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Destiny Coaching is a life, career & business coaching firm that has as its primary aim the goal of identifying the "calling" or career objective unique to the clientele it serves. DC prides itself on being more than a business consulting firm in that it seeks to guide clients into a detailed process of self-discovery coupled with a process to match clients to careers tailor-made for them while developing a business or organization to fulfill their desired career aspiration.


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24 April 2019

He put me at ease and I really like him.


Romona Holloway

18 April 2019

I recommend you to take his program.He has the answer to questions that at sometime in our life we have all asked ourselves.


I'm fascinated with people and how they are uniquely wired. So coaching is a process of discover for both me and client. It's a bit selfish; I must admit. I'm completely on an adventure!

I've worked at many companies and served in many positions. Though I enjoyed the majority of them, I always felt a bit caged. It's a challenge to work another man's vision so to speak. I always felt I lost a bit of myself trying to fit into their world. Having my own business allows me to simply be a professional me and to get paid considerably more to do so.

Those who have a strong need of self-discovery who deeply desire someone who can draw the best out of them, should choose me. I am a man of little talent. However, in the areas I am gifted in, I am exceptional.


Counsel individual, couples and families from a biblical/pastoral perspective. Coach clients toward spiritual growth and development and breakthrough from man of the challenges facing today's believers.