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We are on a mission ​to align your Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics to your business ​goals. Not the other way around.

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23 July 2018

Thanks for the professional and detailed work. I can't wait to have you work on my next project.

26 April 2018

Device Creations was really great to work with! They helped me create a logo for my company. Their pricing is very reasonable and got the job done on time. I would recommend everyone to use Device Creations to create your logo for your business.
Emmanuel Construction.

We enjoyed the process as much as you did. Thank you for your business, Emmanuel.

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The #1 question every visitor will ask when they first get to your website. Am I at the right place? Then, are they legit and can I afford them?

1. A great website should be able to briefly communicate its purpose and service to a visitor within the first 5-6 seconds (there is a reason why YouTube Ads are unskippable during the first 6 second).

2. Provide easy and visible access to your credibility and services/products. E.G., If you are an e-commerce store, your policies should be easily located.

3. Have the right contact information and format. Should you visitor email or call you?

Achieving a perfect balance between design and functionality should is your goal. Don't make your visitors think. Be clear and concise.

1. Take about 3 minutes to tell you what the business do online.
2. Acquisition: What do you do to attract customers to your business?
3. Behavior: What do your customers do when they visit your website?
4. Conversion Rate: How many of the people visiting your website turn into customers?
5. What are your primary challenges?
6. What is currently working well for you?

P.S - It is Ok if you don't have all the answers. We are here to solve and improve them with you.

Seeing your leads and sales grow while converting your targeted audiences into lifelong customers who are looking for exactly what you offer.

Our goal for you is to align all aspects of your digital marketing strategies with the core of your business. Bring you up to speed on how/where you are losing money and customers to your competitors. Helping you understand how both local and general search engines work. We take you from confusion to clarity.



We will help you attract customers that matter most to your business so that you can: 1. Increase your customer base. 2. Increase the amount of each transaction. 3. Or Increase the frequency of transactions. #SEO #PPC #GoogleMyBusiness

For most businesses, your website is the only digital asset you truly own. Why? Because it's the only platform, you make the rules. Thus, you have 100% control of what it says, how it functions, and what you want it to do. Is your website a brochure about you or are you open for business? Connect with us today to find out more...

We designs your logo to tell a story at an affordable cost.