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We take digital media production for small companies and bring a story to it. Allowing companies to bring their personalities forward in a cinematic way that is unique to them!


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Lighting, lighting, and lighting. Bad light on a subject, will ruin a picture every time. Oh and also composition. Yeah those 2 things.

The biggest thing I like to learn is what kind of personality you want your company to have. We sit and talk about ideas for hours, but none of that matters until I learn about you, and your company.

I love bringing a voice to people and companies in a way that other people can enjoy. My background is in film and television, so storytelling is key to me.

I’m a Midwest boy, so when I moved to LA, I learned quickly that was not the type of people I enjoy being around. So I figured, why not play by my own rules and start my own company.

I am always looking for new ways to wow customers. If you sit down with me, I guarantee we will develop and amazing product, you would be proud to show your mother.