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Danielle Shea Tan

7 June 2019

Tianna is amazing! My boys ( ages 2 and 6) loved her! She was flexible and really sweet. The booking process was fast and easy. I’d highly recommend!


Kate Shanahan Sinclair

25 May 2019

We used Desert Super Sitters a couple weeks ago. Marina was so wonderful with my kids! They loved her and still talk about her! Once we had the sitter lined up communication was easy. Thank you!! More...


Larry Taddei

25 May 2019

We were accommodated with a very short notice request (2-3 hours) and DSS found us a sitter within 30 minutes. Marina was great with our 7 year old. Thanks so much. We will definitely use again when we are in town. More...


Molly Gellert

8 May 2019

I had an amazing experience with Desert Super Sitters! I had multiple events as part of a wedding and they were able to have the same sitter for all events, this continuity really put me at ease. I can particularly recommend our sitter, Dyanne Neale, who was highly experienced, professional and took amazing care of our six month old daughter. More...


Michelle W.

17 April 2019

Booking a sitter with Desert Super Sitters was so easy! Absolutely loved our sitter, Katie. She was professional, caring, organized, and and my kids adored her. Communication with her was perfect! More...


Brittany Ainsley

8 April 2019

We used Desest Super Sitters for a wedding we attended in Palm Springs. Danielle was amazing!!


Michelle Christine Harrison

1 April 2019

These sitters are AMAZING!! The kids love how much play time they get in and great craft projects!


Mario Salas

1 April 2019

Simply the best...my kids LOVE the sitters here and love the crafts they get to do with the sitters.


Chelsey L.

29 March 2019

We had a great experience with Kati who was very engaging with our three boys and took great care of my one year old while I took the older two out on half day excursions.  Our time in the Desert was relaxing and full of adventures thanks to her. More...


Chris P.

26 March 2019

We used Desert Super Sitters last month for a week.  Marina from Desert Super Sitters was fantastic.  Thank you Christina for sending her.  She was engaging, professional, punctual, courteous, creative, respectful etc...Need I say more?This is not the first time we have used Desert Super Sitters. Christina is great to work with.  She tries to match the parents to what they need.Thanks so much for all of your help.We look forward to continue using your agency again!Much gratitude,Christine More...


J M.

9 February 2018

As everyone is saying Jessica is fabulous, like your own mothers intuition with your child. And for first time parents that means a lot. We will be here for 2 nights and I'm already glad I chose this group over the competing sitter services. I dont know why some people had bad experiences (and im the one to read the bad ones first if your like me) but you will be in good hands with Jessica. My only suggestion to the company is that they put more details in her writeup that is provided, bc she has way more to offer than what the small paragraph provides. More...


Allicia E.

26 March 2017

I would definitely recommend Desert Super Sitters when visiting the Palm Springs/Desert area. We stayed at the JW Marriott this past weekend and the hotel recommended them. This was our first time traveling with our 8 month old and having someone other than family watch him. After reading their reviews and recommendations I wasn't worried at all. We were matched with Cynthia and she did such a great job with him. She gave us text updates how he was every hour or so and brought toys for him to play with. She even took him out on a couple of walks. I would definitely call and request Cynthia again if we are in the area. This is such an amazing idea for parents looking to travel with their children, but still wanting some alone time as well. More...


Hollie L.

21 March 2017

Thank goodness for Desert Super Sitters! We had a wedding to attend in Palm Springs and near the last minute the sitter we'd arranged through a friend fell though. The wedding coordinator recommended Christina Elwood with DSS, and they immediately contacted us. Christina was prompt and thorough, and the rates are very reasonable, especially for a service. Jessica arrived early with stimulating toys, and she was  prepared and willing to supervise our son in the swimming pool. (I think he kept her there for a loooong time...!) We learned that she was a preschool teacher through the week and worked specifically with my son's age group, and it really showed. She was so friendly, confident, capable and my son took to her immediately. We were completely comfortable leaving although he doesn't stay with sitters (especially one he's never met) often. By the time we got home he was so excited to show off that he could "read" a book all by himself! :) I can't recommend Jessica and Desert Super Sitters highly enough. More...


