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Destiny Stars empowers clients to identify and remove barriers preventing them from them from living their best life on PURPOSE! We take a unique, holistic approach towards achieving well-being, focusing on mind, body, and spirit to promote overall health and well-being.



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I love partnering with my clients and enjoy the fulfillment that they receive out of achieving their goals. One of my goals is for you to have your own “ah-ha” moment while working with me.

I was inspired to start my own business by finding my passion and what I am naturally good at doing! People constantly complimented me on how at ease they felt talking to me. I decided to take it a step further since I LOVE helping people!

Clients should choose me because I take a unique, holistic approach to life and wellness. I am a certified life coach through Valorie Burton’s CAPP Institute. This program focused on the principles of Positive Psychology, which I have applied to my own life. I believe that I have unique qualities through life experience that add value to the services that I offer and not just through something that I read in a book.

I am also a RN so I enjoy tying all aspects of health and overall wellness together.


Identify and remove barriers holding you back from living your BEST life on purpose! • VIA Strengths Assessment and Debrief • State of Your Life Assessment and Debrief • Three 45 minute personal coaching sessions each month - Voxer access - 30 day positive affirmations sheet AND power sheets We can cover: Mindset: Shifting your perspective, releasing toxic thoughts, relationships, and attitudes. Believing God’s best for your life and changing your mentality. Change your words so that you can change your WORLD!! Purpose: Identifying your natural strengths and passions to discover your purpose and true identity. Health and Wellness: Identifying health and wellness goals and taking action to accomplish them. Spiritual: Identifying area in your spiritual life that increase your intimacy with God and his purpose for your life. Benefits: - Accountability for individualized goal-setting. - Increased focus + Action= RESULTS. - Increased clarity related to what you really want in your life. - Dedicated time to “focus on you,” which is an essential element of self-care. - Personal growth and development. - Increased challenge to stretch yourself to grow in new and exciting ways! - Decreased stress due to tackling your goals head on and eliminating uncertainty about the future. - Accomplish goals faster! - Create more balance in your life. - Learn how to set effective boundaries. - Avoidance of self-sabotage and limiting thoughts! Results: - Alignment of mind, body, and spirit. - Achievement of personal goals. - Personal barriers identified and removed; clear plan of action to prevent barriers from returning. - A renewed mind and shifted mindset. - Clarity regarding purpose. - Closer relationship with God. - Increased confidence. - Freedom from toxic thoughts! ***3 month coaching package, as this is the minimum optimum time needed to see results and implement change.***