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6 June 2014

I have hired Delson or Sherman Architects to design three different apartments for me and, should I ever move from my current apartment, I would hire them again as quickly as I can. I was first attracted by their modernist sensibility, their creative use of space, and their very good taste. I re-hired them for their organization, their ability to listen carefully, and their integrity.

The first two apartments were in an Upper East Side building, with a watchful board, and rigid coop rules. Perla and Jeff always anticipated the building’s queries and walked me through the bidding and construction process unscathed. In designing one of the apartments for my mother, who had Alzheimer’s, they created a plan that integrated familiar elements of her old brownstone, with fresh design and attention to her evolving needs. They were always careful to quote a range of costs for different elements of the project from wall removal to faucets, so I had a choice about where I spent my money and was never surprised by the contractor’s bill.

The third project was a small garden apartment in Brooklyn that required true reimagining. Perla and Jeff made every inch functional and designed invisible storage areas in custom beds and hidden closets. They have developed strong relationships with vendors and the experience of going with Perla to pick out soapstone for my counter and mantle has given me a deep appreciation for how carefully they select materials. On all jobs, Perla, who was my primary contact, was vigilant about managing contractors and made frequent visits to the site. Fanatic about detail, she knew when and how much to push to maintain positive and productive working relationships with the people who reported to her.

Throughout the course of three jobs, Perla and Jeff were always accessible and open to my ideas. They have complimentary skill sets that make them an unusually versatile team with a breadth of wisdom and humor. They guided me and my mother through renovation at a particularly stressful time of our lives, and somehow managed to make the process fun. I love living in the clean and unique spaces they have designed for me and in the course of our working relationship, which spans more than ten years, I have learned to trust their judgment completely. I could not have survived, much less enjoyed multiple renovations, without them.



19 April 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of having Delson or Sherman as our architects for the partial renovation of our Brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn. They were thoughtful listeners as we described what we wanted and hoped for in our new spaces. They brought many ideas to us so we could find the right layout and so they could refine their knowledge of our desired space.
Perla and Jeff were particularly good when it came to integrating the classic historical styling of our house with the modern layout and design that we preferred for some of the spaces. The contrasts are striking and harmonious instead of jarring.
Perla and Jeff were extremely helpful in the choosing of a contractor. We got bids from several contractors and they helped steer us based on our priorities (predictable schedule) and needs (reasonable comfort while living in the house during construction).
Perla was a wonderful construction overseer. She provided clear direction as questions arose during construction and made dealing with construction as simple and painless as possible.
Our project did run well over budget. That was a combination of construction surprises (some unexpected structural issues and some unexpected asbestos) as well as mission creep both during the design phase and the construction phase. Perla and Jeff were quite good at letting us know as this was happening.
Overall it was a wonderful experience and we love how our house turned out!



10 April 2014

Review: Tatra Renovation Inc. has had the pleasure of working as general contractor on a number of residential projects with Delson or Sherman Architects over the past 8 years. As a working partner, they have proven to be highly knowledgeable, well organized, and dedicated to excellent customer service. Throughout the whole process of each project, we have been consistently impressed by their creativity of ideas, ingenuity of design, and attention to details. Without any reservation, we highly recommend Delson or Sherman Architects. We are proud of our continuing work with them. More...



26 March 2014

We worked with them on what turned into essentially a gut renovation of a brownstone in Brooklyn. We couldn't have been happier with our experience working with them - they were respectful of our budget, time and design sensibility. Within the constraints of working with an existing brownstone in a landmarked neighborhood, they came up with unique and compelling design solutions to help us achieve our goals (e.g., opening up the space and bringing light into the interior without making it feel like we were trying to recreate a soho loft). They were also adept at managing the construction phase and provided invaluable assistance to us in evaluating various change orders from our contractor (determining which ones were worthwhile/valid). More...



26 March 2014

As a cabinetmaker who has worked with Delson or Sherman for many years, this firm and specifically its principles Jeff and Perla are excellent at carrying through from start to finish the many faceted processes of a high end renovation project. Attention to detail, a firm commitment to their clients and a healthy respect for the challenges of building in NYC make for a productive collaboration. Always available and responsive, I can count on a well thought out solution to whatever problem arises. As a builder on a schedule I appreciate the timely response and comprehensive descriptions which help me do my job well. I always look forward to the opportunity to work with Jeff, Perla and their clients. More...



25 March 2014

We worked with Jeff and Perla on our extensive brownstone renovation project about 1.5 years ago. They are as good as they come - an incredible eye for detail and style, excellent project management and professional demeanor. Unflappable during stressful moments of the project and absolutely professional from the very beginning until the end. They are also just really Brooklyn cool and witty who doesn't waste your time. We have worked with many other architects before which allows us to provide this comparative review and commentary on Jeff and Perla.

We will definitely be repeat customers.



25 March 2014

For residential renovations, Delson or Sherman are the best architects in New York. I have used their services for two apartment renovations in Manhattan. They are extremely detailed and organized in their approach and help walk you through the process with your building's management company/architect. They make helpful suggestions, offerring good value telling you where you should save and where you should spend. More...



28 February 2014

The architects at Delson or Sherman designed and supervised the renovation of a brownstone we purchased in Brooklyn. They worked with us from before purchase (advising us as to whether we could accomplish our goals) through move in and furnishing (furniture and fabric selection). I can't speak highly enough of them. We went from a run down building with great bones to 2 gorgeous homes (parents downstairs, son and family upstairs) that we enjoy living in every single day thanks to their incredible talent. Both functionally and design wise they are brilliant, always coming up with the best ideas for usable, beautiful space. They supervised the construction from start to finish, and were invariably responsive to our questions and requests. They made absolutely sure that the contractor did everything he was supposed to do, and they did it in a pleasant and cooperative manner.
It can seem expensive to have an architecture firm design and supervise every aspect of a project the way they did, but it was without a doubt more than worth every penny we spent. I recommend them without reservation...I honestly can't think of anything even mildly negative to say about them! They are absolutely the best and I would hire them again in an instant.



24 August 2012

We hired Delson or Sherman to remodel our loft in the West Village and I strongly recommend them. I was nervous about hiring them because I didn't have a friend's recommendation. Instead I had read a New York Times story about them and studied the photos on their website. I loved their taste and, being a reporter, I really cross-questioned their references.
We liked both partners, Jeff Sherman and Perla Delson, and both worked on our initial design. They came up with several layouts and the one we chose works perfectly for us.
We wound up working mostly with Jeff Sherman during construction and found him to be very easy to work with as well as professional, time efficient and good at on-the-spot problem solving. He also has a good sense of humor.
I'm incredibly indecisive and it worked when he gave us three choices. If I couldn't decide I let him pick and that turned out well.
Our co-op board had given us a five-month deadline for noisy work and there was going to be an alarming penalty of $300 a day if we exceeded that. We finished on time and within budget (after the things I added). I trusted Jeff's recommendation for a contractor and actually hired the contractor without meeting him, a serious leap of faith that also turned out remarkably well.
The Delson or Sherman office system seemed very efficient. A very endearing draftsperson, Chisato, helped to lower the cost. Everything got filed on time and within the co-op's requirements (unlike some of the other projects I have since witnessed in our building).
That's it. We are extremely happy with the way it turned out. Remarkably, there's not anything we would change and I would definitely hire them again. I wish I could add more pictures!


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2 September 2011

best architects in brooklyn by far

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