Rachael D.

15 March 2017

We hired Desert Super Sitters while vacationing at the JW Marriott. We reached out a few weeks in advance and were able to work with Christina to answer any questions ahead of time around cost and checks/requirements for their sitters. We were matched with Jessica for our seventh month old. Jessica reached out ahead of time to confirm logistics and answer any specific questions. She arrived on time, was great to our little one and we were able to enjoy a night out! Definitely would recommend and will use them again if we are ever back in the area! More...


Yvette V.

23 November 2016

We recently got married at the Ace Hotel, and on their preferred vendors they listed Desert Super Sitters. We were matched up with Mary, and she was AMAZING!! We were nervous about leaving our 3 month old with a stranger, but when we spoke with her on the phone she gave us a sense of relief. Once we met her, we were 100% confident in her. Our daughter was a flower girl and we were nervous that she wouldn't sit still and we think because Mary was so calming and attentive that our little flower girl was perfect! We would recommend Desert Sitters, and our next trip to the Ace we will for sure use them again! Thank you!!! More...


Kelly D.

17 November 2016

We hired Desert Super Sitters last minute to watch our kids during a wedding. We loved Jessica, the sitter that watched our children. She came with toys and was so friendly and great with the kids. She was flexible as well, which was great since we had multiple kids and cousins around and they were all super young (under 5 YO). She came to our hotel room and watched our kids there while we attended a wedding at the same hotel. She was great with us coming back to the room and trading in kiddos to go dance at the wedding. She was truly wonderful. The only thing I'd say is their cost is a bit steep, but really they were available, dependable, and super easy to work with, so it was worth the price. More...


Cliff K.

31 May 2016

We go to Palm Springs quite often and were looking for a responsible and engaging baby sitter to take care of our 7 month old while we hosted a pool party/BBQ or if we wanted to go out for dinner with friends.  Christina (owner) hooked us up with Marlisa and she's fabulous!  Our daughter also loves Marlisa which is why she gets 5 stars.It was easy booking through Desert Super Sitters and they send you a bio of the sitter they have matched you with.  You can call the sitter and set everything up.  We have used Marlisa twice now.  She's always on time  (5 minutes early), very respectful, follows our directions but most of all, is very loving and engaging with our daughter.I highly recommend them if you're looking for a sitter in Palm Springs! More...


Andrea C.

26 January 2016

Great recommendation from La Quinta Resort. Jessica was personable, fun with our kiddos & reliable & we look forward to using this babysitting service on more trips!


Amy D.

4 November 2015

I owe Christina and her team a long overdue 5-star review. My parents have a condo in Palm Desert and we spend several weekends a year there. Any time we need a sitter, we call Desert Super Sitters. We have never been disappointed and we now recommend them to all our friends when they need a sitter. The sitters are always on-time and very prepared with activities that are age appropriate - and the sitter is always been the right fit for our children (due to Christina's screening process). Many thanks to Christina and her team! More...


Jennifer D.

20 July 2015

Desert Supersitters has been providing baby sitting services to us since our little one was three months old.  He is now over two.  I have been so impressed by their professionalism in finding the right fit for each family.  We actually had the same sitter for every trip to the desert for 2 years until she retired.  We had a super experience just recently with a new sitter from them.  I liked that they sent the same gal for both times we needed a sitter as our child felt more comfortable knowing the gal.  I would highly recommend them!!  Both sitters showed up with all sorts of toys and games which were age appropriate which was a surprise and a nice one for us and our little one.  Amazing folks!!! More...


Stephanie G.

15 June 2015

Very impressed with this service.  Highly recommend.  Christina is extremely professional and matched our family up with a fantastic sitter!


Michelle D.

