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Bathroom design and planning service


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Guiding customers how to measure their bathroom, how to get their basic measurements and current bathroom layout to me, liaise with the customer to ascertain what their expectation is of their bathroom remodel, what colour schemes, trends, usage and what they visually find appealing.

Traditional, traditional with a modern twist, minimilistic, clean lines, modern, wow factor, bespoke.

I love being creative, its great when customers have low expectations and preconceived ideas that not much can be done with their bathroom, then I pull something out of the bag that they love, its very satisfying. Its great being thanked for doing my job, and when a customer refers to me as an 'expert', I am very patient and have a desire to satisfy every customers needs, people are always saying sorry to trouble you - believe me it's no trouble - that's how I roll!

I am very entrepreneurial, I think outside the box, I have always had a strong vision of what I want to achieve and where I want to be, being largely an ideas person, it's sometimes difficult if you are not in charge! :)
I am individual and when I come up with great creations I want the reward of being the owner of the business!

As aforementioned, I have never had a disappointed customer, because I keep going that extra mile, customer service and satisfaction is my number 1 aim, I serve my clients in a way I would like to be served myself.