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Mobile or boutique gym sessions. I specialise in lean muscle growth, pre/post natal and recovery training. Read my testimonials to see what long standing clients think. I am also qualities as a sports masseuse and Pilates instructor. So keeping you supple is a key aim.

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Neil McClelland

15 July 2016

Sally makes you look forward to every workout. It's something we really miss after leaving Newcastle. Highly recommended.

Thanks Neil. Hope your're staying fit in Japan!


Geeta Mahtani

14 July 2016

Sally is absolutely fantastic. She varies her classes so that you're always learning new ways to tone up and slim down.

The main thing is that no matter what class you choose to attend you can be guaranteed a great workout by a fabulous trainer. 10/10! More...



14 July 2016

Sally really takes the time to listen to your goals and builds a program specifically around these. I've been attending weekly sessions with Sally for over a year and enjoy each block even though they're tough!

She also provides specific moves to help with joints and muscles that don't move as well as they should and my flexibility is improving due to this.

Sally is also a great teacher. I've been attending her Pilates courses and she takes the time to explain the moves and help with positive advice to help my improvement.


Measure and monitor. Goals need to be achievable so start off with small hills to climb, not a mountain. Every 6 weeks I measure your body fat and your cm readings to track progress. Clients gets so much encouragement from positive results. It inspires them to do a little bit more and push a bit harder.

75% nutrition and 25% hard graft. We don't get fat overnight. We are all responsible for what we put in our mouths and whether we diary in exercise. RESPONSIBILITY is the ABILITY to RESPOND. If you're reading this you're already starting to respond. Email and get something in the diary.

Meeting people. Working around challenges (pre/post operations, pre/post natal). Seeing body shapes change and clients feel happier in their skin.

Frustration at the lack of good Personal Trainers who were specialised and knowledgable.

Reasonably priced as I have my own private gym so there are no rent overheads to pass onto clients. You don't waste time queueing for equipment as you have the whole studio to yourself (unless you want to train as a pair). I have qualifications in postural assessment, back pain management, Kettlebells, boxing, pre and post natal exercise instruction, Pilates and sports massage. So your sessions can be very adaptable. If you want a massage or core/Pilates session one week this can be delivered. If you want all weight training, this can be planned.


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