27 May 2015

This was our second time using Desert Super Sitters and as with the first time our experience was top notch.  Cristina the owner communicated clearly with me and made sure to understand my needs before selecting our sitter (three kids under 4 - one infant).  She selected one of her "super moms" to come knowing I was hesitant to leave one sitter with three kids aged 4, 20 months and 9 months.  I was not disappointed.Jessica our sitter showed up early, asked all the right questions and within moments had my son (who previously that day wouldn't even let his dad near him - just mamma) sitting in her lap reading with him.  She played games with the older child and sent us several text updates throughout the evening to make sure we were comfortable and knew the kids were doing well.  She herself was mom to FIVE kids and had many years of experience in a pre-school.    We will use Desert Super Sitters on our next visit - five stars all around! More...


Rob J.

29 October 2014

We cannot say enough about Christina and her staff at Desert Super Sitters. We had a small destination wedding (40 people) at Spencers' in Palm Springs. Living on the East Coast and planning a wedding 3000 miles away was something we were concerned about. We had several guests who were bringing infants to our wedding and we wanted to accommodate them. But we were concerned that the babies could cause a distraction. So at the recommendation of our wedding planner we sought out Christina and Desert Supper Sitters. We went over our needs and she fulfilled them brilliantly. We needed two baby sitters. One to watch over the infants at the wedding venue and another to be at our guests hotel with a special needs child. She personally came to the wedding venue and was onsite during the ceremony and reception. She was a miracle worker. Having her really made the night for our parents. They were able to have a good time at the wedding knowing their babies were in great hands and could check in on them at anytime. We cannot say enough about Christina and her staff. You cannot go wrong. They are the best in the desert. And we are so glad we got them for our wedding!! More...


Valerie L.

29 May 2014

We used desert super sitters this past weekend for two separate occasions. There were a total of 13 children one night and we were sent 3 sitters and they were amazing and prepared with bins of different things for the kids to do. They listened to our directions and concerns. All the children were asleep when we got home. The second time there were 9 children and we had 2 sitters. Two of the same that were with them the previous night. Marilyn (I think was her name) was awesome and made me feel comfortable leaving my son. I would definitely use then again and recommend them More...


Kathy M.

3 May 2014

We have used Desert Super Sitters for our vacations to Palm Springs for the last 3 years.  We are usually a group of 2 or 3 families with kids ranging from infants to second graders.  We have always been happy with the sitters that have been provided for us.  They have been great with our kids, and if requested, will bring activities for the kids to do (coloring, crafts, puzzles, etc.).  Even with very little notice, Christina has been great at organizing sitters for us and following up with any questions we might have.  I would highly recommend this service if you are looking for some adult time during your family vacation. More...


Jay B.

29 April 2014

Had an amazing experience last week and could not be happier with the level of attention and service. This was the first time we'd used a service while on vacation, so we were very worried, but had no reason to be! We stayed at the Parker and booked two nights for our 20 and 3 months old kiddos. I requested the same sitter for both nights as I wanted continuity and it was no problem. Christina made sure that I had a fellow mom as a sitter since my kids were so young, and Danielle was fantastic! She arrived on-time with a roll suitcase full of age-appropriate toys for my toddler daughter. She asked all the right questions and seemed at ease with both kids immediately. And while there were a few tears once we left for our on-site massages and dinner, she texted a happy photo of our daughter which put both of us at ease. Totally worth it! More...


Alisa G.

21 February 2014

We had a great experience with agency the two times we used it. Once in April 2013 and once over Thanksgiving break, later that year. Both times we came down to stay with friends and decided to get an evening out, adults only. We had different sitters, but both were lovely. The first time my daughter was already asleep and they didn't meet, but Susie was nice to keep me posted that my girl was still asleep. The second sitter, showed up at the house with lots of toys that my girl was so excited to play with. She didn't even give us a look as we were walking out the house. We also got texts from her letting us know how the night was going and when she went to asleep. I'd use again for sure and would recommend. More...


Ratika N.

20 December 2013

I came here last weekend for an office holiday party and this place was recommend by my Company for baby sitting services. To be honest, I was a bit scared as I have never left my baby alone with a stranger but since the party was a minute from my hotel room, I felt ok with the idea of getting a sitter. Nancy was assigned to me and she called me a week before my reservation date. She texted me throughout the night and I felt really happy when she texted to let me know my daughter fell asleep (it allowed me to hit the dance floor at the party then!).Nancy came with a bag full of toys and she was very comfortable with my dogs who in the room as well. I loved that she updated me through out the night with text messages. Overall, I will definitely recommend Desert Super Sitters...if Nancy was based in LA, I would hire her as full time! More...


