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Denver Dog Whisperer

Denver, CO , Boulder County

62 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Denver Dog Whisperer logo

Denver Dog Whisperer

Denver, CO , Boulder County

62 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Help for dogs with challenging behaviors.
Please contact us directly. We only respond to 1 out of 50 bark.com requests because we prioritize direct requests from our website and are in high demand.
Please visit our website DenverDogWhisperer.


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Emily J.

23 September 2019

Since SHE started working with myself, my daughter, and our little pup, the changes have been phenomenal.  She is truly amazing and gifted when it comes to understanding animal behavior....willing to listen and work together. The main issues I wanted to address with our puppy were barking at planes out the condo window, jumping on guests out of excitement, pulling at the leash on walks, and just general obedience for safety.SHE is intuitive, professional, supportive and available for any questions at any time....highly recommended. Thanks for reading. More...


Ryan S.

16 September 2019

After much research we registered our new puppy here.  Competent, professional, and experts who were always helpful.  Every class started and ended on time.  As new pet owners we were very impressed with the high level of knowledge staff displayed.  We look forward to continuing with the next stages in foundation classes with our growing puppy.Currently training my dog here. Super knowledgeable staff along with a very friendly and effective methodology makes this place a definite recommendation thanks Denver Dog Whisperer!! More...


Katherine C.

14 September 2019

Only had one class but it was amazing. For puppies it's so great because of the course curriculum and the very important socializing that is essential at that age.Great classes! They only teach positive training, which has been awesome. My pup loves coming, and to be honest, I think I'm learning more than she is.Classes are fairly small and the instructor will cater to your pup's level. I honestly saw such improvement by the end of our first class! More...



4 June 2019

She was really patient and great and taught us a lot. I think the problem we will have is emulating her guidance as she was really good and we are working on shifting our bad habits:)

Thank you Lauren! As promised. I'm free for the life of your pup by phone to chat about any and all issues which arise down the road. It helps that I know your pack now.



7 May 2019

Donni was very thorough and informative. We made great progress in managing my pack's behavior. Highly recommend.



2 May 2019

Donnie was knowledgeable and taught us helpful methods to train our dog. We did not agree with all of her opinions on dogs and their purpose in the family.

When you make your dogs into the forefront of unnecessarily protecting you and your home you create great instability and unbalance. You as humans are not copestic with mother nature.


Donielle D.

4 March 2019

Best help anytime anywhere for my dominant biting fur kid. Smart fun fast. Donni rocks!



28 January 2019

Donnie was great and super helpful with my dog


Sarah H.

4 January 2019

So we got two puppies- I know, this is not the best idea- but we did it, and it's been a very rewarding experience so far largely in part because of the Denver Dog Whisperer- our three hour session started promptly on time and was enjoyed by our whole family! Jonni was informative supportive and encouraging and left us feeling more confident about our puppy raising skills.  She reminded us that our puppies need structure and routines and that we are in charge of dictating that for our pups. She taught us how to work through changing unwanted behaviors and building up these pups. Today- one week after her visit we walked the puppies in leashes for almost a mile! They loved it and did great! I never would have thought to put a leash on them at 10 weeks but after one week if practice we have overcome that hurdle!  Denver Sig Whisperer was able to teach us about each puppies temperament and give us personalized suggestions to help them thrive! The price was a way better value than others around and excellent service! Thank you! More...


Eli M.

11 June 2018

If you have dogs who are playing too rough, the solution.  If you have dog who has bitten a person, the right solution too.  Spent an hour phone before, no charge, learned so much.  Then times ten with the home consult.  Not like commands and tricks, the real stuff for the dogs' brains .... and teaching us humans how to be the leader.  So great with so little time and money! More...

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Dogs are instinctually honest. They do not wear politically correct layers of onion skins like humans have learned that they need. Combining the honesty of the dog's body language which tells us who they are and what they feel with the complexity of the humans in their lives is what leads us to our success, we work with both in tandem.

After being in the "box" of getting an MBA and enjoying an 11 year corporate senior marketing management careeer at AT&T, I followed my true passion of becoming a horse whisperer. As the ranch dogs intervened with my horse whisperering, I cross trained with Lee Mannix, a dog whisperer who is now deceased, to the benefit of both. Now there are of course far fewer horses than dogs, and my business has transitioned to helping loving dog owners help their dogs.

First, I offer a free phone consult and lay out the most likely issues that are behind the dog's behaviors plus how these will be addressed. This is refreshing honesty plus a great deal of time devotion. Second, I guarantee that if I do not bring help, there is no charge. That never happens by the way. Third, I have professional training at the Max Planck Institute as well as the most savvy of all, learning from the dogs for 24 years.