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Deva Photography is New York City Based Wedding and Portrait Photography
We are husband & wife photography team. We see photography as a meaningful investment into the lives of others.
As the lead photographer I love what I do so it is easier for me to use patience and persistence to develop visual story.


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29 December 2019

We had a great experience with Deva. She was so friendly and made the day super comfortable. The photos are beautiful ! Deva even traveled the week before to the venue to check it out and find good photo spots. Our venue was about an hour out of New York City so that was really going the extra mile. She got out photos to us even faster than we expected and we were very happy with the end result! More...

5 April 2019

Deva is kind, caring, professional and totally exceeded my expectations!!

26 February 2019


28 September 2018

I found Deva on line for my best friends wedding. I thought her photos were absolutely stunning! I immediately noticed how she had pictures of people of all colors. That was important to me because my friend and family are very diverse and I wanted someone who would be able to capture everyone’s beauty no matter what color they were. Deva and her partner (hubby) were very professional yet down to earth. They blended right in with us as they glided around and worked the room. We absolutely welcomed their presence but we kind of only realized they were there when we saw a flash go off. That right there is skills!! They captured some of our best posed and candid moments of the day/evening. We were all very pleased with Deva and her hubby and will definitely use her again. When my big day finally comes... and it will... Deva will be the one I will call!! More...

30 June 2018

Deva was referred to me by my event planner, whose wedding Deva had photographed. I spoke with Deva and immediately hired her to photograph my wedding vow renewal. Prior to the renewal, Deva was very thorough in her explanation about her services, including pricing, travel, prints, etc. She is so easy to communicate with and so attentive. She researched my venue and together we selected a meeting ground for portraits prior to the church. She was on time and just so wonderful to work with. She went with her husband who was just as kind as she was, and oh so helpful.When I received the draft gallery, I nearly fell off my chair. I had seen her work and knew she was good, but OMG, she blew me away. Her shots were not only beautiful, but she captured the very essence of my event; every detail about the church, the venue. I don’t have words to really describe it. I sent the link to some close relatives and friends, and they were blown away as well. One guest described my event as a place where there was “so much love” – yep, she surely captured that as well.She was the consummate professional. She cared, and it is reflected in her work. She works with her clients. I am simply blown away and must say, that was the best choice I ever made. Forget stars, 5 aren’t nearly enough to describe her work and dedication. Thank you Deva so so much!!!! Because of you, my husband and I can re-live our day simply by opening up our photo album!! More...

30 May 2018

I hired Deva for a graduation photo shoot and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her! She is so experienced, kind and patient. She knows her craft and took her time to ensure that we got great shots. I felt very comfortable with her and she was easy to get in touch with and very responsive both before and after the shoot. I look forward to working with Deva again. More...

12 February 2018

Deva was amazing!! I have so many pictures that are wonderful. She was laid back yet professional. I never had to worry about anything and I'm so very pleased with the pictures. We were married in our venue and Deva arranged our entire First Look photo which was not just one picture but a series which looking back makes that moment so much more special. We had been engaged a year already when I hired Deva and I'm glad she urged us to take the engagement session because it allowed us get to know her and familiarize ourselves with the process for our big day. Deva was very affordable as we were on a budget and I'm lucky our paths crossed. Thank you Deva!!!! More...

26 May 2017

Deva is a very talented photographer who loves what she does. She made engagement photoshoot very fun and enjoyable even for my fiancé who doesn't like pictures. I was amazed how the pictures turned out, I highly recommend Deva and definitely will have more photoshoots with her. Also I'm happy that I found her and she will photograph my wedding in 2 months (btw I'm very picky and hard to please). Can't wait! More...

26 May 2017

Deva is so very talented. She has great eye and attention to detail. Deva has done a fantastic job on my SS17 Collection photo shoot. I was very impressed with her performance and I highly recommend her. More...

26 May 2017

Thank you for giving us beautiful photos!My husband and I hired Deva to be our wedding photographer. We couldn’t be happier with how our wedding photos came out. They were gorgeous! She made us look great! My first impression of Deva is friendly, warm, and dependable. Prior to our wedding, Deva spent time visualizing our special day by surveying the place of ceremony, reception venue, plus helping us find charming spots for our wedding portraits. And on the wedding day, in spite of the heat and humidity Deva worked really hard for us. Our guests commented how professional and dedicated Deva was. Deva also shot our beautiful engagement portraits. She went above and beyond to make sure we had a wide variety of poses/backdrops to choose from and that the lighting for each shot was perfect. We had a lot of fun during our engagement photo shoot! All we can say is we loved working with Deva and we love her work! More...

