investigators and experts in various subject fields.



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One of the great things is meeting new people every day and being able to bring some sanity back to their lives. Each case is highly unique which allow us to bring to bear our investigative expertise. Everyone needs some help sometimes and we are here with compassion to get you the answers you need.

After an extensive investigative career (over 25 years) in law enforcement working undercover over the entire south eastern United States to ending my tenure supervising the entire criminal investigative division I knew that I was given this exposure for a reason. So I decided to open up an investigative agency that would allow me to help others.

Simpy because we operate under the highest legal and ethical standards we can. We know that if you have decided that hiring a private investigative company is what you need then we want you to get the best - because you deserve nothing less. We believe in being the best stewards we can be with our clients time and money. We will not waste either of yours. We also go the extra mile to seek the information that you need. Nothing less than that is acceptable. While NO ONE can guarantee a particular outcome or result, we will promise you our best. We have the latest computers, satellite trackers, cellular forensic software, 4K high definition video cameras, covert cameras and multi-level investigative platforms. You will not be disappointed. I assure you. Doug Diamond FBCI (Florida Board Certified Investigator) C1200081