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Designwest creates all kinds of digital and print designs which include websites, branding, logos and everything in between. Our designers have created literally thousands of bespoke designs for a huge spectrum of clients from a single business owner right through to national brands.


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23 September 2019

Swift and on-point delivery of required graphics.


Faheem Asghar

24 February 2019

Excellent service very helpfull.Delivered as Promised even it was short notice.Would Use again .once again Thanks


Natalia Bugalska

24 February 2019

Excellent service!!! I highly recommend!! Thank you for nice and professional cooperation?


Adrian Lally

11 September 2018

I would highly recommend Designwest. It was very easy to work with their friendly, obliging and professional staff. Attention to detail when constructing our new website was outstanding. We are delighted with the overall service provided. More...


David Kearns

3 September 2018

Design West is a fantastic, professional company to work with. The communication is exellent with every member of the team, they understand exactly what your needs and requirements are and deliver each project with a passion and finesse second to none. I could not recommend Design West highly enough and i thoroughly enjoyed working with them. More...


Christina Chirumbolo

11 September 2017

Designwest helped us create several of our websites, their attention to detail is amazing and the final service speaks for itself. Amazing work guys!


stephanie conte

11 September 2017

Their work is PHENOMENAL. The process is seamless and the employees are all extremely friendly. Would definitely do business with them again.


Aisling O'Halloran

6 September 2017

Designwest are great place to go. Love their cool designs and creative ideas. I would recommend to go there.


Dylan Noonan

5 September 2017

Absolutely brilliant, incredibly responsive and friendly i was more then satisfied with their work and would recommend them to anybody


Noel Gilmore

23 December 2013

The best thing about Design as a design company is the passion that is put into every project they produce.Excellent communication. Requests are understood clearly and implemented quickly. I highly recommend this business. More...

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One that is ultra easy to navigate - that looks amazing - loads quickly and works on all mobile and tablet devices. Oh and one that is designed by a qualified graphic designer

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We could write a book on branding. Seriously, we could. But for now let’s focus on the core branding ingredients and why they matter. The best place to start is with your identity. It could be a logo or a wordmark or just a splash on a page but however you look at it, this is something that sets you apart from your competitors & represents you and your business. There are several elements to consider, including colour, typeface, style, photo and illustration – and this is where we can help…by helping you create the identity, logo design, word mark or even that ‘splash’ that will help your business grow

With all the buzz around websites, e-commerce and ‘smart’ devices it is easy to forget the tried and tested media we are so familiar with… print design. In other words, that all important logo, brochure or business card design, or any of the other print, advertising or marketing media that you encounter day-to-day. Ultimately, it all boils down to the same thing: visual communication. It’s a competitive market out there and we are living in a very, very visual world. Think about all of the offers, messages and sales communications your eyes are drawn to every day, and the multitude of media channels that are used to bombard you.

The designwest design team are great lovers of motion graphic videos. We have done some really slick examples of motion videos this year which have really attracted great feedback for both our clients and ourselves. Motion graphic web videos are a really great way of marketing your business through your website or even when promoted on social media or viral marketing campaigns. A motion web video is really a vehicle for explaining your business, announcements, services or statistics in a much more interesting and dynamic way rather than – for example – either printing it or putting the information as text/pictures on your website. People generally are quite inquisitive and are much more likely to watch an online or web video than perhaps they are to read the text on your website. There are a number of ways of creating motion or web videos whether its footage of you or someone within your company speaking on the video or whether the information is conveyed using motion type or iconography (don’t tell anyone but we much prefer the latter style!) We can quite literally visualize anything from a plane taking off through to animated /moving characters right through to industrial environments etc. With web motion videos the sky is literally the limit and we really think these are a huge benefit to any business that is perhaps finding it hard to get their message out there. The videos as mentioned previously can be uploaded onto your website or any of the social media or video based platforms such as you-tube, vimeo or even on facebook or tweeted so there are so many ways of getting your business message out there. Contact designwest today about how we can help you with your web motion video on 094 93 82000.

Let’s be honest here: your website is potentially one of your best friends in business. And, like it or not, having a functional, well designed website has never been more important… whether you’re sitting in your New York office or staring out at the wild blue sea in the west of Ireland. The world has become a much smaller place thanks to technology and the internet, and current figures suggest that 85% of business people worldwide will use the internet as their first port of call to find your service. Who knows how the other 15% are finding their information these days!