Naomi S.

7 October 2013

I found Desert Super sitters through La Quinta Resort. Susie was assigned to sit for our 9 month son... She contacted me days prior and was able to discuss details which made me feel at ease. Small world turns out her husband was from our hometown! Susie arrived on time with toys and quickly engaged with Brady... she updated me with texts throughout the evening. Everything went smoothly.. We booked her the next night! When she arrived the second night-- our son quickly smiled upon seeing her!! What a great experience- thank you!! More...


Rachel L.

1 August 2013

We used this service when we were staying in La Quinta over Father's Day weekend in 2013.  Francesca was our sitter and she was extremely well suited to the task.  Our kids loved her, and it was clear to us that they would all be happy while we were gone.  She knew her way around the resort, so we met up with them later at the poolside  movie.  Great experience all 'round.  Easy to book and the fees, relative to Los Angeles anyway, are completely reasonable.  We will use them again, the next time we are there. More...


Jenny J.

16 March 2013

We used Desert Super Sitters while visiting the Indian Wells tennis tournament for a week in March 2013, and were extremely pleased.  Christina, the owner, was very professional; asked lots of questions about our children several months in advance to make sure that she put us with a compatible sitter; and was responsive and easy to work with.Our sitter, Gabrielle, was fantastic.  Both our girls loved her, and she was super sweet and flexible.  We felt very comfortable leaving our girls with her, and she was quick to text us to let us know how they were doing while we were gone.  She was always on time and she was great at communicating.  In terms of price, personally, I think the sitter rates are very reasonable.  Do you really want the cheapest person you can find watching your kids?  Or do you want a well educated professional who is going to need to make more than minimum wage?    We felt that the whole setup, background checks and quality of child care was well worth it - not to mention someone willing to travel to our rental house.  Great experience - will definitely use them again! More...


Sonia S.

2 March 2013

I called Desert Super Sitters on a Thursday evening while staying at the Parker hotel in Palm Springs. Christina answered the phone and was very helpful.  She was having a family outing and stepped away to answer my questions and arrange for a sitter.  Within an hour she had arranged for a babysitter for my son for Friday and Saturday night. Once it is setup, you communicate directly with the sitter, which is really helpful (so much easier than having to communicate via an agency).  Alexis was our babysitter both nights and was great. She came with movies, arts & crafts, books and toys.  She had babysat at the Parker before, so she was familiar with everything and said she could call the front desk if she needed to get a dvd player in the room.  She fed my 3 year old son, made masks with him,  watched a movie and did his nighttime routine without a problem.  She texted me the entire time with updates which I found reassuring.  She also picked up dinner for our son on the way to the hotel (I ordered from a nearby restaurant because our hotel didn't have any kids items for dinner). She was very flexible on timing, which was great.   We texted during the day to set the exact time and schedule. The rate for one child is $15/hr with a 4 hour minimum plus a $5 travel fee- so it's $65 for a four hour evening and it was well worth it for us to go out and enjoy dinner downtown without a worry.I liked working with Desert Super Sitters because everything happened so quickly-- and I had direct communication with our sitter right away. I'd recommend this service and will use it next time. More...


Peter D.

11 June 2012

we had a great experience with their sitter, Michelle taking care of our three kids. Very responsive and reasonable. We'll certainly use them again.


Lauren F.

5 June 2012

My husband and I used this agency while we were staying at La Quinta Resort for our 20 month old son.  Our sitter, Louisa, was wonderful.  She called to confirm she was our sitter and was even flexible on the time to arrive. She was right on time, and had toys that had my little guy entertained right away. When we got home that night he was fast asleep. We liked Louisa so much we used her again the next night. This agency is very professional and I would use them again in a second. You can feel safe with your little one's in their care. More...

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