22 May 2017

Deva photographed our wedding in August 2016. My wedding was amazing, small and intimate. She really captured the day in her photographs. Each time I look at the photos I relive all the wonderful moments of that day!!! That is a true photographer. Thanks Deva!!! More...

8 May 2017

Deva is an amazing photographer who loves what she does. She made engagement photoshoot very fun and enjoyable even for my fiancé who doesn't like pictures.

She's very easy to work with, she's very flexible and a pleasure to work with!

I was amazed how the pictures turned out, I highly recommend Deva and definitely will have more photoshoots with her.

I'm happy that I found her and she will photograph my wedding in 2 months. Can't wait!

15 March 2017

Miranda Olson

Our wedding day wouldn't have been with same without Deva! My family and friends loved her. Her knowledge of NYC elopements, calm/sincere nature, and sense of humor made our day relaxed and fun. We heard about her through a word of mouth referral and couldn't have been happier to have her as our photographer. We highly recommend her! More...

12 March 2017

Deva is an excellent photographer, and has an amazing talent for seeing the world with an artistic eye. I am not fond of taking pictures, but Deva made the entire process painless. I would even venture to say I enjoyed it. If you need pictures, be it wedding, engagement, or even corporate head shots, Deva is as good as they come. More...

17 November 2016

"Deva Photography Really put Customers Desires First. She Offers Many Creative Alternatives With Each Picture. She Puts Your Best Face First.
She Is Open To Suggestions. That Can Lead To More OpportunitIes For A Great Creative Shots. No Picture Is Too Insignificant If You Want It Done. Prices Are Competitive. She Is Very Amiable And Easy To Work With And There Is No Pressure To Rush. She Hangs In There Until You Are satisfied. You Get A Great Value For Your Money. I Enjoyed Her Very Much."

27 May 2015

Anne Marie Deva was great! We felt very comfortable with her and she was very accommodating with our schedule. She did a wonderful job on our engagement photos and we would definitely recommend her to future bride and grooms for photos.

27 May 2015

Deva brings her skills and diligence to every thing she does. She is patient and kind, a joy to work with. She listens to your ideas and gave them a try. Her approach to the photo session is like " it's all digital so we can shoot as many as we need to get the right picture". When you are having photo session, you never feel rushed but she also does it in a very efficient manner. She comes up with better ideas using your wishes as a guide. I would recommend her to anyone who likes to have an exceptional photo session experience. More...

6 December 2014

Deva Photographed our wedding .We came to the US from Dominican Republic. Being already engaged, we thought to ourselves, why not have an elopement wedding in Central Park. We found Deva Photography Website and after seeing her portfolio we asked her to be our photographer. She was very friendly, patient and supportive during the entire process. Lot of things went wrong that day but the pictures Deva took were absolutely stunning and we will remember our day with a smile. I would recommend her to anyone. More...

5 December 2014

Deva photographed our wedding a while ago. She was very creative, friendly and patient during the entire event. She captured very important moments and created beautiful pictures, not only of my husband and I, but also of our friends and family, who were also very happy with her service. I would recommend Deva to anyone!

5 November 2014

Deva was great! We felt very comfortable with her and she was very accommodating with our schedule. She did a wonderful job on our engagement photos and we would definitely recommend her to future bride and grooms for photos.

2 November 2014

We with the children had wonderful time for the photographs at the beach. And the photos turned out beautifully and unforgettable. Thank you, Deva!

2 November 2014

We had a great experience with Deva. We trusted her with the location. And it was win win situation. What a great outcome!

1 November 2014

Deva was incredibly helpful and friendly. She was very professional and affordable. I would gladly recommend!

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Connection with your client! It is so powerful. One half of my job is to capture powerful, emotive moments that are created by those taking part in the weddings. The other half is to create my own wow moments.
It is rewarding.

I schedule consultation with the client either over the phone or Skype for session planning. While these are extra steps, it’s an opportunity to connect on a personal level for a perfect photo session experience. I like to get to know my client, getting to know each other not only makes the photo sessions more fun but also allows me to create great images suit my client's personality.

Each wedding marks the start of a new family. We get to create timeless images for my clients that will be treasured for generations. We often meet with fantastic people, tear up during their ceremonies, and fall in love with their loved ones throughout the event.
We love what we do and we expect you to choose us because you like our style.

That is funny but what inspired me actually was my wedding photographer's not meeting our expectations.

Don't just choose me, hire the photographer you personally like. When you find the one, be a loyal client.
True artist would go extra mile to deliver better and better each time for the loyal client.
One more thing I like to add , we also don't believe in after wedding sales,
we create all inclusive packages depending on your needs so you don't have surprises later.
I think this is a big advantage for the couple.