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I started photography for fun more than 30 years ago with the idea of taking pictures of my family and our travels. Since then, and with the encouragement of my beautiful wife, I turned my hobby into a part-time profession in the DFW area – capturing those special moments at portrait sessions and street photography.


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The secret to a great photograph is a strong structure. The structure is about shapes, colors and balances. These things are what captures a viewers’ eyes. Once a photo has caught your attention, it needs to have details to keep the eyes interested. I am sure that if I pay rapt attention to the underlying shapes and forms which make up my image, they will stand above the rest.

1. What is the emotion, feeling or vibe you want to portray in the images I shoot? Is it fun, playful, mysterious, cute, serious etc...?
2. What are the things you HAVE to have in the images? Things to avoid in the images?
3. How many images do you need? Can you explain each image that you want?
4. How many people will be in the photographs?
5. How much time will the client have for the photo shoot?
6. Are photos to be taken inside or outside? If outside, what time of day?
7. Are there any “must have” shots?

it’s almost like a disease, an obsession, a condition that drives me to tell the story at any cost, suffer hardships, isolate myself and take extraordinary risks, all in an effort to capture and convey the story that my clients want to tell.

I get to tell a story through images. Those images are the documentation of important moments in someone’s life, or an adventure they’ve been on. It’s with these images people get to relive the moments that truly matter.

I value my customers…. I believe in good old-fashioned customer service.

I make it fun…. my shoots are as relaxed and fun as possible.

I make it easy…. I do my best to get a great set of images within 60-90 minutes and you don’t have to attend a viewing afterwards; instead you will have an online gallery.

My style…. I like to capture your family just being you, in a beautiful setting. I also know how to get the best out of children and so I get them to show me (and my camera) their real personalities.